Volcanoes of Power


After I discovered in the first week of February ‘89 that I am under possession of the soul or spirit of the Khasi queen and must get rid of her for survival, many knots unfolded one by one. One of them is the energy potential of the Tantra-operator. I noticed a big difference between Urvee and Tun – the Khasi spirit. Urvee has continued as an individual since ages. Her powers are not strictly of Tantra but emanate from penance of an exalted feminine individual. Contrarily, the Buddhist Tantra queen was very different in potential and I had to run to desert of Kachchh to save myself.

In an evening at Bhuj, Kachchh, I wanted that my hotel room remains fully lighted. The young geologist with me was counting the bulbs, fusing one by one. Five bulbs were out and replaced. When I tried to figure out the female in mediation, there was a volcano from where heads were flying in the air in place of rock pieces. Such persons are not like individual spirits in their attitude and function. They are heads of a Tantra sect and their destruction is possible after very long and complex operations.

 I have come across three more volcanoes besides Tun. One of them is a female of Vaisnav cult at Bombay. She clogged the main vein of calf muscle in both my legs   within six months. The second is a male representative of Varun of Baku, Ammun of Egypt, a follower of Islam who terminated the worship of Kaba at Mecca and of   Fire at Baku. He also ordered   burying of a living Anarkali at Delhi. His retribution is now over since he is no more a Muslim, to his detriment. The third object was once a Turkish sorceress and then Sultana Raziya, some 765 years ago.  Today, she is an Indian politician.