1 Minute Summary 

Diabetes is known as anailment since ages and its symptoms well defined. It has physiological relationship with blood sugar-level. Usually, higher glucose-level in the blood (hyperglycemia) than normal text-book value 0.12% or 120 mg/dl   (fasting) and human constant (80-180 mg/dl)are associatedwith the disease. Arecent lowering of the upper limit by Dr. Clique fixes the level as hundred 110 (Fasting) or 140 (PP) as the base of hyperglycemia; and, this  artificially fixed fence,instead of standard statistical figure of hyperglycemia,is tied with disease diabeteswithout   scientific basis for ever continuing medication in the name of treating a disease. In reality, it is topromote the medicos and druggists. It makes a classic example of management by confusion that has swollen the world diabetic numbers to 380 million.A large section of this clinical headcount is unreal and nearlyhalf of the unfortunate gullible under the treatment of diabetes these days are forcibly diagnosed as diabetic due to the statistical ploy of Prophet Dr. Clique. He also has included a chunk of hyperglycemics above 50 years of age that are in no way connected to classical digestion-system-induced diabetes. Doctors don’t diagnose and prescribe medicines for disease Diabetes these days. The medicosare simply adjusting forcibly through drugs a nonadjustable blood-glucose-level of ours, often injurious, within nonscientific limits fixed by Dr. Clique.


Old-age hyperglycemia is an independent manifestation of anaerobic respirationamong the agedto mitigate the energy and nutrient deficiency in the brain for continuing its activity with same force for a longer time. Additional blood-glucose helps the brain to remain active.The attribute is associated intimately with the activity of invisible psychic bodyand ann (psychic food). Old-age diabetes requires no medication except a modest one for keeping the glucose levelwithin 100 mg/dl  ofosmotic-glucose-normal.




            There was an advertisement of a new drug for Diabetes in October 2016 where a scare-crow planted in a field of medicine was cawing “Fear from the hell you are in, O men!”  The advertisement for the diabetes medicine addressing 380 million global and 60 million Indians states “Diabetes is no less than a slow poison for men; the one falling under its grip meets untimely death losing his health slowly”. I just smiled at it after completing 26 years of a Type -2 Diabetes case without any so called diabetes related symptoms, phobia or complications. Much of the boldness in me was on account of a study of my own case in 2013 (Figure 1), after a continued medication for over a decade. There was also a realization with me, at the same time, that most men are not like me; they are mortally afraid or haunted by the disease. For them, diabetes is a terrible disease threatening every day with onset of blindness, heart problems, kidney failure, bleeding cuts,gangrene etc.


 A year ago, Ihad met an old colleague of mine taking Type-2 drugs along with me in 2005.The man was down.”My blood sugar rose further and oralmedicines became ineffective. I was scared, I may lose my eyes; I am on insulin now”, he told me. My class fellow, a retired professor now, was served by me about 20 grams of milk-rice-sweet on the birthday worship of god Ram a few years ago. He was so much scared and obsessed of blood-sugar that he refused to eat the sacred stuff containing no more than 2 grams of sugar. Another friend, a staunch follower of Dr. Clique, has vowed not to allow the fasting sugar above 110 mg/dl due to diabetes phobia. He suffers with mind and memory problems, reminding me of my multiple spelling mistakes when the brain was sugar-starved during 1981-83 when I had cut the food intake to 600-800 Calories.  Another old man, my relative under medication for diabetes, collapsed and died when hit by hypoglycemic comma, common in diabetes treatmentwith the restrictions on  blood-sugar –  110 (Fasting) and 140 (PP). 


Dr. Clique was, however,in my mind for a very different reason inthe month of June 2016. It was for a sheer envy.Best Indian manager of the last century, Col. S. P. Wahi – author of Leading from the Front– was on tour to a prestigious institute of management for delivering lectures on management. He had asked me to give a talk on the management by confusion, figuring as my major contribution to my past organization (The Gods, p.133). It was three years after I had discovered my big brother, Dr. Clique, as classic player in the art of management by confusion; and a realization had dawned upon me, I’m nowhere close to him. I remain a man; and, he is a prophet of Tyranny. A corporate man feels guilty for his sinful maneuvers sometimes and he prays (Illustration  1); a prophet only cries a slogan or command, his goon caliphs and sultans catechize menforcibly;and, the converts follow him. “Fear from the fires of hell meant for Kafirs on the Day of Judgment” cried some Prophet in the past; and, today his followers die in thousands for Jihad; and, Islam-phobia haunts many minds. So has done Dr. Cliquerecently “Ye shall not allow your blood sugar levels below and above the standards fixed by me; else, the hellish fires will be upon you in the form of blindness, kidney failure…etc etc.” Medicos and medicine firms propagate his sermons and catechize many men as hyperglycemic by the standards of Dr. Clique.Fear prevails over most forced diabetic   converts as exemplified above.Their actsare pushing some them even to death.

Dr. Clique’s act is a text-book example of management by confusion; and, I bring it out here for educating the corporatesegment of our society to envy his success! He is responsible for generating   nearly half of 380 million diabetic heads in the world under his cult even without symptoms of diabetes and a commensurate incomepours in the kitty of his caliphs and sultans.I stand nowhere close to him and my gain is no better than a few paltry bucks.

 A blood test of mine in 1990 revealed that I’m hyperglycemic with fasting sugar 160 mg/dl and post prendial 400.A doctor declared me as diabetic; but, I refused to accept his diagnosis and medication. There were no symptoms of diabetes. I had no excessive hunger, no thirst,noexcessive urination above 2.5 liters, no loss of weight, no slimming, no constipation and no problems of sex organs; and, hence, I had almost no medication till my retirement from the job in 1998.



I was with an optician in connection with changing my specs after retirement.  He noticed a little damage to the retina; and, for me its correlation with hyperglycemia was obvious. Osmotic pressure is an influential element of internal environment (Box 1); and, wide fluctuation in my hyperglycemic blood could be behind it, I had inferred. Test of blood-sugar (Table 1) and some medication to check wild variation in the blood sugar was undertaken; and, the retina got repaired. I tried to refine the control of hyperglycemic medication with arrival of inexpensive blood-glucose monitor when my attention was drawn to wild and sometimes bizarre variations in the blood sugar impossible to account with my non-varying frugal food intake. Not only there were unpredictable wide fluctuations of blood-sugar but also aclear evidence that sleeping state generates and adds sugar in the blood stream in the old age. Old-age-hyperglycemia is unrelated and different from digestive-system-hyperglycemia emerged as a clear conclusion on account of data about the blood-sugar gathered between 2009 and 2016. A large chunk of diabetics includes oldies; and, they may live as carefree as me with this information about the medication for the old.An old person is entitled to mitigate his suffering created unnecessarily by Dr. Clique.The topic is discussed with some details for the fellow men that are needlessly afraid of the diabetes, even though they aren’t diabetics. 



INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: Medium in which body cells are bathed i.e. the intercellular space. In equilibrium with blood-stream, it is normally kept highly constant in composition in respect of osmotic pressure, content of individual ions, acidity and alkalinity and glucose concentrationby sensitive mechanisms which control these conditions in the blood, and hence in the intercellular fluid. Deviations from constancy have rapidly deleterious influence on cells, particularly on brain cells [Dictionary of Biology].

Internal environment has a very crucial role in the treatment old-age-hyperglycemia. Osmotic pressure on account of change in glucose concentration keeps shifting gradually upwards with age and needs careful attention in fixing the postprandial glucose level and medication for fasting sugar. Post prendial sugar level should be within a hundred mg/dl above the osmotic-glucose- normal on the day and the oscillating fasting sugar within in the rangeosmotic-glucose normalcy. Medication should not force it much below this level.

Table 1

Blood sugar & Blood pressure Record

(2002 -2007) 

Date         Fasting   Post Pren.   Blood press. 

03.10.02    201        246              - 

24.03.04                                       140/80 

13.04.04    123                             120/70 

28.06.04         -         213               - 

07.10.04     120          -                   -

14.12.04      -            214               -

14.02.05    224         -                    -

27.06.05     230        -                   -

30. 09. 05   170       -                    -

24.02.06     170        221              -

26.07.06      230     -                  -

22.08.06      122       171              -

22.10.07     116        218             140/82






NOTE There is yet another facet of old-age-hyperglycemia beyond the regime of science, in the domain of consciousness. It surfaced during the analysis of an old I, his anaerobic respiration during sleep, addition of glucose in blood and Prajna (Gods). Consciousness regime and energy gathering function of our invisible psychic body play a role in adding glucose in our body through anaerobic route. This glucose is used often by the psychic body to generate ann(food of consciousness) which is a transferable commodity among psyches. Female is the active player in the psychic domain and male merely a passive exploited being. None except the one in the Purush state can operate freely the psychic system within us and have information about psychic body, its function and energy ganglia (Illustration-2). Chest, belly and liver are the organs where glucose to ann transfer or vice versa takesplace. Withdrawal of ann brings ‘heating’ of these parts and agitation; return generates ‘cooling’ and satiation. Young female shall eat the male through ganglia is the rule in the nature.


Management by Confusion: Case-history of Diabetes mellitus



Management by confusion is an act of creating opportunity to generate, accrete or maximize wealth for one or multiple beneficiaries by formulating a situation which triggers inflow of money from one or many sources tothe beneficiary without any expenditure from the latter enriching the kitty of the recipient. Technically, it is exploiting or tricking, duping or befooling a corporate body, governmental establishment or a group of individuals where a definite escape route exists for the one implementing the management.


 Earliest Indian example of the management by confusion is Prime Minister Nehru of a bygone era. Dr. Kothari was explaining to him about the requirement of a grant for development of solid-state-physics that was to be discussed in the parliament; and, he noted that Prime Minister was not paying due attention towards his technical discussion though he kept smiling. Dr. Kothari redoubled his effort to convince him by renewed effort and moved into the details till he heard from the parliamentarian “Don’t worry your grant will be passed by the parliament without any discussion. Some members know something about physics in the parliament but there is none who understands difference between physics and solid-state-physics. Who will discuss this topic there?” Nehru knew the worth of minds among the then parliamentarians. Kothari availed without any problems what he wanted; credit goes to Nehru’s knowledge about the folk around him in the parliament and their gullibility for accepting his managerial skill. Not a single penny was spent in the exercise when money poured in the kitty of the scientist. Management by confusion has same elements in the case history of diabetes too discussed here. Of its three corner stones, one is occupied by manager Dr. Clique; the second by his medico beneficiaries, drug industry and electronic gadget makers; and, at the third stand 380 million exploited men as much ignorant about the difference between diabetes and hyperglycemia as past Indian parliamentarians’ acumen to differentiate between physics and solid-state-physics.


 My knowledge of the recently matured situation of management by confusion in the medical industry was an accidental hit in 2013 while I was chasing the irregular fluctuations of my blood sugar for fixing necessary medicines. However, before we touch the details of the topic, here is a sample reflecting the education being imparted these days to the gullible public by the two recipient cornerstones “Diabetes is a state wherein blood-sugar increases either by lower secretion of insulin or its improper use in the body. This way, when thelevel of glucose in the body rises above the normal, the altered condition is called Diabetes. Recommended blood-sugar limits by Doctors/Diabetes Association: Low glucoselevel–less than 70 mg/dl; Normal glucose levels –fasting 81 – 110 mg/dl & post prendial 110- 140 mg/dl; High glucose level– more than 140 mg/dl. Recommended times for testing glucose level 8 times a day:  1- before breakfast, 2-two hours afterbreakfast, 3 - before lunch, 4- two hours after lunch,  5-before dinner, 6- two hours after  dinner, 7 – before bedtime, and 8- 2Am or 3Am.” The last looks all crazy and maddening, I feel. Who can have peace of mind while pricking eight times a day upon his fingers including one in the wee hours; but, behind the education program for the public, one aspect of Dr. Clique’s management by confusion is obvious: diabetesas disease is no more in the picture; it has moved from mellitus (honeyed) stateto a blood-sugar state; and, the latter must fit into the ‘normal -zone’parameters defined by Dr. Clique irrespective of the requirements of the normal internal environment as established  statistically by  the glucose normal defined in the textbooks of physiology or biology (80 to 180 normal & 80-120 fasting).


Dr. Clique’s normal parameters of hyperglycemia have nothing to do with the standard statistical parameters for human species. His strategy and success is commendable!It reverses the best known irreversible axiom: fire is there, fume is where. Fire exists without fume quite often. In the game is his admirable achievement:  blood-sugar is there, diabetesis where displays exactly similar behavior in nature; many hyperglycemia-men have non-honeyed urine. But, the existing version of medical axiom ‘diabetes is there hyperglycemia is where’ is  being now run successfullyby Dr. Clique and his caliph medicos and sultans - gadget-making  companies - are all adding a feather to his cap of management by confusion.  And, here,I discovered in 2013, lies the master stroke of Dr. Clique to maximize the earning of the recipient sector by multi-folds byincreasing diabetic heads without spending a penny by the latter.


