15th anniversary contribution of Attadhisthanam



I was a pretty confused man in the analysis regarding the status of the living self in me for years after availing the parting gift of a dagger in my chest from a Khasi queen in my filed-camp at Isamati in the night of January 15/16, 1989 (The Gods). I had a nightmare. A Khasi queen was standing before me in a black robe with a sceptre. Courtiers flanked her on the left and right. I saw myself in a kneeled down pose before her as if I was a person charged with a crime. Accepting my guilt in my address to the Lady of the land, I told her to carry out what she wished to do in retribution. Her hand moved up in the air with a shining dagger while a brutal expression was writ on her fair charming face.
“You know, you killed me; it’s my turn now”, she muttered. Her hand with dagger moved down with force and within moments the weapon was in my chest. Pangs of death shook me and a sea of pain sank me after she lifted her hand, leaving the shining dagger in my chest. The queen had killed her murderer in revenge. She stood smiling while I was dying. To my relief, her dagger was no more in my chest when I opened the eyes after passing through the nightmarish drama of traditional justice of Khasis in the first millennium of the Christian was over at 3 AM of January 16.
The dream and the queen never left my mind, however, for long. Identification of the queen and the past event behind my murder in the dream were in my head soon innately. I had killed her 1200 years ago through mantras when she ruled Kamrup as its Buddhist queen. I was killed by her ghost in the dream at Isamati in retaliation was also an obvious information with me. Baffling for me in the whole affair and later, however, was my mindset. It wasn’t just a dream for the conscious self in me. After the daybreak my mind was passing through a storm. A nagging feeling goaded me ceaselessly: I am dead; and, I was helpless in driving it out logically.
There was no way out to shake off my status of a dead man in the thinking apparatus with me. Queen’ spirit has really killed and finished me, I felt; it is a paradox that I breathe and live still. Two months later, on April 8, Malun’s spirit was ‘talking’ to me once again on Guahati Airport”You are already dead and just a spirit like me; and that’s why you know who am I and what have you done in the past.” There is a truth in her statement, I felt; but, her assertion about me to be a spirit left me sinking in confusion deep about the living, the dead and the spirit – can the living me be a part of the world of dead, as the spirit of queen Malun proclaims? After another six months, when I was at Varanasi in August 89, and saw my long dead father in meditation,I remembered the assertion of Malun’s spirit on the airport once again “You are already dead, existing in the world of dead.”I accepted the truth of her statement at Varanasi, anyway, that I was a dead man in the psychic world. But it was equally true that I lived physically with a body, a beating heart and a thinking brain. It dawned upon me, therefore, to live as dead among the dead without any confusion or wavering mind.
My struggle to survive physically and to engage seriously the spirits and gods desirous of eliminating me as a physical body came to an end with ‘the Last Oblation (The Gods, Swati slips – Principal deity, p. 275). The dream of’ ‘ the Last Oblation’ was a projection of a definite event in the future to relieve me of worry and tension in the battle against alien spirits and gods; and, it had its positive effect. My mind turned carefree, not bothering much about the future till I recorded “Last oblation over’ on June 19, 20011.
January 16, 1989 to June 19, 2011 makes 22 years and 5 months when I have lived as a spirit in the world of dead, and struggled against my alien spirits and gods using an active brain and logical mind of a scientist. I not only won the battle but also understood to a fair degree the reality about the facts and factors in the unseen regime of consciousness. It may also be added that for me the first leads in the unseen world of consciousness were much earlier than January ‘89. They began when my first Samadhi set in 1977, and accelerated when Brahm state was ascended in February 81. The information gathered has been collated, analysed and inferences drawn while pondering over the properties of human consciousness and the objects of the unseen world. These are documented here for the readers interested keenly in the world unseen of the dead.


