Notes and Comments


It is felt that the Western Pundits have made, often, a very lax and incorrect translation of Veds and Upanishads, mainly due to their avoiding of learning grammar of Sanskrit through a tougher traditional route. Even the pronunciation of Sanskrit words is mauled. Sanskrit pronunciation of Varanasi has been taken as standard here for the nearest transliteration in Roman script. Sanskrit is a living language and   the cited material or its explanatory notes are provided here for reference in the same language.  Any one who wishes to undertake exploration of soul has to study this language for his/her faster progress on the path of consciousness accretion.  Sanskrit controls the thought-field of the explorer and enriches him with the energy of mantras.

Perception of soul as Brahm has been a geographically restricted phenomenon of the Zero-gold-medal zone where Sanskrit was a leading language during Vedic age and even later period (Fig. 1.9). It has helped people generate a mindset, which opted for renouncing worldly gains and pleasures in pursuit of Yog, Tantra and Brahm. Those keen for exalted state of their consciousness may not have other options except to chose a proper location within the Zero-gold-medal-zone and take to specific pattern of renunciation in middle and old age.