Sample Chapter 2


THE GODS19 years of strife under possession



Part II: Ire of gods and sorrow of souls    Section 1: Punishment of goddesses

Solar-movement deity Kaba

Pantheon goddess

Commencing around 4200 years ago and continuing as late as 1200 years ago concept of Pantheon deities emerged as common in the Indo-Mediterranean region. Goddess Aditi – the mother of gods – was a prominent figure of the cult during the Vedic period, who was prayed as “Aditi is heavens, she is horizon, she is mother, he is father and son as well; Aditi is world-gods, Five-men, Aditi is born and to be born (Rik. 1.89.10). 4300 through 3900 years ago was hay day of Indus valley civilization, and the then agricultural country was dotted with temples called solar movement houses. Crops and harvesting were dependent on solar movement from solstice to solstice; and, the temples were seats of information related to solar positions and seasons. The cult of vegetarianism, bath and piety prevailed those days with shaven mustache and flowing beard, exhibited by the figurines and statues of Harappan civilization (3).

A Karu (Keeper) deciphered the solar movement in the sun temple of Dholavira, form solstice to solstice,   with the help of a pair of lathe finished phalluses.  Such an apparatus was more convenient in the area north of Tropic of Cancer. In the Sun temple Mecca a black Kaba stone with a foot long clitoris and a hole replaced the Phallus of Dholavira. The apparatus was Kaba. She represented the vulva of Pantheon goddess Aditi giving birth to god Sun. Pattern of beard and basic restrictions for observing piety on the one visiting the solar temple and getting baptized there in the sun cult were common from Dholavira through Kaba.  Kaba temple had 365 idols before its iconoclastic taking over by Islam and disposing off the Karu – the astronomer. The figurines were for counting 360 days of moving sun from summer solstice to summer solstice. Five or six days of Aditi added to them to complete a year. These days were nearly of stationary sunbeam on the hole of Kaba during Summer Solstice. On the other 360 days the beam, falling on the ground from a hole in the roof, was moving to north and south. 

The event of iconoclastic change brought down curtain on the Pantheon goddess Aditi-Kaba and Vedic cult of Mecca besides destruction of the 360 statues of the solar movement house and sacking of its head priest or Karu (astronomer).

Name Kaba as also Harappan beard of the people baptized in the temple of Sun survives even today. Pilgrims visiting Kaba and performing ritual there are regarded as elevated and more respectable. They talk of piety and some of the five principles of righteousness surviving from Vedic days.  The solstice-indicator black stone and its marking meant for clear spotting of sun beam falling upon is it not illustrated anywhere;  only  a story circulates about its gift by Moses.

Status of vulva goddess

There is an instruction in Tantra: conjugate with all vaginas excepting mother. Mothers are, however, at different levels of consciousness domain. There are mother goddesses for men and also mother goddesses for gods. Kamakhya, for example, is mother goddess of men. People practicing Tantra in the psychic frame of men, like famous Ramakrishna, worship her  as mother  or organ of mother goddesses Kali; and, a Vedic erudite or Yogi sees Kamakhya as mother’s organ   belonging to mantra-goddess Sarasvatee. These goddesses turn into wives when a person operates Prajna in the state of Braahman god.

Kamakhya represents a vulva goddess and Siva a phallus god for men – commoner and yogis, below the state of Brahm. A Brahm feels himself to be a god when he says ‘Sivoham’ – I am Siva. There are two higher states of men above Brahm – Braahman and Purush.  At this level a person   finds that mother goddesses of men have turned into wives.

Aditi and her vulva Kaba remain mothers for men as also for gods. She is mother-deity of all Vedic gods including god Aditya (Sun). Aditi and her conjugant god Purush, differ from men and godly states of humans.  Their transaction (conjugation) for neutralization of gender-energy moves from feminine spinal chord to the masculine without any sex organ and without any excitement.

Aditi has no vulva strictly speaking. Her vulva or goddess Kaba means frontal part of a female spinal chord – nearly a foot in length, south of the vertical beam of sun on the stone on May 28/29 every year.

Commanding power

I had a strange experience in the multi-flame temple of Baku, worshiped once by Angiras people as Saptarchi (7 + yer+ ati = 7 earthly fires). When I opened my eyes after chanting a verse for goddess Fire from Rigved, I saw many schoolchildren around, watching me with curiosity. I rubbed the shoot of the fire with my ring finger on the forehead of a child and made a mark for his good luck.  There was a queue in no time for a similar mark on the forehead of all of them. This was the power of goddess Saptarchi, worshiped by my ancestors several thousand years ago. 