Typical experiences just after Samadhi are: fall of body temperature by at least a degree Celsius, fall of pulse rate by 25% and continued numbness of brain with near zero output of thinking for an hour. I used to have about an hour’s walking around ten in the night on near deserted roads of quiet ONGC Colony of Vadodara in such a state between 1977 and 1980. Spirits were perceptible to me as ‘low-temperature’ airy bodies crossing me occasionally. Communication of gender or their feeling was imperceptible. After turning into Brahm in February ’81 sex and feelings of spirits too were easily grasped by my system whenever they interacted. I had turned into a spirit, as if. On one occasion during my geological field work in Kachchh, a feminine spirit was perceptible near a ledge of rock when sun had set and it was turning dark. I looked around; there was a structure of a sati-cone built in respect of the woman consigning herself to fire on the funeral pyre of her husband. The spirit belonged to Sati. I paid my regards to the Sati and moved away. On another occasion I perceived a male spirit in a Muslim graveyard during midday. It struck me there; why is this lonely individual perceptible to me among a large number of dead in their graves; or, why was the sati the only female on a cremation spot where thousands of dead were consigned to fire. Perceptible spirits like Sati are few, it was clear to me. I named them as active spirits in contrast to imperceptible passive ones in large numbers. I added quite a few active spirits in the list of Sati later. Lady of Hotel Normandie (1983) and Queen Malun (1989) were prominent among them; and, so was Dansatim sticking to me since my visit to Catal Hoyuk in 1995. Active spirits behave just like physically living objects without a physical body, I have experienced; and, in the case like Siva (sect. 1), they grab even a dead body to acquire physically living status. Active spirits, however, are handicapped on one front; they cannot eat food like men. Instead they eat only ann from the men around; and, its availability is hard for them from persons of low manojav.All the active spirits are, therefore, in a state of starvation and hunt often the persons with high psychic energy
How the active spirits are formed is understandable. During a normal death after a prolonged fever or suffering the head component of the astral body departs as a migrant spirit and the left behind body – in the configuration of the dead body – forms a passive spirit or psyche. The migrant spirit takes a new body and gets absorbed within it as the physical self grows; the left behind psyche is not discarded by the soul, however. It gets connected with new body through mooladhar(Str. Soul, fig. 4.1); and, every living self has a trail of past psyches extending in a past very far – in stone age as the study of Weiss shows(Many lives, many masters ).

The active spirit is a product of sudden, often unaccepted death by a living psychic system in a physical body. Death of the Sati was by burning herself quickly in fire; and, so was also the case of Dansatim who jumped into community fire in desperation, accusing her husband. Malun was a queen whom I had killed 1200 years ago. In such cases the migrant-head-spirit or migrant spirit does not separate from the otherwise left behind psyche; and the two together forms an active spirit.
The active spirit is as living as a physical self but unable to die for long and remains miserable because it cannot eat food like a normal human being. There is no age limit for spirits to relieve them from misery by terminating their life after a certain years after their origin. I had to kill Queen Malun’s spirit to let her get out of the life of a ghost haunting people and to free myself from the misdeed of past. My half-married wife Dansatim’s suicide in emotion was a much more pathetic case, I felt. The charred spirit had lived over eight thousand years to see me punished by goddess Swati or goddess Ararat mountain; and, when I was in her sight to receive my punishment, she was seeing helplessly a situation forcing her to communicate “Neither Swati is able to kill you nor can you finish Swati because you are a man and Swati is goddess.”
Message is clear: don’t kill anyone and don’t commit suicide. There are no gods who will save you from suffering as an active spirit. .When you commit suicide in grief or for some other cause, or kill someone for one or the other purpose the psychic self within doesn’t accept death. It just turns into an active spirit. Such a dead is not so dead in case of unexpected or sudden demise. It lives even after the death in the same vein as a living person but unable to eat food like us.


