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Latest among the titles is THE GODS: 19 years of strife under possession.  It  is a narration of harrowing yet true experiences of a Braahman god under possession of dark gods. The work covers never discussed fight in  Tantra. All interested in  the role of possession  in our lives  may read.  8.5”x5.5”, 288p. (ISBN 81-900838-2-2) 


 gods cover  (ISBN 81-900838-2-2)

I remembered the assertion of Malun’s spirit on the airport “You are already dead, existing in the world of dead.

I accepted the truth of her statement at Varanasi. I was a dead man in the psychic world. But it was equally true that I lived physically with a body, a beating heart and a thinking brain. Let me live as a dead among the dead without any confusion, wavering   of mind   or second thought was my reconciliation. 

 “There is none to blame for the karma-inflicted sufferings of mine except myself. I have made mistakes in past lives; who else will suffer?”  I muttered in grief as I prepared to accept my new harrowing situation first time, seven months after my murder in the campsite of Isamati. I’m dead is fundamental reality for me; I’m also alive is secondary now.

But, since I am living bodily and fighting with some of the spirits and gods that want to eliminate me physically, there will be no let up in my efforts to defeat  them till I survive as a man of bone and flesh, I resolved before stretching myself in  the bed of  hotel room.  (p. 52)

(Part-I, Section 1, Highway to death




STRUCTURE OF SOUL gives a model of invisible soul of ours, its transmigration and also an insight in the mechanism of karmas of individuals and gods. The book is for people of higher manojav who feel helplessly  that life is something more than a chemical reaction but find nothing   to satisfy them intellectually. They will discover that science does support their conviction about a very much 'living soul'  behind each of us using our bodies for its own end.  8.5”x5.5”,  108p.  (ISBN 81-900838-1-3)


soul hill

'Close up’ of holographic, transparent & galaxy-like attadhar,   the primary  component of  SOUL, against a hill

(ISBN 81-900838-1-3)


Human quest continued to learn  about something that ‘is perceptively omniscient & knowledgeable and from whom the spirits, live physical self and their food of consciousness is born.  Efforts kept waiting for ages to know the object  till science reached to a point of photographing and processing the faint image of an unseen  non-object  like object   appearing as hologram on the negatives of photo-films of author during 1994-1995. The object is attadhar - basic unit  of our soul.  Three other objects - atma, brahm and atta - join attadhar in making our soul. 


The little book of 4 chapters demonstrates scientific basis for modeling a body-free-consciousness apparatus that is all-knowledge and remains unaffected as we move  from one life to another. It is soul with a complex structure & functions linking  the living man, migrating spirit for new life after his death   and dead psyches of recent  and long past anywhere on earth.


108 pages, 4 color, 14 bw. illustr. 




The third book probes consciousness from three angles: first, as a conscious-self that  evolves in the organic world since the first life on earth to highest conscious being – man; second, as Vedic men understood consciousness experientially as perceptible Brahm (spirit) and Purush (soul) states  and organized the studies for this end; and, third as a domain defying our concept of space-time.  SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS; is essentially for men with some background of Science.  Art paper, 11.5”x8.5”, 250 black&white and  color illustrations 275p., hard-bound & card-bound editions (Card-bound edition available only till limited stock lasts).(ISBN 81-900838-0-5)


pen time

Measuring human thought-field frequency



Live floating frog: 70,000,000 yrs. ago



Astonishing discoveries



Frequency of our thought   pulse determined as 345 Hz.

Perceived space-time is illusion; 70 million year old scene of a floating frog photographed.

Evolution of consciousness in man takes him to eternal life.

Hard-bound Library  Edition:

Foreign art paper: 22x28 cm, over 250 black-white &color illustrations