Structure of soul

Chapter – 4: Model of Soul



A common man and a Yogi are same physically but differ psychically. A commoner’s mind grows to gain in materialism, acquisition and intellectualism while a Yogi strives for spiritualism, renunciation and manojav or psychic potential. Typically, a Yogi is in a position to command his mind at will, as a medical test on my brain reveals. It is due to increased psychic potential related to the strength of soul and its components governing the psychic systems of sex, emotion and mental command – kamaschet, bhavaschet and manaschet respectively. My model of soul is based on the inferred relationship of the three elements of consciousness in a soul – brahm, atma and atta – with physical bases of kamaschet, bhavaschet and manaschet.


The model takes us as ever living – physically, and as active spirits or passive spirits (psyches). The last are numerous; and, each is charged with ‘fossil-ego’; they are connected to the living self through mooladhar connection and guide karmas in a living person as shown in Fig.4.1 of the book. All these objects - physical self, spirit and psyche - constitute as single live-system supported by soul.


 Attadhar or the main body of soul supports the spirits as also the living men. At the time of death, attadhar of an individual 'departs'  with head and knowledge about self, and takes a new body connected to the past spirits for execution of karmas. Passive spirits are often highly charged and keep living till their fossil ego is not dissolved; and, their carried forward ego-charge influences our acts and mindset. We  never live as individuals; we ever remain a bundle of live psyches  with a living person.


Since we are a bundle of past spirits rather than an entity in the present, we  fall under 4 averaged types:


I – Ultra-conscious type: Brahms, Videh and Virajpar men eating ann directly from living and spirits.


II – High conscious type: Yogis, elevated ascetics carrying semi-direct absorption thro’ mantra and Yog.


III – Medio-conscious type: Noble, deeply righteous and ritualistic people picking up limited ann thro’ prayers.


IV:– Low conscious type: Money, body and position crazy adding  hardly any consciousness to soul.




Structure of Soul’ helps us to  realize that we never die and deeds/karmas  left behind by  a person at death  shape  his future   life.