I met with Urvee first during eighties in connection with a VIP visit. I was explaining to her about the impropriety of unmarried girls shaking hands with men and garlanding a male guest. Both are prohibited in the traditional values of India as they relate to marriage of a bride with a groom, I had emphasized. 

In her perception, however, she felt no difference in shaking hand with a male or female and there was nothing wrong with the two as far as she was concerned. While talking with her, I felt there was some thing wrong with this super female but the topic was closed quickly since she felt happy to garland our VIP guest at his coming visit.

Some times later, my intrigue deepened when Urvee complained,  “… you see, people don’t seem to follow what I tell them. They keep looking at me as if they are following nothing ”. Her narration was genuine, I felt. But, then, was she made of stone?  Did she not know, in twenties, that she is so attractive and hypnotizing? Radiation from her pubic hair was available at a distance of a hundred meters and power of her breast weighed heavy even for my valor potential. The two could finish any male mind. Her ultra-powerful hypnosis, attracting   the opposite sex towards her chisel-finished body, was understandable but an equalizing inhibitor in her mental frame eluded me. Her mind was child like and she was    unable to reciprocate the response from any male system.   I had my own problems of Khasi spirit those days and her case was forgotten for a while.

When the Khasi   soul acquired a new body and my mind was free in 1992, Urvee   attracted my attention once again. In exploring her system, it turned to be non-responsive.  Next day I enquired about her activities last evening. She said, she was miserable by a splitting headache and was unable to do any thing.

“ This must be an old problem of yours. Isn’t?”


“Can you recount, when you had it first?”

“Yes, I was eight or nine then”

My suspicion proved right. Urvee was a juvenile, stunted child psychically in the body of an attractive young lady. It was also clear, the ultra-strong feminine signals from Urvee could not emanate from the captive child of eight or nine in the shapely body before me. Source of these signals was a mature feminine spirit behind her attractive physique. The spirit was using this body for robbing male consciousness and adding to her strength of pubic hair and breast power. While she was adding to the strength of the spirit, a victim male lost his command potential. She had finished a powerful male recently, I knew.

 The conscious self of Urvee’s own body was stunted and suffering. It was not allowed to interact with any male system in the age group of Urvee. And, if some one tried, a splitting headache will turn Urvee non-responsive.

 Urvee’s headache solved my speculations but bred half a dozen more problems and challenges after I focused on the past visions and associations. Her name was unusual, derived complexly in Sanskrit, and suggestive of a Vedic demigoddess, whose challenge to me had remained unsettled till then. I thought of being sure about the mystery of the name sticking to Urvee.

“Can you tell me, who gave *** name to you?”

“My father”

“Do you know its meaning?”


“Your father?


It was clear, Urvee’s soul or spirit had suggested this name and her father complied with the command. Derivation of her name was beyond their education, mainly in English.

 It also appeared almost certain that my reply to the challenge of the demigoddess cannot materialize in this life due to improbability of inducing a feeling for a male partnership in Urvee   or excite her to have children. Her existing conscious self was below ten and the spirit commanding the body will not allow me to succeed in a love affair with her, even if I tried. Moreover, our office position and social status did not permit such interactions. Both of us have cared for moral and character since our association of Vedic period.

“We aren’t victors every time, all life” I said to myself, reconciling with the reality of the present life and office position. Challenge of the demigoddess posed to me in my fifties was tossed in future for the next life. Maybe when young and unmarried, I would do justice to the situation before me now, I thought.

 While making my mind to forget Urvee,  I was only wondering at two vexatious points. First was the structure and gait of body between the Vedic demigoddess and Urvee for several thousand years. We have met more than a dozen times in past and stones have taken her shape by my chisel and hammer about half this number. Whether it is Cleopatra of Egypt, or Parvatee of Baijnath in Himalayas, or Urvee of today, physique of the dame has remained constant, defying genetics. I supposed the spirit in the apsara or demigoddess has controlled this.

 The second point was the irony of our destiny.   Why do we meet at all, time and again since ages, to relive an acrimonious past and to add acrimony for future? After I departed from the apsara, I never looked towards her again with feelings of possessing her as wife. Yet we met life after life and her unhappiness and dissatisfaction did not let me live with peace. For instance, Cleopatra killed my wife forcing an unhappy departure from her kingdom. Her statue of Parvatee was responsible for my disgraceful and unhappy departure from Baijnath almost a thousand years ago. It was a different matter that she too jumped into the torrential Gomti River on a rainy day to finish herself later.

