Visions of Future and Past


Some of us have a faculty to forecast future through astrology or palmistry.  I had a bit of surprise at the forecast by my South Indian friend when he predicted my Liberation or Eternal Life in 1970. He proved right after 20 years.  Cheiro, while looking into palms of a much disliked Rasputin   gave him an accurate description of his murder and sequence of his disposal in a river  (Ch.-1, Ref: 34). It turned out to be true. In either case, however, time of event could not be forecasted and the answer to the question ‘when?’ eluded the astrologer as well as palmist. In most horoscopes and palms, time of event is poorly predictable, we know. It is more or less an innate guess – at times right, but mostly vague or wrong due to limitations of mind. 

Looking into future by a palmist or astrologer is due to the property of soul – all knowledgeable. Visions of future and past are also an extension of the same property of soul; and, I am aware of their relevance in my personal life while dealing with spirits and their problems. I came across visions after 1981, mostly during meditation, after becoming a Brahman in strict sense, i. e., seated in Brahm. Such visions are clearer materialization of the nebulous lights, seen during meditation even before reaching Brahm state (12).

I often see visions of future randomly and their events materialize physically within a couple of hours to a few months. A famous Himalayan geologist and my boss of eighties, Mr. V. Raiverman, recounted a vision while he was going through the proof of this book.  It had materialized after fifty years

 One of my future visions of a great tragedy, however, is awaiting materialization since November 1982. In the vision, two ballistic missiles are   emerging from sea and falling over a town of tall buildings while myriads of faces wither in agony. Some one told me, then, that the event of my vision is possibly the same as predicted by Nostradamus at the end of twentieth century. To my personal happiness, twentieth century closed without any such event. However, a point about visions has eluded me ever. It is the lack of a method to tie them with a date or time of future. I noted this deficiency even in a professional ‘visionary’.     

 In ‘89 summer, my office colleague, who predicted my Eternal Life in 1970, requested me on phone to drop in his room. A bearded Sadhu was sitting on his visitor’s chair. I wasn’t impressed with the man with eminent signatures in his notebook applauding his predictions.

“Who is your principal deity?” He questioned me.


He sat gazing at my face for sometime and then spoke  “ I ‘see’ that you are going to finish a book about God shortly. It will make you famous”.


          “August, 1991”

I felt relieved and happy; paid him some money and came out of the room. My relief and happiness did not lie in the expected completion of the book about God. It was for an altogether different reason. In the prophecy of Sadhu, there was an assurance of my survival for two more years in a fight of Tantra against my adversary from Isamati – the Khasi Spirit. She had driven me, by this time, close to death. Two years meant a very long time and a strong chance of my success in survival!

 There was little chance of   completing the book by August ’91 under the ongoing invisible fight of Tantra between an eagle and a wild cat. My attention, however, was drawn during 1996 towards the prediction of the Sadhu in context of the  “Science of Consciousness”. My Personal Secretary asked me to distribute sweets after she had typed its draft Acknowledgements during   August. His vision about writing a book proved right as also the predicted month.  Only the year was off.

After the September 11 Tragedy of New York, my mind probed the non-materialized vision of 1982 once again. The scene of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center   was not comparable the scene before me in the vision of 1982. Attempts to rematerialize the vision of 1982 for the second time failed. A number probably linked to the future event was available, though. It is 5485. There were no clues from this number for weeks till I thought of looking into the ‘Third Reich’ (13), after the book had rested for over thirty   years on my bookshelf.

The Second World War started in September 1939. My number probably fixes there as 9 (5+4) of 1939 (=4=8+5). Does the vision indicate Commencement of a Third Word War when the scene may materialize or does it merely indicate the time of event? No one can be sure. And, if the latter, which is the specific date among September 2002, 2011 and 2020. Number 5485 has no definite answer for the time of event, it may be said.

My vision of the catastrophic destruction of the city, however, has a message. The attack on the town is not from the soil of a distant rogue state. It is by a ship or submarine, shooting at a closer range.