Addition of whopping numbers:


          I was chasing my perplexing fasting-blood-sugar situation of high fluctuations in early 2013 although my food intake had remained constant for no less than 15 years – breakfast: 300 Calories, lunch: 800 Calories and supper: 250 to 300 Calories with modest sugar intake. To understand the problem, which was thought due to psychic inputs, I put the data on a graph (Narration – 1; Figures1, 2). The Figures displayed, very clearly, the implication of Dr. Clique’s act of reducing the text-book statistical normal  of fasting blood sugar  from 80-120 to 80-110  and PP from 180 to 140 without any scientific study. The graphs showed a drastic fall in the normal-blood-sugar days when the parameter is shifted from 120 mg/dl to 110 mg/ dl and 180 to 140 mg/dl (Table 2). I was also aware that an experiencedpracticing physician attaches no value to Dr. Clique’s maneuver. On the occasion of my cataract operation, a doctor had issued a fitness certificate in 2007 about mythen blood-sugar readings116 (fasting) and 218 (pp) “Blood-sugar under reasonable control &cataract surgery can be undertaken (25.10.07).”


Medicos have  two faces was clear on the day the physician issued  a go ahead certificate  for operation of a  delicate  organ eye even though my blood sugar was 218. One, abundantly greedy Dr. Clique’s,promoting the management by confusion for the industry; and, the other, an experienced medico  still holding on to conventional parameters;  and,  convinced through experience that Clique’s  values of  hyperglycemia have nothing to do with diabetes as a disease in practice. Still more important, however, is a universal acceptance of blood-sugar level as standard for discerning diabetic state currently.



Data generated by the two figures shows that the total number of days (basic data) and I remaining invariable, there is a positive shift in the number of hyperglycemic days when an artificial, baseless change is made in the statistical parameters for the management by confusion. In the case under consideration, the days and heads are interchangeable. A singular me may be replaced by as many heads as days, and the days turned into one. The changed equation makes obvious the trick of Dr. Clique. He has added over one-third head in the number of diabetic people world over. About 130 million additional heads are made available to the medical community to fleece them for profit. There is hardly any comparison between Dr. Clique and me. I triggered billions through management by confusion; and,he plays with trillions of dollars for his fraternity and clients.


Table 2

Figure           Parameter        Sugar-Normal days   Hypergly.days         Total days          % Increase of Hypergl. days


1                    F-120                            22                           17                         39

                      F-110                            10                           29                         39                                  31

2                    F- 120                           36                             6                         42              

                      F-110                            32                           10                         42                                    9

                      PP-180                         34                             9                          42          

                      PP-160                         25                            17                         42

                      PP-140                           7                            35                         22                                  62

                                                                                                                                                     Average    34 %                 


Narration – 1


I noticed that value of my fasting sugar was moving upwards   very fast from 108 on February 26th to 233 on March 8 through steps 153 (28.2), 196 (1.3), 176 (2.3) and 161(3.3).  The change was perplexing because neither the food nor the medicine had changed. I had to wait for over three months   for tapering of the high sugar phase to a long normalcy down to 119 on May 14  passing through 209 (12.3), 2011(22.3) and 236 (8.45AM 31.3). On the last date uneasiness had woke me up in wee hours; I suspected sugar-low; but the reading of my glucose monitor was 183; event didn’t disturb my sleep. I woke up to discover a surprise – the fasting sugar value was 33 units higher even without taking a drop of water after 2AM.


The sugar level kept sliding down further till I was hit by with a sugar-low a week later at 2 AM of 19.5.13; I took  2 tea spoon of sugar; and the morningblood sugar level was 86.    Surge of sugar in the blood commenced again and the fasting sugar was 146 on May 20; in moved in oscillating pattern till reaching stability between June 22 and 28 between 113 and 115.


 On the bottomed-sugar- day I planned to monitor the variation closely during expected cyclical rise for checking and understanding: a- can these changes be monitored by an activated psychic system in me?; b- exact trend of cyclic blood-sugar variation before a long-term normalcy sets in; and, c- where lies exactly the expected osmotic-glucose- normalcy of my internal environment in the fluctuating regime of blood sugar operating within my body. The then  data plot (Fig. 1) revealed: a- the psychic organs of the head and chest don’t reveal the fluctuating blood-sugar changes; b – the blood sugar high of 233 had move down to long low-sugar- phase (113-115mg/dl)  through a series of pulsations lasting for 106 days on account of a physiological osmotic- drag-zone (Box2)  pulling the higher and lower values towards it till these stabilize around 114±1 mg/dl  from 22.6.13 to 28.6.13; and, c-  the osmotic-glucose- normalcy of mybody(115±10 mg/dl) lay very close to the lower and upper boundaries of the drag-zone. It could form upper and lower limits of the osmotic-glucose- normalcy-zone of my body.


Analysis of data also brought out that events of above 200 mg/dl were fewer and short lived – only two during a period of over three months, these were manageable through skipping the lunch at worst. I felt happy at my conclusion. Now, I could plan the food and medicine further to live with peace in future.


Understanding in the mind of the third cornerstone


            In the exploitation of the humanity by Dr. Clique, I stand at the third corner stone with other 380 million men – cheated and fleeced by the management by confusion of Dr. Clique at the first cornerstone; the drug industry and gadget makers areat the second. I find the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes is neither medical, nor scientific nor biological; and, yet most of us are being exploited and many of us are paying through nose when old. It is all because the diagnosis of diabetes as a disease with specific symptoms is set aside now.I refused to take medicines for nearly ten years, after being declared as diabeticby medicos on the basis of hyperglycemia; but, my certificate   for the eye operation was issued not by absence of symptoms of diabetes in me but by the artificially tied values of blood-glucose with diabetes and followed these days by medical fraternity to exploit 380 million human beings in an all out cheating.It is all a cunning maneuver to fix the base-level of hyperglycemia at 140 mg/dl when the Dictionary of Biology regards the human glucose-normal levelas 80 to 180 mg/dl. The last value can only be altered, for hyperglycemia, through statistical procedures not by Dr. Clique and his coterie for fleecing the ignorant through medication.The same condition applies also to old-age-hyperglycemia population where position of glucose-normalcy-zone for each individual shifts with age.  Dr. Clique is unaware about a bird called homeostasis which derogates  the idea of a constant osmosis  in our lives throughout. Osmotic pressure – an important component of homeostasis – keeps changing with age as seen in figure 6. It is sheer Nero-mania   to attempt to drag down the fasting osmotic-drag-zoneof 170+ at 80 years of age to 110 through medication recommended by Dr. Clique. This act by medicos deleteriously damages the brain and nervous system in an aged but followed because Dr. Clique and his team are 007s – licensed to kill.


