I have perceived on a small sample size of 15 souls that they usually take to new bodies between death and five years, and around 80% of them acquire new bodies within 10 years. Case histories and physical records of actual time gap between death and new life are very few, however. A model investigation by Deepan Dasgupta and Pradeep Tewari of the Indian Express figures in a report filed from Patiala/ Sangrur on 17.5. 2000. I saw it in a cutting of the paper sent to me by some one from Chandigarh. Presumably the article appeared in the Chandigarh edition of the newspaper in the third week of May 2000.

  Deepak a ten-year-old child of Patiala died after being crushed under a tractor trolley on 28.5.90.  The transmigrating soul of the child was born at Sangrur, about 50 kilometers away from Patiala. The child named as Preetjot Singh was born on 26.12.93 (Fig. 3.7). Gap between the lost and new bodies of the child is 3 years, 6 months and 29 days, precisely. Cases of such new lives, with memories of past, are reported often. The Journalist community could work on some of them precisely like Dasgupta and Tewari to document a hundred and odd cases for an up to date, verified percentage of time-gap between death and new life. Death is frightfully taxing tomany of us. A good and statistically sound demonstration proving that every one of us will have a life again after a little gap will be a great solace to many. People must be happy to discover that grave is not the end of their life. A new life is waiting for every one of us within a few years of death.

Fig. 3.7 : Dead and Re-born. Mother of the dead child in photo-frame standing with his new reincarnation