Our analysis of soul and consciousness may get stuck in many minds due to the faith in the prevailing concepts of science. Unless we have evidence to show that objects of today don’t get lost in past but   exist there as such, efforts to bring soul and spirits   to the fold of science will remain questionable. As seen or perceived physically and understood scientifically an object of past is inaccessible in present.

I hit a jackpot of Lakhpat photographs to solve the riddle of a 3800-year old scene continuing in  the present. There   are several   other illustrations to suggest that past scenes and items are photographable at the same spot between today and 70 million years (Ch.1, Ref: 2). Even space-time could also be understood as a stack of fleeting scenes of Earth’s consciousness hologram at a speed of 1800 frames per second. ‘Science of Consciousness’ has established the credibility of existence of past objects even in present, contrary to current belief and concepts in physics. We are now enabled to accept a whole world of invisible objects in the present like invisible souls, spirits and scenarios of the past.