Living as a Spirit, Soul or Body


“Can anyone live as a soul or spirit   all his life without bothering for the requirements of his physical urge?”  One of my colleagues asked me once. Such a situation   was unimaginable in his opinion as the journey of life, from womb to grave, is without any perception of spirit or soul and body alone is the visible manifestation of life.

 My answer was in affirmative as I have come across more than a dozen such persons in my transactions. Additionally, a good number of ascetics and beggars also fall here.

Some persons subsist as souls, subordinating their body and spirits.  A few others live as spirits not caring for the requirements of the physical self. In the modern social frame and education, most of them don’t know about their exact status and undergo suffering on account of their ignorance. Two real life examples are here. Any one may compare his or her status with them in case of similarities. The first case pertains to a spirit-like existence   controlling the subconscious and sidelining the physical self. The other describes a wolfish-soul (Brigalatma) using her body to eat the food of consciousness directly from the fellow persons. To them are added two passive spirits whose souls are body-holders now. All of them live as bodies, unmindful of their souls, past lives or karms.