Spirit: a Kitty of Life-energy


Mr. Jauhari Lal is Director Human Resources in Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India. He is a distinguished person in several Ashrams of Delhi and Bombay as a respectable Hindu. Some times in May ‘96 I enquired about his health from Dehra Dun on phone.

He was ailing and   replied from Delhi “You are doing nothing.   How do I get cured?”

 I was not surprised because his problems were not earthy, though they looked physical. It was a complex case of his past and his adversary soul with a physical body at Delhi was after his life.

My instructions to the gentleman were “ I am sending a ring. Wear it. Day after tomorrow you will go to office, cured. After recovery, pray before Allah in a mosque.”

 Later, I enquired about the mosque visited by him. He revealed the mosque as “Hazrat Nizamuddeen Dargah”. This mosque is far off from his office and residence both. But eight hundred years ago he had prayed there all life.  His soul took him to the mosque from where his Muslim spirit loaned him energy to cure a Hindu body.

 Till date, Jauhari Lal knows neither about his problems nor about   my logic to send him in a mosque for thanks giving to Allah. His soul knows the whole affair like myself and followed my instructions to save the present body by drawing energy from his earlier Muslim spirit. This was in lieu of his services to me then. Rule is simple in such cases: one can avail the energy of the past spirit only when the body-mind system of the living individual lies within the thought regime or religion of the spirit. Today he is a Hindu and the rule debarred him from help, I knew. So, I sent a ring to him from the tomb of Mevlana in Turkey; I have had a Muslim spirit of those days at Delhi. The two ‘converted’ him to a Muslim with a Hindu body. After this, a transfer of energy could be affected and he lives with the grace of Allah.

 Such transfers of life energy often run into complexities, however; and, unless a matter of life and death the body-soul-spirit system is not to be disturbed by any one. I know the complications of the event. However, after his request I had only two options: either to let him die or give him life with complications. He may better live, I decided. Though intervention to the advantage of one party is prohibited in the rules of Tantra, an exception was made.

The incidence above has relevance for all. Those who leave a healthy spirit behind at death may avail its energy   in future   life even if they do not belong their previous religion. Religion is not important for packing power or energy in a spirit; only good conduct is essential.