In the emergence of active spirit under atypical conditions of death, a soul too comes across an irregular situation. The active spirit emerging from the dead is barred from continuing in the next life but remains connected with the soul contributing a little ann for its growth. Soul, however, acquires another physical body with full potential of life again. I saw this situation with the spirit of Hotel Normandie and also with the spirit of Malun. The living physical self of such a soul is the principal-self behaving as a normal human being. Even the active spirit, when the karmas mature, acquires a new body, somewhat delicate and with focussed targets of life. Such a living self, was acquired by Malun’s spirit after I killed it, and naturally by the spirit of my past wife Tyrut killed over eight thousand years ago. I found that Anaro too is represented by similar physical self (Str. Soul). Such human beings fall in the category of active-spirit-self. Functions of active spirit self include the fulfilment of past desires of the individual meeting unnatural death. Anaro or Anarkali, for example, was a cute and beautiful maid in teens liked by the Mogul Prince some 400 years ago. Royalty disliked it. The girl was communicated the anger of a Courtier of Akbar for her conduct and beaten till fainting. Subsequently, the fainted maid was buried alive in the wall of Red Fort, Delhi. The act was not unusual in the culture of those days. “Kill him, he has killed me” was the communication from the active-spirit-self when it met me in her late teens during 1998. The spirit was unaware that the hypocrite courtier was already killed by Salim (me) some years after the death of Anaro. Strangely, eleven years later, the active spirit of the slain courtier was before me in 2009 communicating “I did not kill Anaro”. I ‘heard’ his version of the story too. He wasn’t lying. There was hardly anything to help the situation after 400 years. But, if Anaro preserved the desire to ask Prince Salim to kill the courtier; the active-spirit-self of the slain courtier too wished to communicate to him his innocence. Very compelling are the desires in the active spirits for their future acts!

Most powerful among the active-spirits in my contact is that of Tyrut, emerging out of a brutally killed young wife of mine over eight thousand years ago. It has taken a physical body around 1980 and came in my contact in 2002. Not only her name Tyrut arrived on the computer-screen to remind me of my past, but also the spirit behind the active-spirit-self helped me in completing The Gods. An active-spirits-self of my own and my sati wife have eliminated the deceitful murderer of King Shashank and principal conspirator behind the killing of the monarch 1400 years ago.

Active-spirit-selves are expected to become a part of the same soul from which they originate after their death. There may be some exceptions, however.