At the door of the open air temple there was a marble plaque engraved: Hindu community of Baku inspired by Jawaharlal in 1961 has made the temple.  It was more than surprise. The atheist secularist of India, fuming at First President of India for attending the inauguration of Somanath temple in Saurashtra, inspired Hindus of Baku to make a temple for fire. I had to believe what the plaque read.

It was the commanding power of Saptarchi, I could feel. An anti-Hindu Jawaharlal, hated man of chaste Hindus of his time, turned an emotional Hindu after seeing goddess Saptarchi. He advised Hindus of Baku to make a temple of Fire on   a foreign soil!

Kaba executed a similar command on Islamite mind that recites “I testify to that there is no God except Allah, and I testify to that Mohammad is His devotee and His messenger”. There is none worship-worthy except Him in Islam and the religion forces that the followers of Mohammad worship none except Allah.  Baptizing   people in the Vedic tradition of solar-movement-house or the Sun cult and donning a Harappan beard has never stopped till date at Kaba, however, for over 4000 years; only language of worship has changed. Aditi and Kaba alone are the commanding force behind the continuation of their age old tradition in the oasis of Mecca.

Every religion has its bluffs, lies and contradictions. Bright sunny Kaba has none. Harappan beards after the occupation of Kaba temple  know that there is an Allah; but, the very fellows also strive  to gather a crowd every year for donning Harappan beards  after the  rituals of goddess Aditi – the pantheon mother of all gods and men alike. Such is the command potential of Sun’s mother Aditi world over. Every Kaba devotee turns into a sun-worshiper after his beard turns Harappan; and, these beards have only compassion, no terror.

I recount an instance of my young age in the above context. I explained to some villagers how to light and smoke a hookah scientifically. They told me after my act was over that I belonged to their caste as per the village tradition since I had smoked the hookah of a Koiry (vegetable grower). I changed from a Brahmin to a Koiry in a jiffy effortlessly on account of an established tradition. Kaba and her followers are doing the same since 4000 years: converting visiting humans into Sun worshippers through a luring ritual of Kaba.   

Cry of the dead 

Once I visited my house under construction late at night. It was the only house under construction among the plots around and no person was in sight in the moonlit night. I was standing at the northern corner of the house, thinking about some future strategies when the atmosphere got denser and somber.  It was a moment when I felt myself as lying as a dead among the dead who had turned alive and communicative.  I was among the psyches belonging to the   people of a far but known land. They were the people of Mecca and Basra who had to say that they too had suffered and died like me once and they were a part of my world of dead at Basra.  What did they want to convey was not available to me. Possibly they wanted to communicate their continuing unhappiness after being uprooted from their homes in Mecca. Possibly they wanted to live with me till I avenge their misery and give them peace. I was sad, sharing their unhappiness and feelings as a part of their crowd of thousands of men, women and children crying and dying one after the other.

I remembered my yearning to visit Mecca and Kaba when I was in Basra during 1975-76. I did not know the cause those days. Only in the cold night of February ’99 I discovered myriads of restless dead at Basra who turned communicative to a living me in my half finished residence of Dehradun. They were buried 3000 kilometers away but distance and time has no meaning for psyches and a Braahman dealing with them.   I was one among the same dead lot and in communication with them in the chilly winter night, though living physically.  I could only share their unhappiness and gloom for being uprooted from homes in Mecca, and continuing to suffer for 1400 years in exile from Mecca as charged spirits. They were unable to lose their desires to go back to Mecca and avenge their tormentor.

I was going to be in my new home soon and so will be  many of them in their new lives in the present unaware of their past   because only soul moves in time and space for a new life with memories of past. These memories get   blanked  in the conscious mind of new life. A charged psyche or spirit would neither move nor get rid of desires and emotions at the time of death. It could only communicate mentally to the subconscious minds of past time-frame wherever they are.  Like most psyches of men women and children around me in the night of February ’99, I too wanted to be back to Mecca and Kaba after departing from the oasis and settling at Basra. Like them I too cursed the one who drove us out of our homes in Mecca and forced to sleep for ever after death in Basra instead of Mecca.  Like them I too desired the uprooting of the tyrant from his home like us who settled at Basra after traveling for twelve hundred kilometers north of their home in penniless condition. 

What can I do for these dead people? I wondered in the cold night. There was none around there in the moonlit night who could be assigned any role in our misery of past and we could settle our score together with him. When the house was complete, I dedicated its guest room to Kaba and my friends of Mecca.  I light a lamp for Kaba on every light-festival of India. It is for the solace and peace to the dead of Basra including myself.

