Structure of soul

Human quest continued to learn  about something that ‘is perceptively omniscient & knowledgeable and from whom the spirits, live physical self and their food of consciousness is born’.  Efforts kept waiting for ages to know the object  till science reached to a point of photographing and processing the faint image of an unseen  non-object  like object   appearing as hologram on the negatives of photo-films of author during 1994-1995. The object is attadhar - basic unit  of our soul.  Three other objects -atma, brahm and atta - join attadhar in making our soul. 

The little book of 4 chapters demonstrates scientific basis for modeling a body-free-consciousness apparatus that is all-knowledge and remains unaffected as we move  from one life to another. It is soul with a complex structure & functions linking  the living man, migrating spirit for new life after his death   and dead psyches of recent  and long past anywhere on earth.

108 pages, 4 color, 14 bw. illustr.  Rs 95 (India),  $ 5 (Foreign).


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