Scarecrow cawing


Many advertisements scare persons unnecessarily in a tradition started by prophets on the lines “Fear the fires of hell created for the kafirs on the Day of Judgment.” There are only two sets of ailments related directly to hyperglycemia. One, related to poor utilization of insulin   in the tissues that wasgenerated for‘burning’ glucose in the tissues; and, the other, damage of the delicate tissues like capillaries of retina due to high osmotic pressure difference in the internal environment. Others are doubtful correlatives. I have suffered from a non-healing abscess of mine dragging for two and half years, some 50 years ago, when there was no trace of high sugar. As an old-age diabetic I developed blood-thickening and clotting in leg-muscles swelling my legs like balloons in 1997 (The Gods. P.102); mythen boss had the same problem though a non-diabetic. Both were using blood-thinning medicines. He died after two years due to kidney failure while I survive till date. Where stands the correlation of kidney failure and diabetes in the present case?  Only thing common between the two was old age; and that alone could be blamed, not the diabetes. Scarecrow of Dr. Medico is not worth heeding; there are multiple reasons behind a disease and to correlate many of them with diabetes or hyperglycemia is untenable. 



Box 2


Osmosis, Osmotic Drag Zone and Osmotic Glucose Normalcy Zone


            When a solution of, say, sugar in water is separated from pure water by a membrane permeable to water but not to sugar, water passes from membrane into the solution. This movement of water is osmosis. Application of pressure on the sugar solution stops the flow of water at a critical level called osmotic pressure. In internally adjusted fluid regimein each person called internal environment, formed by the cellsand intercellular space around (Box-1), gross osmotic pressure is near zero; his body fluid lies in balanced state in the internal environment. Our body has three set of organs and tissues to help balance osmotic pressure in a diabetic’s internal environment. First, a circulatory system that picks up nutrients, sugars and medicines from intestine and other organs including insulin from pancreas for  interacting to ‘burn’  sugar  within  a couple of  hours  after ingestion of  foodfor normalizing  the   internal environment; second, tissues wherein the circulatory system of heart, arteries, capillaries and veins ‘bathe’ each cell with nutrients for their energy requirement; and, third a watery fluid carrier or lymphatic system which collects fluid in its network of capillaries in the tissues just like circulatory system and pushes it back in the veins  to run the body with minimum wastage of water.


Sugar enters in the body from intestine and reaches to body tissues through heart, arteries and capillaries.Water moves due to osmotic pressure from lymphatic capillaries to tissues to capillaries. An osmotic pressure gradient is created for short time, therefore, between capillaries of arteries and lymphatic system.  But as the sugar burns in the tissues through oxidation aided by the impact of insulin, the misbalanced state of osmotic pressure recedes between lymphatic and circulatory systems, balancing the internal environment within hours. This is a routine feature repeating day after day. But, when the blood-sugar is oscillating highly in cycle, as in figures 1- 4, its final adjustment takes days.  During such situation the highest and lowest values move day by day towards normalcy (internal environment)  as if these are  being dragged,  between the slowly moving  drag-forcing-lines below and above to a narrow Osmotic-drag-zone  (Fig. 1) wherein the osmotic pressure is equal to that of internal environment.  A narrow Osmotic-Glucose- Normalcy-Zonemarks the longest duration within 20 mgrange that contains maximum points of an oscillating- sequence till its termination in a stable state (between dates 22-28 June in Fig. 1).. Usually, a long duration balanced internal environment is absent in old-age-diabetics.






Old-age hyperglycemia unrelated to digestive system-generated-glucose


Prevailing concept about diabetes in the medical fraternity has three constants: first, it is tied only with a metabolic activity of the digestive system including digestive tract, pancreas, liver and insulin as textbooks of human physiology teach; the second, only Dr. Clique’s lower limits of hyperglycemia, not the top of the observed glucose-normal in the humans species  as determined through statistics, shall fix the diagnosis for diabetes and medication irrespective of positive or negative symptoms of disease; and, third,  the  base sugar-level of Dr. Clique’s  hyperglycemia (140 mg/dl)  remains fixed for all ages. There is no scope of considering osmotic-glucose-normal, changing with age, and an adjusting homeostasis.Old-age hyperglycemia doesn’t follow any ofthe criteria fixed by Dr. Clique. It is seen that a part of the sugar in the old age is generated in the muscular tissue independent of digestive system;second, medication adhering to the artificial limit fixed by Dr. Clique turned out to be a possible killer in the case of my old relative, and in probably innumerable such cases of Old-age-hyperglycemia where the osmotic-glucose- normal remains 50 or more points above his normalcy at 110 mg/dl.


Old age has symptoms common to all during seventies. Here is a recapitulation of what happened with my body while I live through seventies.There is almost no change in the body weight and general brain function.  But, the strength of the muscles has decreased and physiological system is down by five times. I could mow my lawn with minor breaks up to ten minutes when seventy but feeling exhausted just after two minutes while struggling to push the lawn mower when 77. A slowing from 10 minutes strenuous work has now reached to mere 2minutes. The degeneration of leg and hand muscles looks much more obvious. Calf and thigh muscles have softened and the arms have slimmednow. The heart also, as a muscle organ, has lost energy and vigor; pulse rate was 56 in an average of 17 readings of blood-pressure-monitor on July 7-8, 20013 in comparison to 73±2 during my sixties. Chest muscles and diaphragm too have weakened resulting into a shallower breath now, forcing exhaustion in two minutes due to lack of oxygen in blood stream to support longer muscular activity using aerobic respiration route. There is no complaint about digestive system. It is running fine, possibly because my regular food intake is very low – around 300 Calories breakfast + 800 Cal.lunch + 300 Calories supper. The typical situation at 77 years of age is a non-recession of activity of brain, which was consuming almost one fourth of the body-nutrients in sixties and continues with almost same energy consumption even at this age.


A major problem of old-age is misbalanced state of nutrient for physiological requirement of the internal environment in an ageing body. Bain requires almost same energy as in young and an aging body cannot provide it.  There is also a realization: my brain has not degenerated as much as other body tissues; and, it is successfully maintaining all the nutrient requirements for my vital organs besides for itself for sustaining me as a physiologically controlled active mammalian body without degeneration of mygood health fast. How the brain is managing the energy requirement of my body when the intake of food is constant and there isn’t a proportionate change in the body weight but the oxygen and nutrient supply are cut severely due to ageing?  The answer to the above question is most simple: by adding glucose in the blood stream to compensate the shortfall of the nutrients and increasing it gradually with age to maintain the osmotic balance of the internal environment. A progressive change in the fasting glucose concentration of blood, as available from the readings of the glucose- monitor, confirms it amply (Chart 1, Figures 3, 4). The blood-glucose levels – both stable and fluctuating – show a shift of the base-line between 2013 and 16 towards higher concentration. A seven year average also brings out clearly a shift in the osmotic-glucose-normal form 105 mg/dl to 155 mg/dl between 70 and 77 years of mine (Figure 5).With the addition of years in the age after 72 years the blood-sugar-addition accelerates pretty fast (Fig.6).


