Structure of soul

Chapter – 2: Jungle Jingles


Man hit  the idea of consciousness and soul as entities independent of sense-organs and body mainly through uncommon experiences. I passed though two of them long ago. In the first, my apparatus of consciousness stopped my movement during walking  to check my feet from falling on a speeding snake to save my life; and, in the other a romping bull charging me with full force stopped instinctively before hitting my spear pointed towards the speeding  beast. In the first, my conscious-self or soul saved my body in its own interest while the second established: where is instinct, there is soul – all animals afraid of death instinctively possess soul like us. Such perceptions and observations fall usually under Extra-sensory-perception (ESP). Visions of ‘Future and Past’ are other examples of ESP, seen by many. Our souls sustain and cares for  our bodies for themselves.


Personal experiences in Brahm and higher states are something unimaginable for   men below the level of Yogi. Passive spirits (psyches) of past are seen in some people as a kitty of energy available in the present life at the time of illness. A Brahm sees that a single soul supports an active spirit (ghost) and physical-self occasionally. More enigmatic, however, are powerful spirits of past lives that do not allow maturating of the present body as mentally adult, sex-responsive self. Many such persons live just for their past spirits in the present lives too. Examples are Urvi, Simmi  and Anaro.  Aren’t you?


In their psychic potential and powers some of the spirits are like ordinary individuals but others are volcanoes of power – pretty godly in their command and control. They fall in the category of worshipped gods who possess and control the minds of a community. Most individuals of a community are helplessly unable to overrule the emotion induced psychic control of their gods. Many logical minds of a religion suffer due to illogical emotional acts of a few men under command of their thought-field regime or god.