Brahman is the Master among Ten Husbands

The title, lifted from a mantra of Atharvaved (21), became an eye of storm for the western pundits to highlight the exploitation by   Brahmans during the Vedic age. The mantra of Tantra was interpreted in terms of physical body and then an accusing finger pointed towards Brahmans to downgrade their moral and social conducts (22). Interpretation of the Mantra exemplifies a glaringly poor understanding of the Vedic culture by the western pundits. The then culture was a strict patriarchal society of   ritual-men with abhorrence for today’s concept of a Brave New World -- ‘everyone is for every one’. It is ridiculous to infer that Vedic society ever allowed ten husbands to a woman at a time.

During late nineties, I was finalizing a scientific agreement with a delegation from Turkey.  I asked one of my female colleagues to note the discussion and draft the minutes. In my own perception, the girl was neither beautiful nor sexy. She, however, proved a heavy weight for the ‘souls’ of delegation and passion ran rife in half a dozen males (felt as attraction physically). Every one of them was loading her system without drawing any response in reciprocation. Rule of nature in the situation is seen in the mating of canines on the roads. Among half a dozen dogs around a bitch, the one mating with her lifts the male power from the rest to strengthen the life energy of pups.

After the delegation left, the semi-neutralized passion of the delegates in the body of the girl was added due quantum for full neutralization. The neutral food of consciousness was generated in the process and shared by us within an hour or so. There was no physical touch between the delegates and the girl. It is also certain that such transactions are hardly felt by the insensitive individuals like the delegates or the female involved. A few of airhostesses, receptionists and office girls, both married and unmarried, are the wives in context of the cited mantra since they are transacting with opposite sex every moment like the bitches on the road surrounded by dogs. Such hyper-females include the  likes of Simmi or Urvee and they remain mostly overcharged and unsatisfied in psychic sex till they meet a Brahm or Brahman. Then   they share ‘the healthy food of consciousness’with their spiritual husband – a powerful soul (god) or a Brahm.

The Mantra cited here relates to the people who, by virtue of penance, are high in manojav and psychic sex; and, are in a position to carry out mating without any physical contact. The rule of moral values does not apply to spirits and souls who transact without physical involvement. A common man needs caution here. He should not look at extra-attractive females to become a toad hypnotized by snake.