Look at emergent plight of mine if I heeded to the advice of Dr. Medico under instruction of Dr. Clique for insulin-injections. I shall beliving through tearing pressure on my internal environment adjusted now with the glucose-normal of 155 mg/dl when brought to 95 mg/dl as they have done it with my older colleague. Both are ignorant and unaware that the blood-glucose, in the ageing men, is not generated wholly by the digestive system; there is also another mechanism among the mammals to augment the sugar in the ageing for the physiological requirements.Under their medication, many an old run the risk of deleterious pressures on the brain and even a bright chance to follow the journey my relative undertook for the other world a few years ago.



Chart -1


A: Blood-sugar Pattern Data (Figs. 1, 3)


(Fasting Blood-sugar Values in mg/dl and dates)


May-June 2013


May: 119 (14), 97(15), 72 (16), 120 (17), 93 (18), 86 (19), 146 (20), 109 (21), 171 (24), 179 (25)125(26), 149(29). 

June:  107(01), 124 (10), 99 (14), 143 (18),135 (20), 113 (22&25),115 (28)


July 2014:165 (21), 178 (22), 113(23).


December 2015 – January 2016


        December:   163 (16), 160 (17), 161 (18), 141(20), 64 (29), 127 (21), 186 (22), 215 (23),319(24), 222     (25), 155 (26), 105 (27), 169 (28),64 (29), 114 (30)


       January:  104 (1), 114 (5), 117 (6).


July –August 2016


July:174 (20), 173 (21), 136 (22), 152 (23), 132 (24),191 (26), 224 (27), 236 (28),  183 (29)   146 (30),136 (31).


August: 119 (1), 153 (3), 141(4), 149 (5), 136, (6).


B: Routine Blood-sugar Data (Fig. 4)


(Fasting Blood-sugar Values in mg/dl and dates)


March 2012: 102 (14), 124 (15), 104 (18), 107 (19), 130 (20),  116 (21).


September 2013: 84 (3), 90 (4), 110 (9),  121 (10), 152 (11),  126 (12), 98 (16),95 (19).


September 2015: 89 (3),  125 (4), 134 (5), 177 (8), 174 (9), 137 (10), 132 (11), 127 (12), 137 (14), 105 (15), 135 (16),  121 (18).


October 2016: 173 (11), 152 (12), 147 (13) 174 (15),  153 (16), 147 (17), 153 (18), 181 (19),    


  176 (20), 155 (21),  131 (22).


C: 7 Year Profile Blood-sugar Data (Fig. 5)


(Average Blood-sugar Values in mg/dl and mid-date-days with ref. to 0 date)


1: 2009: 82 (3-11), 82 (4-11), 100 (5-11), 113 (6-11) 144 (10-11), 109 (12-11) 105 (-54)


2: 2010:  81 (3- 2), 105 (4-2), 126 (5-2) è104 (+35)   |||   [@ 105 (+282)]


3: 2010: 147 (27-3), 147 (28-3), 89 (30-3), 120 (31-3), 127 (4-4), 140 (5-4) 128 (+ 92)


4: 2010: 106 (18-9), 96 (24), 92 (3-10), 72 (8-10), 122 (14-10), 118 (25-10) 123 (26-10), 110 (28-10)


5: 2011: 151 (22-3),  119 (23-3), 117 (24-3),105 (25-3), 115 (26-3), 136 (7-4)   123 (+453)


6: 2011: 153 (20-9), 167 (21-9), 139 (25-9), 81 (1-10), 114 (3-10), 135 (5-10), 100 (6-10) 127 (637)


7: 2012: 102 (14-3) 124 (15), 104 (18), 107 (19), 130 (20), 116 (21)  122 (+809)   ||   [#:106 (1837)]


8: 2012: 161 (6-9), 136 (7-9), 99 (8-9), 156 (14-9), 122 (17-9), 148 (23-9), 146 (24-9) 141 (1010)|@


9: 2013:135 (24-2), 137 (25-2), 108 (26-2), 153 (28-2), 196 (1-3), 176 (2-3), 161 (3-3), 233 (8-3), 209 (12-3) 168 (1158)  |||       


10: Sept. 213:  same as under B 112 (1346)


11:2014: 161 (20-3), 136 (24-3),150 (25-3), 123 (2-4), 114 (3-4), 131 (6-4), 136 (1553)


12: 2014: 114 (20-8), 122 (21-8), 146 (22-8), 88 (23-8), 124 (24- 8), 98 (25-8)  115 (1696)


13: 2014-15: 114 (30-12-14), 108 (6-1-15), 89 (9-1),114 (13-1), 120 (14-1), ,87(15-1),110 (19-1) #


14: 2015: 164 (27-5), 152 (28-5), 131 (29-5), 89 (2-6),  99 (3-6),  97 (5-6)  122 (1979)


15: 2015 December:  Same as under A 157 (2186)


16: 2016:105 (21-2), 139 (23-2), 129 (29-2), 157 (3-3), 119 (4-3), 136 (12-3), 152 (16-3) 134 (2253)


17: 2016 October:Same as under B 154 (2482).







           Alimentary canal generated glucose is an important source of nutrients in all ages. However, in the old age when systems slow down, activity of brain continues at the same pace and aerobic respiration declines or slows, hyperglycemiais an asset for the ageing body and brain as a new source of nutrients. It nourishes the delicate tissues of the body like eyes, brain and kidney by supplying them nutrients when oxygen generated energy recedes and glycolysis becomes its partial substitute in an ageing body (Box-3). Althoughobservationis single, it is worth putting on record in context with positive impact of old-age-hyperglycemia for health of kidneys in my boss and I(case referred in foregoing page). Hewas a non-hyperglycemic and died; and, I survived the old-age-blood-thickening medication affecting the kidneys. Isn’t a helping hand of hyperglycemia which helped my survival? The process of generation of glucose is spontaneous and not under our control. It was observed by me long ago that sugar had been added to my blood stream on certain dates and my effort to check it just failed (Narration 2).


Box – 3

Pumping in air in the lungs and throwing it out, absorbing oxygen and giving away carbon-dioxide makes the typical process of aerobic respiration among us. It is also undertaken in our body on cellular scale involving use of oxygen with a set of enzymes to ‘burn’ glucose and giving away carbon dioxide for generating energy in Krebs cycle. In the cycle, an enzyme controlled reaction breaks down pyruvic acid for energy into carbon dioxide and adenosine-tri-phosphate (ATP).


Under deprivation of oxygen due to prolonged exertion or old-age shallow breathing, however, our muscle cells undertake an anoxic route of glycolysis for energy-generation, though scanty in amount. In this process, glucose is broken down into two molecules of pyruvate without any requirement of oxygen. This broken down pyruvate, when reaching the liver through blood stream, changes again to glucose at the cost of six molecules of ATP. Glucose, thus, does not ‘burn’ during old-age-anoxia while the ATP formed under Krebs cycle and in the mitochondria of liver cells alone gets consumed to add additional glucose in the body. The newly acquired anaerobic respiration among ageing introduces, thus, a new nutrient to his energy-starving tissues; and, the new nutrient source is unrelated to digestion. This also means, hence, an accelerated hyperglycemia with ageing.