Problem of our life is that death means nothing to the men of higher souls. They may keep living for long as active spirits or charged spirits in many cases; and, unless the charging negative energy gets neutralized they don’t turn into passive spirits to rest in peace. Charged spirits of Mecca were hounding me to take them to peace in the moonlit night of February ’99.  

To my surprise there was a baby medium of Kaba available next door, less than two years in age, when I stepped into my newly constructed residence in July ’99. My surprise had a reason. Whenever I met female mediums representing goddesses their age was in teens since 1989. Why Kaba’s medium is less than two years was an enigma.

Accursed arrives

I had not to wait long for arrival of  the goon of Mecca after I stepped into my new house and saw a little doll like medium of Kaba in the arms of her mother nearby. There was an empty plot between my residence and the next house to the west of my home. It belonged to a SKS unknown to me, and serving in my ex-organization on a    low post. He kept plans of his house secret for long even after he started its construction in spring of 2001. He was proceeding on an enigmatic construction plan and allowed none to know the design of his building.  Only apparent feature of the design was a blind wall on the western side of his building joining the boundary wall of his neighbor, turning him unhappy.   

Shape of the house and its final plans were obvious, however, by the beginning of 2002 when the second story of the building was under construction. The house was facing my house instead of road to depreciate the view and value of my house. It was against the rules, but the person had decided to complete his house in this shape to make me unhappy without obvious gains of his own. Distance of the front wall of the house was merely eight feet from my compound; and, its second story was killing my privacy.  Additionally, to my chagrin, he had reduced the height of my compound wall from seven feet to three by raising the ground level of his compound. It was hard to find logic for his actions to make a house defying the approved plan of the colonizer and rules of the town planners. He was acting illogically and vehemently only to harass his two neighbors.

I was somewhat worried at goon-like activities of SKS to harass me in sadism. I could not realize in the multiple stresses upon me those days that his actions were merely a repetition of what he had done to us  at Mecca 1400 years ago  – harass people for his sadist enjoyments after the temple of Kaba fell to Islamite. He was repeating the same act closest to the wall of my house where the charged psyches of Mecca were grieving in ’99. I was one of them once upon a time when they were driven out of Mecca; and, when the assembly of their psyches was with me in my unfinished house they were apprehensive of my similar harassment in the present as well. They wanted to remind me of a similar future before me in the days to come, I felt. The goon of our past life was on my head and going ahead with his plans make to me miserable once again after 1400 years or so.Kaba’s wheel in mot 

Darkness at noon

I took action against my neighbor’s designs in summer 2002 for inflicting deliberate and unnecessary harassments upon me. I raised my boundary wall to 9 feet on a Saturday morning. He put up a SOS application in a concerned government department to stop my activity because rooms in his house ware turning dark even at noon due to raised wall merely eight feet away from front doors of his house. The department rushed a person to restrain me. I did not heed to his verbal advice. The contractor plastered and finished the raised wall on Sunday – a closed day in the office.

I also put up an application before Mussoori Dehradun Development Authority about the irregularity of construction in the house of SKS in my neighborhood; and, pointed out that construction of his porch and the house above 12 feet is illegal, as per the rules.

MDDA informed me a year later that the height of my wall is in order as per the rules, and complaint of my neighbor dismissed. But the governmental office is yet to take action   on my application for decision on the irregular construction of my neighbor. It is not unusual for the government departments in India to keep files and cases pending for several years for one reason or the other .

Goddess Kaba, the deity of the solar movement house of Mecca, gave her first punishment to the goon of past by blanking out sum in his house three and half years after a room dedicated to the aggrieved psyches of Mecca was ready  for their solace in my own house adjacent to their tormentor.

It took years to carry an anti-Tantra exercise against (the subconscious-self of) SKS to lift and throw away his massive dose of fear pushed by him in the hearts of Mecca dwellers of past including myself. Tyranny potential of SKS emanated from his patron Trasan – a   dark deity of torture worshipped by the night hunters thousands of years ago. SKS’ capability to induce fear of torture could come to an end only after a couple of years since raising the boundary wall of my compound triggering violent but helpless reactions from his psyche.   

I used to see SKS sitting by the side of my high wall every Thursday morning and chanting mantras loudly for several months wishing a calamity for me. Neither I died nor did the wall fall down.

Unexplained dream

I woke up in the morning after a strange dream in the summer of 2005. Corpse of SKS was lying before the gate of Kaba on a stretcher, wrapped in shroud. It was ready for funeral procession. Some people arrived and proceeded towards a house on the northern end of the road a little over 100 feet away.

