There is a narration about floating heads of two sailors buried at sea (Ch.1, Ref: 34, p.173).  During December 1924 two members of crew on the oil tanker Watertown died while the ship was en route to Panama from USA. They were buried at Sea on December 4. On December 5 their faces were seen floating in the sea; appearing and disappearing, they were keeping pace with the Watertown. When the tanker docked at New Orleans, the captain told the story at a meeting of the officials of the shipping line. It was suggested to photograph the unusual objects.  “When the Watertown set sail again, the faces reappeared, and six photographs were taken. Five showed nothing unusual, but in one the two faces were clearly visible.” Test for fakery proved negative. 

The event on the Watertown confirms an eight thousand year old concept of Catal Hoyuk, which says that the soul of a person separates as a head from his body at the time of death. It also establishes that soul does not ‘rest in peace’ as we habitually speak in condolence meetings. Every human soul migrates away to a new destination in space and time like a bird. It will perch, ultimately, on a new body – a baby.