Narration – 2


             Occasional addition of sugar in the blood was evident pretty early in a case (17-18.2.10) when evening meal was taken with one and  half tablets of medicine (=750 mg metformin + 3mg glimepride) at a sugar level of  68 mg/dl, and some sinking down of sugar was expected in the fasting-sugar next morning. But, the fasting sugar level in the morning was an unexpected –   169mg/dl (Table- 3). In the other case of 9.9.15 uneasiness awoke me at 2.30 AM; blood sugar read 140; but, the fasting sugar was 174 at 8.30 AM.  The case was that of a definite generation and addition of blood-sugar while I was in deep sleep. Nothing except anaerobic respiration can explain this addition of sugar in my body.A much smaller addition of sugar overnight was also evident in the two cases when Post Prendial readings were taken after the suppers of 15. 12. 15 and 5. 10. 16.  The blood-glucose levels in the two cases were expected only to fall till morning next (Table-3: Q, Ø). Insteadthere were additions of glucose to the PP level of evenings, though insignificant; merely 1 and 3 mg/dl as Table- 3 shows.  A third occasion in my case relates to my attempt to cut down the sugar level through fasting and was watching helplessly that  medicines didn’t work in cutting down the  sugar level even though I was missing meals. The paradox was fascinating. At 7.30 PM of 22.7.16   my glucose level was 214. Missed the supper   but took 250 mg metaformin .+ 1mg glimepride dose to cut down the fasting sugar  further; fasting sugar next morning was  152 in place of expected  100± 10.Then again, no breakfast , but a tablet of glimepride 1mg + a cup of sugarless coffee, expecting some sliding down of my P Pglucose. Contrary to the expectation, the blood sugar rose to 164 mg/dl in place of moving down.


Anaerobic respiration alone can explain above anomalous variation of the blood sugar. It was mostly during the night but even days with increased activity like morning walk did not break the cycle of anaerobic respiration and generation of glucose in the last instance. It makes a sense only if we take into account intense glucose-requirement of my living system starving of nutrients in the old age just because I undertook the fasting to regulate sugar. There were not enough glucosenutrients in my body to sustain my physical self in proper healthwhen the phenomenon was occupying a night-day slotas I went for fasting to cut down the sugar level further.My physiological system continued with anaerobic respiration and consequential glucose generation and hyperglycemia to maintain my health instead of choosing to drain the nutrient through Krebs cycle.


Internal environment within each of us is both sensitive and sensible to judge, and acts for the best state of health. Which of the ‘sugar-burning though Krebs cycle’ or ’Hyperglycemiaandglycolysis’ cycles suits for the energyin the body is determined bythe internal environment. The latter requirement was asserted my internal environment and acted accordingly in the case above.Hyperglycemia, thus, forms an essential element of Old-age-physiological requirement.


Cutting down sugar to Dr. Clique’s fence of fasting blood-sugar- normal to 110 mg/dl is no less than murdering slowly   an old man with high sugar normalcy of 155 mg/dl if carried out by a professional doctor in such situations due toemanating ignorance of Dr. Clique his Caliphs and Sultans about phenomenon of  a large shift of homeostasis among aged.





             Reproduced here is the material from a Text Book of Physiology (E. Babsky et al.)to make fellow old men aware that heavens don’t fall in the treatment of their diabetes. Human body, like any other mammal,sheds away the osmotic-pressure substance when the osmotic pressure rises suddenly; and, the internal environment is not severely affected in our body. There is nothing to get scared about fatal fears haunting an oldie eating food with fear and trying to adjust with the blood-glucose fences of Dr. Clique though eight readings of glucose-monitor every day. Implications and problems of temporary and marginal shift in the routine of medication or minor abstention from food or medicines get covered under a biological phenomenon called homeostasis.Stability of chemical composition and physico-chemical activity of the internal environment among us is controlled by homeostasis. 



Higher animals have developed adaptations that counteract many of the influences of external environment that provide relatively stable conditions of existence for the cells. This has the greatest importance for its vital activity as a whole. The cells of an organism function normally only under relatively stable osmotic pressure conditions by constant content of electrolytes and water in them. An increase or decrease of osmotic pressure may produce severe functional and structural disturbances in the cells, but the organism as a whole can live for some time. After an excess intake of water causing a fall in the electrolyte concentrationof blood and osmotic low, water is removed from the body fast through urination and sweating and the concentration of electrolyte normalized. Deficient intake of water is also balanced by excretory organs through controlling the electrolyte level in the blood-fluid.


Cells, nerve cells in particular, are very sensitive to changes in the blood-sugar-level, sugar being an important nutrient. Stability of the blood-sugar-level is of great significance to life processes. With the rise of sugar-level in the blood a polysaccharide glycogen is synthesized from it and stored in the liver and muscles. In the fall of the blood-sugar-level glycogen is broken down into glucose that passes in the blood. (Firmament won’t fall on earth when glucose-monitor reading is not taken eight times a day).


The stability of the composition, physico-chemical  and biological activities of the internal environment, it must be stressed that this state is not absolute, but relative and dynamic, and is achieved  by participation of a number of organs and tissues regulating variations in the composition and physico-chemical properties of internal medium. Homeostasis takes a primary role in the management of hyperglycemia among the old who generate a new food due to emergence of anaerobic respiration and addition of extra glucose in the blood stream, in smaller quantities initially but accelerating fast in late seventies and eighties. The dynamic nature of homeostasis is seen, as we discuss in the following text. In the increment of the glucose level in the body with age and  a corresponding upwards moving osmotic-glucose-normal in old men is normal in nature.


Enigmatic Homeostasis Shift among the Old


Indications that glucose is generated in sleeping state and well known principle of conversion glucose into glycogen as first order food  stored in the body to be converted into energy either through oxidation orglycolysis among the old brings  a major question to fore. Why is it needed merely by 1 or 2% hyper glycemic oldies in the human population while 98 % of the  men can sustain their physical self in old age only with the food eaten by them? It is also seen that glucose level accelerates with progressive ageing. Homeostasishas shiftedthe osmotic- glucose-normalcy-zone and equivalent osmotic pressure in the internal environment of mine as my age moved from 70 years to 77 years. The shift amounts to 50 mg/dl equivalent of glucose (Fig. 6). But,why is this additional requirement of nutrients when ageing cuts down the use of Calories due slowing down of biologicalactivity? An additional question also follows.Is there a method to quantify or, at least, guess the amount of this primary food being generated and consumed by me – a hyperglycemic old man – as suggested by steep rise and fall of glucose levels in Figure 3?


