The Science of Consciousness




Chapter -1: Introduction


   Vedic people of India were unique in acquiring a state of soul freed from body. They called it Brahm. They classified learning into two: first, leading to experiential perception of consciousness or soul as independent of body; and, second, a worldly knowledge for body and mind.  Knowledge or Vidya for them was former alone because it led to Eternal Life. The other was an Avidya or non-knowledge.


Direct perception of eternal life needs scientific analysis and treatment of various interlinked topics. First among these is the evolution of consciousness among creatures to such a high level that a Yogi could feel it as Brahm or body-free consciousness. Evolution of consciousness in organic world has several milestones when highly diffused life in a tiny virus ascends to the level of a brainy man during a period of three and half billion years in the history of earth.  Role of climate and culture in human communities during last thirty thousand years prove very relevant for eternal life as the Veds and Upanishads were compiled by a specific community who cared and worked for introversion of consciousness. All enlightened men belong to an oblong patch of earth between Egypt and Indonesia. It is Zero-gold-medal-zone of Barcelona Olympics ’92. Vedic land covers much of its area during past.


According to Upanishads, an all-pervasive milieu envelops us, preserving past, present and future. Past scenes, snapped in some photographs of the author and others, attest the truth in their observations. A new understanding of physics is required to explain the photographs of past objects and landscapes.


Teilhard de Chardin   raised a vital question once “Is it not the ultimate destiny of man, like an insect, to become subservient to the community mindset at the peak of human evolution?” The final chapter comes out with an answer. Future of man is not so dismal when we look at his ultimate potential.  He can exist as Brahm or a spirit   free of body – a form of higher self in consciousness domain. Man’s body alone is animal and not his soul. He is an insect by body and not by spirit and soul.