Part I: Survival

Section 1:  Days of peril


Charmed dinner



A legend now forgotten

Momentary stupor

Skai hits matrimony

You killed me


Wrath of gods?



Am I dead?

Beauty reappears in eyes

An orange for sin

Please move to front row

Blasphemy boomerangs?


Who dares wins



Ray of hope

Vishnu-Siva unified

Second round

Journey back home


Damnation of a gentleman                                                       



Inadvertent alienation

Courtier under wrath

Departure of maid

Illusion of love affair

Mother goes mad

New residence

Gods and spirits


Highway to death                      



Stress at home

Fifth full moon

Die the way you killed

Siva responds

Defiant Lonkha

Kali rescues


Who is goddess volcano?



The other goddess

Protection of Vishnu


Section 2:  Live and let live


Religion induced misdeeds



Will you serve water or ask religion?

Four spirits at Kedarnath

Last crusade

Abuses and condemnations

Lord Sankar killed Guplong

Sankars of the day

Response of a foreign Buddha


You’ve earned your wages



Pay for help

Malun must die once again

Abhichar and Rakshohan

You’ve earned your wages


Perceptions and retrospections



Active-spirit-self and principal-self of Malun

New demand of active-spirit-self

I love you too

Mandatory begging pardon

Section 3:  Volcano goddess on rampage


Threats materialize 



Where’s the matchbox?

Marriage for machinations

Charred Swastika

Insult of Kali?

Plans for future


Technology trounces possession



Battlefield Bombay

Your shield is blasted

Technology defeats Possession

Kamakhya accessible

Goodbye Bombay


Siva and Vishnu under attack



Display of power in Siva temple

Swati takes on Vishnu

Vishnu discarded


Killing saps and evading deaths



Traps of aliens

Nailing possession syndrome

Suicide of Sandeep Arora


SAPS explained

Fighting the malady

Fall fails the grip of death

Car accident

Fire in the Verandah

Part II: Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1:  Punishments of goddesses


Goddess of Osiyan



Past and present

Tiger and pups

Goddess versus goddess

Message of Chamunda

Unnerving impediments


Welcome home



Identification and punishment

Who eats who?

Salutations, the shameless!

Welcome home warrior!


Solar-movement deity Kaba 



Pantheon goddess

Status of vulva goddess

Commanding power

Cry of the dead

Accursed arrives


Kaba’s wheel in motion



Darkness at noon

Unexplained dream

What is he… cats and dogs?

A slap from Kaba

As you sow, so you reap

Section 2:  Gods admonish


God Ved



Who is god Ved?

Filth in Western minds

Illogical pursuit

Invited lecture

It wasn’t enough

Temple forced its construction


Caring Vishnu



Vishnu of Angiras people

900 miles of walk for a grandson

He prayed and he availed

A Muslim Vishnu


Savior Lord 



Days of desert

A mad fellow named Christ

Get out of the room!

Me on Cross

He is no more


Siva, Lonkha and Blei



Let us talk about god

Principal deity


A brave idolized Blei in his own image

Section 3:  Sorrowful souls


Avenging Sayela



Grief of the past

Last nails


Doomed beloved



Petrified love

Problem unfolds

Mantra power versus force of love


Moan under a lid



Parting gift

Irresolvable tragedy

Designs of god Kratu

Part III: Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past 





Suffering for addiction

Oh, my chest and heart will burst

Unconsumed negative energy

Surviving with thin hope

End of tunnel


My wife: a medium of Swati 



Possession scuttled


Expulsion of goddess Saptarchi


Ageing before age



When did it begin?

Earliest event

Aging before age


Tyrut arrives 



Goddess of penance

Exodus from Tanrev

Deterrent steps in

Section 2: Wounds of the present


Grief of Dansatim



Moment of breakdown

You threw me into fire

Cry of the charred mass

Kill me once again


She is my killed wife



Ignorance is bliss

Rejection reaction

Progeny for persecution

Saab is nearby

A girl in desperation

Plight of Dansatim

Section 3: Fall of dark gods 


War in the present 



A thorn called Dansatim

Dreams of hope and despair

Gospel untruth


Gods return 



Lonkha takes on Guplong

End of hounding curse

Return of Vishnu

Saab in temple


Swati Slips



Status of Battle

Indian breast goddess cares

Tyrut turns luck


Go back home Dansatim



Prajna in operation

Others join Tyrut

Return home Lady

Principal deity

Reference and notes