The psyche, in the present work, refers to the left behind subtle apparatus of man’s consciousness after the migrant head has departed in the event of normal death. The apparatus contains the organs of feeling in the chest; emotion is associated with heart-hrit pair controlling the mind; and, the organ of valour lies in the scapula-region of back. Feeling, valour and emotion control the mindset and remain preserved in the psyche after death.
Some events in the life arouse unprecedented lust, insult, anger and hate, which a person is unable to forget or dissolve during the life-time. Such a situation developed at Sarnath, the revered place of Buddhists where Buddha delivered his first sermon to five men in penance 2500 years ago. There was a minor drama of acrimony here about 1600 years ago involving the Head of the Buddhist Monastery, its Royal Rector (female), and the mercenary hired for the protection of the monastery but who, being a sculptor, was carving a statue of Buddha. A cute and delicate girl Devashramana was the model for the statue (The Gods –Doomed beloved). Funding of the project was by a widow, mother of a little son. The statue was finished nicely before carving a panel figuring listeners of Buddha’s sermons. In the panel the sculptor carved Buddha’s five disciples, but inserted additionally the widow mother and her son. The action hurt the feelings of Buddhists including the Monastery Head and the Royal Rector. In a heated discussion the sculptor was blunt “I have carved a female and turned her into a male Buddha by chiselling out her breast-segment; and, you think it is not immoral. For you, immoral is hearing Buddha’s sermon by just two other individuals. Anyway, I’m leaving the work where it is now; hire another sculptor and get it done the way you want”.
The mercenary rode up his horse and left the place for a comparatively long destination by the standards of those days. The semi-finished work was not altered but the statue was deified as Buddha.
The occasion left persons involved with the haunting memory for their whole life. The sex starved widow was attracted towards the sculptor and availed his company for long six years while visiting the statue in making. Deva, the model, fell in love with the sculptor sitting quite close to him for long many years, the fuming monastery head had only one wish: killing such a vile man insulting Buddha and him. The Royal Rector too found reasonable ground for the anger of the monastery head – the sculptor was paid for his job and he should have shown courtesy to Buddhist tenets.
Sitting at his village home, the sculptor had no remorse for what he did on the day of departure, but there was a soul-searching too. The mother and the child were in the statue because he liked the two a bit more than due on account of her being pay-mistress. The sculptor had nothing to carry in the future to settle, but the other four were carrying massive desires in their psyches for future lives. Their psyches turned into charged spirits, and unless the charge of desires got neutralized, the psyches left behind will not turn into passive ones.
Charged psyches lie where the person dies but their emotions and desires affect the future life seriously and severely in some cases. Each new life has a ghostly desire carried forward from past to be consumed in the physical life; and, it introduces a drag on the personality of the live-self. Some of these desires, like the consummation of love or sex, are not that hard to dissolve. Desires of the widow and model of Sarnath are examples (The Gods –Doomed beloved). It suggests interaction for the dissolution of the past desires between the two loving individuals of the opposite sex is a simple affair. But the hatred on account of pocketing insult, humiliation or denial of fulfilment of an intense worldly desire dies hard. The head of the monastery felt a bit too much humiliated by the sculptor who left the place in a huff leaving no chance for him to counter the insult he had pocketed. The royal rector too was helpless. The sculptor was no more available for penal action; neither was there any cause for action as he had told the monastery head to alter the panel of listeners as he wished. The humiliated man could not make any change, however, and the statue was deified as Buddha.
The hatred and desire to kill or belittle the sculptor continued in the minds of the Monastery Head and Royal Rector for long. Both turned into charged spirits after the death; and, I have faced their activity in the present life. Their living bodies in the present behave like active-spirit-selves in respect of me – a person who has earned their grudge. Living selves of the Head of the Sarnath Monastery and the Royal Rector leave no chance to make me feel jittery before my availing the moment of cherished success. The past Head of Monastery has a key phrase for me: there are many a slips between cup and lip. I have seen it happening without fail for last fifty years by the force exerted by the duo – the Monastery Head and the Royal Rector.
In the same category with much higher psychic power was the first wife of Emperor Jahangir, dead about 400 years ago. She died cursing her husband for the blindness and death of their only son. After her death she turned into a charged psyche. I see her in her new life almost every day making me miserable by her curses enforced by community of the then Raj puts. Anyway, the charged spirit has seen her past husband dead and blind in the present life to the satisfaction of the dead.
There is no way out to get rid of charged spirits and drainage of the psychic energy on their account. The suffering and depression due to charged psyches has just to be endured; there is no cure for it. Charged spirits are not active spirits like Malun that may be killed easily. They operate through a living body, which, if killed, will form an active spirit to make the killer miserable in coming lives.