We may tackle the last question first, at least approximately. My weight, an individual in analysis, is around 65 kilograms; the bones and organic matter may be around 15 Kilograms and water content 50 kilograms. 1mg/dl glucose means 10 mg of sugar in a water-mass of 1 kg and for 50 kg weight of water in me, it works out as half a gram increment with every addition of 1 mg/dl glucose. For the surge of glucose level in December 2015, from 141 (20.12) to 319 (24.12) in four days addition of glucose works out approximately the half of the difference between the two figures (89)x0.5 g x 4 days = 222.5gram. And, the generated glucose thereafter either burns or turns into glycogen as it declines to 64 mg /dl (29.12), first to its build-up-level and then further down by 77 mg/dl. The amount, now depleting from the body, could also be quantified approximately in the same way. The procedure would also be followed for the other cases as well as the elderly population showing large scale variation in their glucose level.


Most astounding outcome after the calculation is a paradox. This amount of additional sugar cannot be generated in four days in my body as surplus-calorie-intake as my food intake is constant; nor, can its fast degradation from 319 to 64 in five days is  accountable because of my non-strenuous, isolated  life-style. Glucose’ arrival and departure do not relate to my physical body is absolutely clear from this exercise.


In the situation above, peaking up of sugar on the fourth day, coinciding with on my solstice Hom (Fire ritual and massive transfer of ann or psychic food to gods after which the ritualistic gets exhausted due to loss of energy moving away from him to the gods) and then falling to nadir in other five days as if more ann has been drawn by the gods from me, than I had generated as blood-sugar. The case reflects same conditions as seen in 2013 or 2016 (Narration -3); and, hence, not an unusual phenomenon of nature among old persons. Very large variations of blood-sugar among hyperglycemic old people have nothing much to do with physical human body or its maintenance.  These are related to movement ann to gods through their mediums (me in this case).


It falls beyond the scope of this work to dwell about the topic except putting here the principle related to ingestion of ann among psychically elevated living men, goddesses and god: Assur god’s men (Prophets and Tantrists, Tyrants) eat cattle men’s consciousness as ann  by robbing their happiness through fear and torture; goddesses eat Assur through sex; luminous gods gather their ann from respect of noble men and  ritualistic (like me);   goddesses pair with gods for neutralizing mutually their charged ann;  and, God of gods eats ann  from all of them in Prajna.  Consciousness ganglia (Illustration - 2) have key role in energy transfer between the mediums of gods and goddesses. Many old men and women are the mediums of gods and goddesses; and, they are unaware of this fact known only to their psyches controlling the subconscious.




Evening to Morning blood-sugar variation


A:  17.2.10 Even. 68  à  18.2.10 F 169 >+ 101

No data between 18.2.10 and 12.1.14

B:  12.1.14 Even. 152  à  13.1.14 F 152 > -73

C:  14.1.14 Even. 152  à 15.1.14 F 169 > -91

D:  23.1.14 Even.210  à25.1.14 F 108 > -102

E:  30.6.14 Even.228 à1.7. 14 F 98 > -130

F:  1.7.14 Even.248 à2.7. 14 F 127 > -121

G:  20.8.14 Even.151 à21.8. 14 F 122 > -29

H: 23.8.14 Even.151 à24.8. 14 F 124 > -27

I:  18.12.14 Even.208 à19.12. 14 F 133 > -75

J:  19.12.14 Even.223 à20.12. 14 F 101 > -121

K:  25.2.14 Even.203 à26.12. 14 F 150 > -53

L: 10.2.15 Even.182 à11.2. 15 F 144 > -35

M: 10.6.15 Even.1139 à11.6. 15 F 112 > -27

N: 7.9.15 Even.226 à8.9. 15 F 177 > -49

O:  9.9.15 2.30 AM 140 à9.9. 15 F 174 > +34

P: 18.9.15 Even.131 à19.9. 15 F 97 > -34

Q: 15.12.15 Even.162*à16.12. 15 F 163 > +1

R: 17.12.15 Even.255 à18.12. 15 F 161 > -94

S: 23.12.15 Even.211 à24.12. 15 F 315 > +104

T: 24.12.15 Even. 275 à25.12. 15 F 221 > -54

U: 25.12.15 Even.275 à26.12 15 F 155 > -119

V: 26.12.15 Even. 307 à 2.12 15 F 105 > -202

 W: 4.1.16 Even. 221à 5.1. 16 F 114 > - 107

X:  22.3.16 Even. 126 à23.3. 16 F 157 > +31

Y: 19.7.16 Even. 195 à 20.7.16 F 174 > -21

Z: 23.7.16 Even.  97 à24.7. 16 F 132 > +35

α:26.7.16 Even. 234à27.7. 16 F 224> - 10

µ:27.7.16 Even. 237à 28.7. 16 F 236 > - 1

þ: 4.8.16 Even. 129 à 5.1. 16 F 149 > +20

Ø: 5.8.16 Even. 131* à6.8.16 F 136> +5

ö:11.8.16 Even. 168 à12.8. 16 F 137 > -31

* post-prendalvalue25: substituted for 24


>40: AS (2); 40-0: O,QXZþ,Ø (6)= 8. +:-::8:23

> - 80: CDEFJRUVW (9); 80-40:BIKNRT (6); 40-0:  GHLP Y αµö (8) = 23.   Total 31

Evening readings mostly   between 7&9PM



Trend of Ann Acquisition among the Old

             The circadian rhythm operating over all of us covers many activities including nutrient gathering. Here, the days are for awaken conscious body; and, the nights for unseen psyche or subconscious psychic body within each of us. A statistical tool was considered useful in understanding the activity and increasingstrength of psychic body with age.


             It was by plotting the ratio between morning (Fasting) and   previous evening blood-sugars (mostly pre-prendial) against time in the time-unit of days and tie up of the days with age. Principle used here takes the digestion rate and glucose generation in the body as constant (approximately), and the time gap between lunch and Pre-supper sugar-level and the supper and fasting glucose as double. In a normal situation, then, the fasting sugar: pre-supper glucose would be half or 0.5.  In case ratio is less than half, it will reflect the generation of glucose during nocturnal part of circadian rhythm when physical body is inactive, intake of oxygen drops, anaerobic respiration sets in and psyche’s activity rules the body system.Data about evening and next morning blood sugars was collated between 2014 and 2016 (Table 3) and ratio plotted on a graph (Figure7). The tool can be used by other hyperglycemic olds too to infer this information about the quantum of glucose –generation during sleep, activity of the psychic body and measuring the activity year after year.