It was an irregular dream because the corpse was not on the gate of SKS. It was on the road in front of my second, small gate but some 30 feet away from it. Again, the people carrying the stretcher were moving on the road towards a house indicating a longer route for the cremation park; they should have moved towards my smaller gate and the gate of SKS, instead.

My efforts failed to decipher the future event predicted by the dream. Scenario of the dream was ambiguous and illogical.  It did not convey the physical death of the goon, however; else, the corpse would have been on the gate of SKS and the route of journey different.

Kaba has a role in the event of future was clear since the corpse was on her gate; and, probably she alone wanted to convey some message through the dream, I inferred.

What is he doing with the cats and dogs?

SKS had run out of funds during the construction of the house and sank into loan from private lenders when he shifted into semi-complete house in September 2002, his other neighbor informed me. This was an expected end. Resources for building the house of SKS were a loan from ONGC and paltry savings of a low paid employee. It was just enough for a single story building of the size planned by him; and, construction of the second story in the house was impossible, I had reasoned sometimes ago. What could be the source of his additional income prompting him for the construction of the second story? I had analyzed without answer.

Strange information about the behavior and actions of SKS had come to my notice through his neighbor before he occupied his new home.  Both were living nearby in small, two-room apartments of ONGC. Two dogs of my neighbor shared    his small accommodation in addition to his wife  and children

It was hard to link the dogs with any of his requirements related to safety or protection. ONGC colony is safe and well protected by the guards of the organization. Dogs were for some other use of SKS obviously. I was unable to figure out their utility for him, however.

Within months of his stay in my neighborhood the goon gathered street dogs and cats in his compound and lodged few of them in his narrow garage in absence of a car with the person. Canines in the garage would bark irregularly in the night at One, or Four or Five O’clock in morning. They made us miserable as our sleep used to be off for whole night at times.

Some thing was common to the cats and dogs kept by my neighbor. The pups and kitten bred in his house would die before growing up, crushed or hit near his gate on the road by the vehicles passing usually with pretty slow speed. They were in senseless state, nearly. Even the mother bitch did not respond quickly to   my stones hitting it for driving away.

It was a pathetic site; pups were dying one after the other, hit by or crushed under a vehicle. The event did not move my neighbor, however. He would simply instruct the sweeper to load them in his carriage and dispose off in the garbage van without any emotion. His behavior was inhuman. Some thing was fishy, but eluding my mind for exact solution.  

I intensified my observation on the pets as also the stray dogs and bitches of SKS since summer 2006.  Most of them were sheltered in his house for overnight. Some stray cats too, visiting his house, were in my observation because they too were served food by his wife everyday like dogs, and none of them was his pet.

At times words from innocent children prove very revealing. I was standing in my garden adjacent to SKS’ house once. Younger son of the neighbor was explaining to a visitor of the family how cunningly his father dodges the growling dogs if he has to feed mutton pieces to cats. He takes the cats in to his room and serves them meat there. I hadn’t smelt mutton under cooking in the house of my neighbor for months.

In an early morning of mid-September ’06, I knocked the gate of my neighbor. When he came out I said  “You are testing drugs on the dogs and cats kept in your garage and house. If I see a dog or bitch in garage in future, I will inform police”. Barking in the garage of the goon came to an end.

I had discovered the source of my neighbor’s additional income to my satisfaction. SKS was in drug trade. Testing the drug samples on the dogs and cats was his specialization.  He was no human being. Trasan, his god since ages, was for tragedies and treachery of mankind as also the animals in the settlement of Catal Hoyuk some eight thousand years ago. SKS was promoting his worship adjacent to my residence. He was harassing me, drugging the human clients and   killing the animals simultaneously. He was serving his ancient deity well even in the present life with same fervor and devilish devotion.

A slap from Kaba

Keeping dogs out of his garage and compound was helplessness for SKS due to threat of police and drastic consequences thereafter. Simultaneously, he could not abandon his drug trade because he was under high interest rate loans of private lenders.  Requirement of money was too compelling for him. He found a way out soon, however.

SKS used to come out of his house in drunken state for a stroll at 11 in the night along with his wife. There was hardly any person on the street at this late hour of night. He gathered his semi-domesticated dogs and bitches on the road around his house, and brought them on his gate to carry out drug testing as usual. Irregular barking, which bedeviled my sleep earlier for years, commenced once again.

I challenged him for putting an end to his activity when he was at his gate with his animals on October 5 ‘06. He started talking rubbish in drunken state, infuriating me. My slap was straight on his cheek with full force.

