Structure of soul

Chapter – 3: The Unseen world



Breaking point for me in the knowledge about soul was a photograph snapped in Feb.’92 showing a curious invisible bright object brahm and a dull one atma. Both are related to mind, it was obvious in relating the objects photographed and the stressfully focused mind on a theme.  Two more objects, unseen and related to our consciousness, appeared on negatives later. One is like a galaxy; the other is tiny ball-like atta.  These are seen in the photograph of a hail hail (on the left)  as also associated with men in real life situations.


Observed and photographed incidences of migrating heads after the death and re-entry of a soul or active spirit in a dead body give an insight in the   carried forward attributes like memory in the in new life due to soul. Quick rebirths add to the inference.


A fact coming to light in a survey of life after death is that almost 80% of us take new life within 10 years of death; and, galaxy-like body, attadhar, determines the personality of a man as positive or negative. Dark attadhar is  associated with malinatma or a  negative man.


Karmas too are ever-continuing features of ours. No god can write them off ever by any amount of prayer. Two facts stand out life after life: souls don’t die and there is no way out to skip karmas. Their fructifications are complex and certain requirements are essential for their fruition besides a standard requirement for all situations. Physical body is essential for consummation of karmas. Life is very precious, therefore. Suicides dont write off karmas; they create instead due to unfulfilled desires at the time of death. 


Karmas not only run on the deeds of individuals. They affect the gods and communities with the same force. Communities rise and they fall just like individuals who rise to fall.