It is seen that in the present case of, between 74 and 77 years, there are   only three occasions when morning: evening ratio sinks below 0.5 suggesting normal or  younger age physiological activity of aerobic respiration.  Total duration of such a normal activity is just around 10% of the total days from January 12, 2014 to August 11, 2016.  For the rest of the period, subconscious psychic self generates more nutrients during the sleep than the body consumes.  Also, with the fifth month of seventy sixth years psychic activity intensifies. Now, the psychic nutrient (ann) generation overtakes that of the physical self; and, it dominates the physical nutrient within a month of 77th year (ratio 0.9 to 1.5+).   Hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus are bound to be permanent feature in such an old agewhere a second source of ann (food) comes into existence in the body due to anaerobic respiration. However, it doesn’t create a malady anymore because the situation reflects a normal biological activity.Just a new source of excretal matter – glucose – is formed; and, it has to be drained out of the body because adding glucoseis no more useable by the internal environment.


 When aerobic respiration subdues orrecedes in the body in the old age   Krebs cycle of aerobic respiration prevailing in the younger age dwindles. As the aerobic respiration is replaced by the anaerobic one, there is a large scale shift in the homeostasis and osmotic pressure of internal environment of the human body. A part of the nutrient doesn’t come from the food of the digestive system entering into the body as glucose. The available glucose from the digestive system takes to glycolysis for generating anaerobic energy in the muscular tissue  through route: glucose à glycolysis à2 mol. pyruvate  + energy;pyruvate à blood stream à liver entry àcells loaded with mitochondria (ATP); Pyruvate + 6 mol ATP = glucoseàblood stream à muscular tissue. Thus the anaerobic respiration of old age doesn’t allow destruction of sugar in the blood but keeps it adding day by day through digestion.This leads to: enrichment of the internal environment with progressively higher levels of glucose leading to homeostatic shift of osmotic-glucose-normalcy with age (Fig. 6); diabetes mellitus with progressively increasing urine sugar in time; constantly subdued physiological activity in old age; and, a yet a person is free from the symptoms of multiple urination typical of diabetes mellitus. It is  due to equilibrium of the osmotic pressure in the internal environment. I remember to have had brushed aside the diagnosis and medication for diabetes for almost ten years after discovering myself as hyperglycemic. Subsequently, I have continue medication not for  bringing down the glucose level to Dr. Cliques’ specifications. It is only to maintain the osmotic pressure regime asnon-hurting to delicate tissues of the body.


Old-age-hyperglycemia medication


Old-age-hyperglycemia is free from normal symptoms of diabetes; and, hence no need for insulin even if the value of fasting-sugar jumps over 300 mg/dl temporarily.Generally, itshould not be above a hundred mg/dl above the osmotic-glucose-normalcy zone. Prolonged high values will affect the delicate tissues like eyes. It will be prudent, therefore, for a hyperglycemic old-man to establish individually his or her glucose-normalcy-zone for himself first,either manually or using a computer; and, then, check   occasionally  so that Post Prendial sugar concentration  after the breakfast does not exceed beyond a hundred mg/dl long after intake of food. Figure 8 gives some readings and combinations of medicines, duration of the sugar over 100 mg/dl.     I use medicines to keep the blood-sugar level close to 100 points above the osmotic-glucose-normalduring PP measurement; but don’t mind if the levels go high occasionally due to high psychic activity of the subconscious self within.  Real diabetics, not the forcibly baptized ones by Prophet Clique and his caliphs and sultans,may decide their medication with the help of a non-greedy physician. The forcibly converted diabetics may say goodbye to the cult of Dr. Clique. Good Luck!










Narration-3: Intense Prajna Dates


2013: 12.5.13,13,17,19,20,22,23,26,29,23,26,29,30,31, 4.6.113, 5-6, 8-10, 12-13,16,19,21-27.

2016: 14.7.16, 16, 17,21,23,27,30, 3.8.16.


An Evolutionary trait


            A strong psychic change arrived in India at the beginning of Holocene when temperatures suddenly rose and many Indians took to low protein-high carbohydrate plant food.  A Brahmoscient – a high consciousness man  –  breathing consciousness from the atmosphere directly through  brain was born  at this juncture some ten thousand years ago (Sci. Cons. Fig. 3.7 B). Hyperglycemic old men are not numerous, probably less than 5% of aged population as whole. They are essentially Brahmoscients – psychically evolved men who have potential of breathing consciousness from atmosphere or drawing it from men around; but, they cannot feel it because their subconscious self is still a weakling. Yogis Brahm, Braahman and Purush states have evolved out of this population. The last transacts with huge quantities of consciousness-nutrient ann through Prajna mainly for the luminous gods. (The Gods. p. 284; Appendix–below) The   newly emergent trait of human species manifests better in old age when reproduction function of the physical body recedes or weakens, and the psychic body strengthens. Old age hyperglycemics represent a psychically evolved people, far above the cattle men.


A memory-slip under my table glass (7.11.16)


Thank youNOCHETWASfor care of humanity. 13.12.15 job is over.



  17. 11. 16                                                                                            J.





Large Psychic Energy and Time consuming Prajna Transactions for Gods


Gods are community-psychic bodies, never dying and never leaving their priests and devotees. Indians say, we have to clear three debts upon each of us as and when the debtor demands – godly debts, parental debt and guru-debt. It is not possible to clear the godly debt before reaching Braahman state when the Brahm within dies and the man feels experientially “I am dead”. Purush state is a matureBraahman state; and, a Purush at higher pedestal is a human medium designated as god of gods.  He carries out Prajna maintaining absolute neutrality for punishing the punishable in the godly domain. The cases referred here dragged for long in massive energy transfer and punishment.

A hieroglyphic-type message for action was sent by Goddess Dunagiri (The Gods,p. 266) in the first week of January ,2007;  and, kept  as a memento in showroom of my drawing room since13.7.08. Several years later I figured DV  8.8.16(Dunagiri Victorious) to convey my clearing of the debt. (Illustration- 1). A mantra-forced quasi-matter to matter transformed message of Vulva Goddess Kamakhyahad been hanging in the show case side by side of Dunagiri’s   message since 19.8.12. However, it was only on July 14.7.16 when I recordedम॰ ता॰ जै काम॰ (Enemy goddess finished, Kamakhya Victorious!  Illstr.– 2). Other Vulva goddess,initally of Jews,  Kaba’sdemand got cleared rather quickly. Her message arrived around 9.11.14; and, I recorded on 27.7.16 “Mecca Tyrant –II finished” (Illustr. -3). Pre-Jew Sun goddess – Shamasu –sent her message on an emerald stone of a gold ring reading Ha (kham) in Arabic on 15.7.10 (Ill. 4). It relates to fall and massacre of Mecca by Moslem helped by three traitors. Two-thirds of her demand was over by July 2016.Rising sun-good Aton’s insignia of precious stone (Illtr. 5) arrives on 13.5.14; debt cleared on 21.12.16.


सर्वसज्जनहितायसुखायच देवा : Gods are for the  welfare & bliss of noble all.  R. B.   Mo/oV *J Δ S