I had a terrible experience the next moment when he held my left hand to stop another slap. My wrist was in iron tongs. He was in drugged state. The devil was merely posing drunk but the situation was altogether different. I was facing a man converted into steel-demon under the effect of drugs. With full force and jerk, I freed my wrist and came home.

Damage to the muscles and tendons of my left arm was modest as a price of slapping on the cheek of my neighbor.  Mother Kaba delivered her slap to the merciless tyrant of Mecca through me. She  did it for the solace of psyches of Basra moaning in my half-built house in the night of February ’99.

On the following day, I informed one of the relations of SKS a few houses away to persuade the person to keep away from drug trade. I did not tell him that the fellow himself takes drugs and may become a drug addict soon. Every civilized society views taking drugs with indignation and contempt these days. I avoided embarrassing the close relation of SKS.  

As you sow, so you reap

We cannot change destiny, seen well in advance by gods. What happened between SKS and me on the night of October 5 was not the scene shown to me by Kaba. In my dream the man lay on a stretcher as dead, and people were carrying him away as a corpse.  I didn’t want to see the dream materialized in reality.  SKS has an illiterate-like housewife and two sons in tender age. What’ll happen to them in case he dies or falls in dire peril, as my dream indicated? He was already in financially stressed state. Worst conditions will hit his wife and children to face in such an eventuality, I imagined. I wanted to see them as they were subsisting as in the present, not worse. The issue of drugged state of SKS was avoided in my talk with anyone, therefore.

Things don’t happen the way we like them to take shape guided by logic or feelings. Something called destiny turns and twists the scenario of life very fast and unexpectedly, occasionally.  Slapping of SKS proved one such event to the solace of the charged spirits and souls hanging on my head in my new residence perceptively since February ’99.

I had founded a society of the residents around me in the newly emerging colony of Doon Enclave with about thirty house-owners. I was its Patron in 2006 after serving it as President for five years. Neither the goon and his wife   nor anyone of the members of the society was aware that I had undergone a misery of my wrist under the clutches of a drug addict; and my arm was under treatment. The unchallenged goon of Mecca, turning thousands of men homeless, was certainly a moral wreck after the slap of Kaba in the night of October 5, 2006. SKS and his wife wept before each member of the society at my tyranny on the Tyrannosaurus of Mecca at their residence in the meeting of the society on October 15, just ten days later. My slapping was a hot topic of discussion among excited members in the meeting after pitiful projection of the incidence by the husband and wife.

A delegation of the society came to me to know about the complaint just after the meeting. They learnt the story of drug peddling of SKS and his drug addiction.

It was the beginning of the doom for the goon of Mecca. After he earned the defamation of being a drug peddler, his suppliers of drug withdrew due to fear of police.  Money lenders too, alarmed at the prospects of the person landing in jail soon, turned aggressive for returning their loan at the earliest. A miserable SKS had no option but to dispose off the house and pay the money. Such a condition was evident in March ’07. But he could not sell the house at market rate. There was a complaint against his house relating to its irregularity of construction; and,   completion certificate of house under sale could not be availed by him due to the pending case. He sold his house at a much lower price, as a result.

On the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of the new millennium SKS left and moved out of his house in the very way he had enjoyed driving out a mass of people from Mecca to Basra.  Retribution of Kaba in response to the cry of her worshippers being driven out of Mecca in persecution for not falling in line with Islamite was over.

Interpretation of the funeral procession of SKS, seen moving in particular direction towards a house a hundred feet away, was abundantly clear the day he departed with a weeping wife. The owner of the specific house had sold it and died within years of the event. Kaba had conveyed two and half years before   the goon actually moved away after selling the house. My dream had indicated the fate of my neighbor rather than his death. It was the fate of SKS forced upon him by the past curses of thousands uprooted men of Mecca leaving their homes, and dying hundreds of kilometers away in Basra. Goddess Kaba returned to the soul of SKS the very suffering on 7.7.07.  It was  1400 years after Tyrant’ misdeed at Mecca.

As you sow, so you reap is an old adage for the rule of karmas that runs on soul. If one body of a soul sows thorny plants on the path for the suffering of the others, the other body of the same soul has to tread the very track some day. Case of an once roaring and fearful SKS of past, making the men of  Kaba to shiver and go away from Mecca, would reopen some day in my future life was unimaginable for the Astronomer of Kaba temple when he left Mecca for Basra.

Sun-priest of Kaba had a job to do for her before she takes action upon the goon of past. It was annihilating the fear potential of the man accrued by him through worship of Trasan since ages. A prolonged prajna fulfilled her desire. Her action  to ‘kill him’ waited till the fellow reached level zero in his manojav, unable to pump fear in other minds in future lives.