Structure of soul

Chapter – 1: Introduction



Science sees no role for soul in our life as we live physically and die bodily. Yet most of us feel about an apparatus of consciousness behind our life and are  not fully convinced about our existence merely as a living mass of organic matter. This belief is older than 45000 years. Our concepts about soul and spirits begin in a past far beyond this date.


Observations prove that consciousness behind our vision and mind is not body-generated. We see a setting sun almost three times larger than the sun at noon; image-size is same in photographs. In a freak photograph of solar eclipse a three times larger consciousness projected sun is seen  suggesting what we see is genuine and no illusion. It also implies existence of an apparatus of consciousness or soul associated with every human body. We aren’t only body. We’re a combination of body and soul, logical analysis of observations suggests.


Men discovered transmigration of soul long ago and depicted it in a tell-tale picture of Lascaux cave of France dating back to 16000 years – an injured hunter is dying and his spirit or soul-bird is preparing to fly away for next life . In a painting of Catal Hoyuk Turkey,   people figured 8000 years ago a death-bird picking up heads or soluks (souls) at death.


Body-tied consciousness or soul has evolved in time with the evolution of living beings. It is highly evolved in man and forced human mind to take up the life of a Yogi for experiential perception of Brahm or spirit and soul.    It is specially so  in the Zero-gold-medal zone .


Twentieth Century has made valuable contribution in understanding and documenting the spirits and souls through photography of the past and enigmatic thought photographs dependent upon the properties of soul. Ultimate configuration and working of soul has been reached in the present work, however, on account of two factors: first, direct perception of higher levels of human consciousness in a Yogi like attainment of Brahm and post-Brahm (Braahman god)  states; and, several photographs of invisible  consciousness  apparatus of   man.