Situation was somewhat similar even today, reminding me of my earlier failures and imparting unhappiness once again. However, this time, I analyzed the past and reconciled with the present with a distinct advantage. I alone know the problems, the child in the body of Urvee is carefree and my own psychic strength is greater than the feminine charm of the spirit over me. My expectation from the destiny was, ‘Nothing disgraceful touches me in coming years of current life’.

At times, characters of a story move after the writing is over. This happened with Urvee too. On a Sunday morning, my wife narrated a pathetic dream of preceding night.  The statue of Parvatee was lying on sand on the bank of river Gomti. She was in pain and possibly dying. Her half shut eyes were opening and closing again and again.

A week later, Urvee was talking to me about a forecast by her palmist friend regarding her marriage.

 “The palmist has told me I will not marry”.

“Your palmist may be wrong. I wish you marry and become a mother too” I consoled her, in a way.

 The response from her system was very different now. A grown up girl, yearning for motherhood had suddenly replaced the child in her. For a moment, Urvee melted away. Standing before me was Parvatee of Bajnath, very much alive – just like her statue. I recollected, once a friend of mine had complimented about its fine workmanship.

“Parvatee in the temple of Baijnath is just like a living lady.  It would walk away any moment, one feels” He had said.

 I did not know   then, the statue was modeled by me after a Devadasi dancer of the temple. The dame lay dead on a sandy bank of River Gomti shortly after the work on statue was over. Urvee was a mere  replica in flesh of my fondly finished statue in stone with a difference in color. Momentarily, I was a young sculptor, a thousand years away in time.

I took no time to dispatch Urvee out of my room the same moment to shut off the painful feelings of Baijnath, ending ultimately acrimoniously in a distant past. My wife had commented many times on my innate disrespect to women. Even Urvee had complained about my harshness towards her on occasions. Past reincarnations of Urvee had their share of contribution there.

Parvatee on sand bed of River Gomti was discussed between my wife and me, once again, some time in July ‘94. I narrated the past to my wife “Mr. Brute of this life was the Head Priest of the Siv Temple Complex of Baijnath. Mesmerized by the charming   Devadasi, he invited and asked me to carve her as statue of Parvatee. It took about five years to complete the work of converting a living Devadasi of teens into goddess Parvatee of stone.

 I had a feeling, the priest was getting unhappy day by day after the girl was over twenty. His problems were due to the long hours of   Devadasi spent with me for posing as the goddess and also the fact that it impressed the ruler with my artwork. A day or two after the statue was finished Brute humiliated me for a petty cause. I left Baijnath in a huff, without my reward from the king.  Some times later, Devadasi also run into problems with him and committed suicide. The king of the land was unhappy on what the priest had done. However, time sometimes carries out the best face saving. The priest died in a short illness. An expected story floated on the topic: an unhappy goddess killed him.

 I ran out of Ranikhet for Dehra Dun in fever, driving my car the whole day, after visiting   Baijnath second time in June ’93, you know. Brute’s spirit was the source of my problem there.

The statue of Parvatee is yet to be deified by rituals. The three of us as well as you are here today, once again after a thousand years. The priest is now gone disgracefully, after harassing me once again in this life, you know. My account is settled with him. Urvee too had visited Brute’s residence first time on this occasion, settling what was due to her soul. Further, we cannot do much now for Urvee’s past reincarnation of Baijnath. Reciprocation of her past love and her desire of my wifehood is not possible with this body. However, if you can give your body to Urvee, a dying Devadasi may avail peace at death and in the alter world of spirits.”  I concluded my narration of the dancing girl.

The Devadasi reached peace after a hell of 1000 years. Spirits don’t die soon. They keep living in happiness or misery, as I felt of the Sati at Vayor or my wife saw the temple dancer on the riverbed of Baijnath.  In a related windfall, Urvee received three sons without any knowledge of their existence and my own account with the cruel joke of the Spirit in Urvee was settled after several thousand years. I neutralized energy in the lower part of the spirit and her sons consumed the energy of her breasts.

 Urvee had complained about some one on an occasion in late nineties. Once he was so chummy with her, but now he had almost refused to recognize her. I felt satisfied at our transaction. The Vedic spirit in her, possessing and commanding males, lay defeated ultimately.

In February ’98 Sam Pace, Country Manager of Halliburton at Mumbai, had arranged my Farewell Dinner. The then Chief of the multinational oil well company was an American and a hot topic of discussion in every American home, those days, was Bill-Monica affair. I expressed my views in this context  “Bill has not followed the channel of a clergy to become a bishop. His route has been management and such things should not be given much importance in this discipline.”