A long-continuing affair

Cases of charged spirits haunt almost every one and extend in time far back as the case narrated her would suggest.
Raas Hakham (Head Rabbi) of Mecca had a tough time after Islamite ran over the town. His wife Sayela was snatched away from him in their conspiracy (The Gods, Avenging Sayela), and he left the town himself for Basra after a decree of Ali barring those to enter their favourite temple who refused to embrace Ilah cult. The Rabbi died soon in intense agony of insult with non-suppressing desire to avenge his disaster with the Islamite. Desires turned him into a charged spirit after the death. Mecca also witnessed some unhappy events following the departure of the Rabbi. Sayela’s new husband died shortly; his other wives suspected that Sayela killed him; two of them strangulated her to death; one of the womaniser’s widows married soon; and, the others were crying for diyat (blood-money) from the son of Sayela. He refused to pay it. “Diyat, if due, should be had from the departed Hakham, not me,” he had said.
Emperor Jahangir embossed his image on the coins minted by him. The act was anti-Islamic. Caliph of Bagdad excommunicated him from Islam for the act. But, Islamite had no powers to dethrone the Emperor. Crown was placed on his head by his father; and, Ilah had no contribution in the affair. Men of Ilah could not send him out to Basra again, as they had done in Mecca. Instead the Islamite in India had to live under the rule of a non-Islamite after the excommunication of the emperor. Charged spirit of Hakham humiliated the Islamite much more as Jahangir than they had done to him at Mecca; and, the Rabbi’s psyche availed peace around 900 years after Hakham’s death when desire for punishing the Islamite was over. However, the story of Mecca’s Rabbi did not end here. It dragged into the present.
The Rabbi confronted in the present life the active-spirit-self of Sayela’s rapist along with his two senior wives. The Rapist was killed turned certain. Sayela was available as principal-self alone till Rabbi’s new life acquired an emerald ring on June 15, 2010 due to a mental forcing by Shams (Goddess Sun). The emerald of the ring has a curious mark: H-A in Arabic.“Oh!” The man said to himself, “Shams has restored my status as Hakham of Mecca.” Soon, the present life of Sayela’s son paid a huge sum as a past diyat; and, the active- spirit-self of Sayela also arrived.
Dissolution of the past sins committed by the womaniser and two of his wives commenced on the new bodies of theirs with the arrival of active-spirit-self of Sayela. Diyat was already paid for the killing of the debaucher; hence, his active-spirit-self was inane. Action against two women targets killing Sayela in the past also came to an end by June 2011. Such was the final settling of karmas for the peace of the charged psyche of Rabbi in a grave of Basra around 1400 years after his death.
Many of us may be having similar complexities of the past live sticking to them and making the present mindsets miserable without any visible reason. Even after Rabbi’s charged spirit had turned neutral 900 years after his death, the complexities of the events after he had left Mecca did not allow his psyche to have peace for another 500 years due to the active spirits of Sayela and her rapist. There is hardly any solutions to such carried forward unhappiness of past related to complex situations; and, freeing ourselves without carrying out what the past events dictate in the present life is inescapable.


Hard to believe is a category of people who transact almost normally in the world but are living ghosts in reality – a piled up collection of too many charged spirits with multiple desires of past. They do have some features in common but there is no definite diagnosis for them. Three properties – abrasive acts, lust for wealth and pressing urge for sex –are seen in most males. Many of them turn debaucher in their old age. Females appear terribly attractive and sexy but unable to go for physical sex. Most of these people have reached to the ghost state through the route of dark gods of cattlemen period due to cunningness, hurting actions and reckless attitude towards the weak. Desire of these crazy lower-mind- men would never die to let such men have a normal death; and, each of their psyches turned into charged spirit life after life, as a result. Such people get born as normal children but act like charged psyches as adults with massive craving for food and sex. Male and female Tantra-operators too have turned into living ghosts since 4000 years ago like the warring cattlemen of Ilah and Assur cults. They’ve misused the mantra-power for prohibited actions like killing for wealth or position, and controlling the mind of a monarch for furthering their peevish interests.
It has not been difficult to judge for me that some of my past associates like Bully Brute and Raha constitute living ghosts today. In 1994 a visiting scientist from U.K. urged me “Don’t touch her, she has killed me.” The active-spirit-self of my past wife was to remind me that she was killed by Cleopatra. She did not know, however, that female in reference was a living ghost since long before Cleopatra was on the throne; and, the sculptor of the queen knew that Cleopatra has fragrance and no honey the way he knows today the radiation of the pubic hair of this female is perceptible from fifty meters. There may be lot of fragrance (radiation from pubic hair) but a female is worthless for a person of high manojav without honey (satiation strength) reflected by armpit radiation. The referred female had no physical contact in past; nor, there was any possibility in the present.
Most miserable aspect in the life of the living ghosts is their sex life. Kalidas, the famed Sanskrit poet has used a word ‘dayita-sukham’ or ‘happiness-imparting-female’ (in the event of conjugal transaction). Technically, such a female just returns the satiation-happiness to a male who is ‘data-sukham’ (happiness-imparting- male) after pairing. This transaction, involving psychic strength of chest-breast segment, is basis of happy married life. The psychic organs involved here include liver, heart the scapular area of the back and the chest-breast.
In the living male and female ghosts, the chest–breast psychic apparatus degenerates during adolescence when their past active psyche takes over the body, and stunts development of psychic potential in their satiation organs of the living bodies. The male is no more a data-sukham,and even a normal dayita-sukham cannot offer reciprocation to him. As a result, living ghosts cannot avail prolonged happiness of healthy married life. They live in a hell, in a way; and, most men turn debauchers. Many of their pairs are bereft of children too, especially when both in a couple are ghosts.
The development and history of living ghosts has a lesson for us. Don’t act like selfish cattleman and Tantra-operators; think about your actions and non-suppressing desires within besides unforgettable miseries. It may be good to follow an old adage – to eat less and to teat unhappiness both are good for health. Five abstentions may also work as saviours for the positive thinking and emotion controlling luminous souls.


