A learned Prakashkar Shashtri of Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, M. S. University, Vadodara, christened a professional Petroleum Geologist as Jagadishomrityunjay. It figures in his Sanskrit degree and the three books from  Attadhisthanam. The person was a vertebrate paleontologist initially, earned PhD degree in micropaleontology and was decorated with National Mineral Award by Indian Government for fundamental contributions in geology. He spent many years in the Institute of Petroleum Exploration, Oil and Natural Corporation, India; and, was the President of Indian Colloquium on Micropaleontology, Goa (1998). The geologist, Jagadish Pandey, was Head of the Exploration Business Group, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (India),  Western Offshore, Bombay (1996 - 1998).


In conformity with  command of a priest  in  his last work, THE GODS, Braahman state in Jagadishomrityunjay, died at 1930 hrs of August 20, 2008; and, his  connections from  world of  dead of a  long past snapped after  he stabilized in Purush or Moksh state. It  is on account of shift in the  psychic energy state.


Work on Science of Consciousness commenced in 1990 and concluded in 1996Structure of Soul was prepared in 2001-2002.  Idea of putting The Gods on paper struck him in 2006, and the book was complete on 08. 08. 08.  A perceiving mind, active brain and conscience have evolved in ideas during the period due to adding of new information and experiences. Some of these are apparent in the books. 

In the first book soul and spirit are synonymous; in the second, soul and spirit are recognized as distinct; and, in the third soul is distinct from spirit and psyche. The last is the ultimate vision.  A reader may look into the psychic contents accordingly.