 I had unwittingly hurt the sentiments of Mrs. Pace.

 Her reaction was “Can you do such an act without any objection from your wife or with her consent? Is the act morally justified for a President?”

I weighed for a while my reply to her question before telling, “ I have gone a step ahead of these with the consent of my wife.”

She looked at me in disbelief, unable to understand that in Tantra all operations proceed without any physical touch between the participants.




  I traveled to Lucknow, boarding an evening train from Dehra Dun during autumn ‘95. It is an overnight journey. On the fourth day I was back home.


 On return, my wife enquired if had met some one at the Railway Station or while boarding the train.


“ Your perception is not wrong I did meet some one while boarding the train   because she was traveling in my compartment. I saw her physically, however, at Hardwar after the train had halted there” I explained to my wife and I closed the topic. The event was not the first or second between us.


  My interaction with Simmi was in the halted train when she had stopped me in the gallery near her cabin in the AC sleeper car. Her problem was a person in early twenties. Hearing her complaint, the young man left his seat and rushed to the platform.


The complaint was “This man is staring at me”.


It was approaching nine, almost the time when lights are switched off and passengers go to bed. To avoid any fuss on the matter I told her,  “ Some officers are with me. They will tell him not to do so. Meanwhile, you prepare your bed and sleep. Any way, young people do look intently at one another sometimes. Don’t feel so bad about it”.


There was a mild protest from Simmi  “ I am not so young. My son is a cadet in the National Defense Academy of Dehra Dun.”


 A realization struck me in a flash:  the beautiful lady of twenty five has added twenty more years without its trace on her face or body.  I was with her till she prepared her bed. For her satisfaction, I instructed an officer about her co-passenger   before    returning to my berth.


When the train moved out of Hardwar, I sat for meditation. Soon I discovered that my energy has been drained intensely by Simmi.  My reservoir of energy, the mooladhar at the base of spinal chord, was almost discharged.  While I was with Simmi with mind on her problems, there was an unnoticed energy movement through usual route of transaction: Negative charge at Female Mooladhar à Fm. Head à Male head à Positive charged Male Mooladhar. After some time, the female had drawn back my energy from the same and other routes in an operation called Adhopahas (lower ridicule). Depending upon the strength and operation potential of the participants, either the male or the female snatches away the benediction of the other (4c). Such a condition is obtained only when a soul is free of body and spirit both. Simmi was extraordinary. She was no body, no spirit; she was a soul in the transaction of consciousness energy. Physically, the lady was unaware of her potential and the havoc perpetrated on the young man staring at her. This was an example where I witnessed a man looking so fancifully at his death. He was a frog hypnotized by a snake (15).


I completed meditation and took to bed without any action on Simmi in train.  Destination of my co-passenger was also Lucknow and I had decided to settle our final accounts there.


Sumitra and Anaro


 In ’95 winter, I found my unhappy wife accusing a teenage girl “I see something fishy in her eyes”.


“You are right” I said  “ but her eyes of your reference don’t belong to this body. These are the eyes of Ashok’s daughter and your younger sister, trying   to come closer to the then Greek sculptor of the Ashok Pillar at Sarnath.  Emperor Ashok is yet to settle his bill with me for this monument after 2200 years. I am happy to have you in lieu, this life. Sumitra is envious of you only with reference to past, don’t mind her look. She is unaware of her own look and we’re in fifties.”


There was also a day in July ’98 when I came across a tender girl, studying in class 12, surrounded by an angry mob. She had hit some cyclist with her moped and people were excited while the injured lay on the roadside. I paid money required for rushing the injured man to hospital and arranged for his transport, assuring him not to worry for expenses.  Then I turned to the girl, now weeping, and brought her home for contacting her father.


She was a shock for my wife when the lady saw her sitting in my office.


She posed a blunt question “ Wherefrom is this other Anarkali?”


I kept quiet and focused on getting the father of girl the to send her to safety. Injury to the man in accident was serious and people could become irate if her father was not around soon. His posting was in Rishikesh -- a town fifty kilometers away.


After the girl was gone I asked my wife “ How did you know that she is Anarkali?”


“Didn’t you see her lips were thin and red like petals of a pomegranate?” Her reply was worth pondering but the identification related to her soul and a past of the Great Moghul, some four hundred years ago.