The animal world in the forest is a lucky lot opines a famous hunter of India. Animals have no past, no future and enjoy the present as long as they live. Death comes to them often suddenly when their happy life is shed in moments. They don’t have unfulfilled desires, agonies of the past and fears of the future like us. Our mindset is much less in the present than past or future. Worst, most of our desires don’t get fulfilled; and, the things don’t go the way we want in most cases. We can often see one or the other forcing in the events of life or X, Y or Z compulsions prohibiting us from achieving desired objects or objectives. Invariably such forcing is on account of the psychic world of the gods and spirits. An example is here.
After the retirement in 1998 I wished to spend a life of isolation with my wife in a cottage in Himalayas.But my logical wish was opposed by far more powerful desires of the dead, the gods and the spirits. They exerted command on my psyche and my physical self could not do what I wished.
There was, for instance, an active-spirit-self of King Shashank, killed about 1400 years ago, in my town since 1984 along with the active-spirit-self of king’s sati wife to avenge my past. There was an active-spirit-self of Tyrut with an agenda to kill her killers 8000 years ago; and, so was the active-spirit-self of Sayela to finish two wives of her rapist. The new born self of my wife killed by goddess Swati too was here with a wish to destroy the alien goddess. Added to them was the agenda of my gods and goddesses of past. God Bajronge wanted surely to kill the dark hunting god Tam or Rahu; Siva and Vishnu had to settle their score with Swati who had killed the priest of the former and thrown the latter out of my house; goddesses Kaba and Shams wanted to see the Ilah’s tormentors of Mecca receiving payment in their present lives as they deserved. Aton wanted that Akhenaton rebuilds his temple and establishes His worship again.
My wish and my logical agenda of peaceful retired life were written off by the destiny. I have to do what Kratu has set for the life, I discover. No rest! Only hard life in lieu of the acts of past!!
“Once born, we all have to suffer for taking a life; the knowledgeable suffers with knowledge and the ignorant weeps” said Kabir, a famous saint of India. It is so because we are not mere physical bodies. Primary apparatus of life includes psyche and spirit; the physical self is subordinate. The invisible ones are under the control of destiny as exemplified in the work. Every one of us has, therefore, to accept the situations of life and live under the rule of Kratu – good if one is knowledgeable; but, not bad if one is ignorant with an accepting mind. Without tears in the eyes, he would say “That’s life, let me live as best as I can because I’m a thinker, not an animal of forest”.

July 22, 2011