History is at times ridiculous and stories like Anarkali absurd. She was a maid in the house of a sycophant courtier of Great Moghul Akbar and the ‘cunning among cunnings’, as he was then, is even now the same. He used to send Anarkali often to the young prince in teens to influence the future Emperor. His game backfired. The girl was tortured; hung from a cot tied to the ceiling and beaten mercilessly till she fainted. They buried her alive in the Red Fort area of Delhi on orders from the courtier after she had fainted. The man she had hit on the road had executed her torture and burial.




In the stories above, Urvee, Simmi   and Anaro are among several persons with whom I have been interacting since ‘89 after identifying   the past relationships and problems of individuals with me. Of these, Urvee’s tenure goes far in past, probably eight thousand years.


 Vedic men cared less for physical wealth   but respected erudition and psychic powers. Reading and memorizing a text confer learning while mantras and rituals cultivate psychic powers or manojav. It was also known that   the manojav or psychic potential varied in the men of equal qualification or learning  (18). Learning and intelligence are related to causal body. These are worldly and useful in worldly transactions. Manojav is from spirit and soul and governs the strength of Tantra.


During past, there were clashes among Vedic people for establishing superiority in the acumen of learning as well as manojav. One of such clashes was in the initial years of ninth century AD when Sankar proved his erudition over Mandan of Varanasi but lost in manojav to the Tantra queen of Assam. She asked him to marry her (through Tantra) and he proved inane. He died as a result of the spell of Tantra from the Khasi Buddhist even though Mandan had killed her by Abhichar. Death has little impact after a spell of Tantra becomes operative. Real cause of his death, detrimental to the sentiments of Sankar’s followers fails to appear in his common biography (16).


 My soured relationship with Urvee relates to an event like above.  Among the followers of Yajurved, people churned a pointed wooden stick in a grove of another wood to generate fire. The stick was called Pruruva and the groove was Urvahee. These names were also given to the male and female individuals those days, especially to those who represented Fire God in different settlements.


Once there was a proposal from one of the Pururvas to Urvshee   “My father will be happy to see his grandson from you”. It was a request extended in love.


Response from Urvashee was without realizing that the proposal was to a beloved and not to challenge her manojav. Even then she was an adult body under the command of a strong spirit without feelings of love.


“Yes, your father can have his grandchildren, if you can get them without touching me”. The lady kicked the tender heart of her lover.


For the manojav of the then Pururva, meeting conditions of the spirit behind Urvashee was impossible. She forced him to part away from her with injury and insult in lieu of her hand. He bade goodbye to the demigoddess with a vow to touch her only after having sons without touching her. In this life, there was a day when Urvee extended her hand for a handshake. In response, my hand turned stiff first. Then I touched her hand and bade goodbye to my challenger Urvashee, now a mother.


Strong souls Like Urvashee are seen to continue almost unfazed from a past body and operate in the existing body by maturing it fast as a spirit (astral body). They do not   care for love or physical sex. These are godly people, adding energy to their souls without physical interaction with opposite sex. They live as active spirits with a physical body.


People like Simmi are extremely rare. They live and operate as  free souls  in a body and transact very large quantities of energy for growth of soul without any physical touch. If male, these are Brahms or Brahmans.  Similar females are designated as Brahmajaya when married and Sarasvatee when virgin. They are higher gods supported by higher  energy regime of mooladhar in contrast to sprits subsisting on hrit.


Sumitra and Anarkali are persons with passive spirits and live as normal human beings with little energy of manojav in contrast to spirits and souls. They preserve agonies and feelings of past masked heavily by the causal body factors of this life. They fall in love and marry like common people to enjoy physical association or conjugal relationship between opposite sex persons.


Most important fact emerging above is the problem of desires with soul continuing for thousands of years after the body is over. No soul has left me before settling his/her accounts of likes, dislikes, desires and lust either with me or with its adversary, taking my help.  Kabir (17) has already emphasized the point some five hundred years ago. His couplet translates as “Neither the allurements nor the desires die, as bodies die one after another; hopes and lusts never died, says Kabir.”


While dealing with the past associations, a restriction for my own self has been to exist like a soul. All the required operations were carried out on the individuals without touching them physically.


 I   observed long ago that such transactions run at the level of spirit or soul and have little relevance to the physical self of a person. I met one of   my wives of past life at Hyderabad in November ’91.


“How did you feel yesterday?” I asked her during transactions. “Ah, it was a dull Sunday. Even weather looked gloomy”.


I felt relieved. Our painful accounts of a long past were getting settled only with a little of her gloom.