What lies beyond Brahm?

An intelligent young girl Gargi posed the question above to an erudite sage Yajnyavalkya in white beards during Vedic age.  The seer felt shy to say “I don’t know”.  Instead he chided her and said, “There is nothing beyond Brahm, which constitutes and sustains it”. Structure of Soul illustrates constituents of Brahm a few thousand years later. 

 I was clicking a camera in April ’92 at my rooftop in a dark night, focused at nothing. Nothingness of dark sky showed two floating spheroids linkable to my focused mind. The rooftop photography proved that soul, mostly invisible, was made of at least two spheroids. Two more constituents of my consciousness or soul were photographed by ’95.   

  Soul has remained an object beyond comprehension   since ages. Now there were some objects to reconstruct its model.  The subject, however, looked unimaginably complex and beyond my analysis till ’97 when Science of Consciousness was in press. There were many unanswered questions and information-gaps in the field of consciousness and soul even five years ago. A Turiyateet Yogi is aware that Brahm is a soul freed from body. After spending decades in Yog and Tantra, my experiential understanding revealed: our living body is not as simple as explained in anatomy and physiology. There are consciousness-channels (nadies) and ganglia (chakras) within the same physical body without any physical existence of these organs. These are parts of an invisible causal body or Ling-shareer.   Physical body is a visible jacket of this nonphysical entity. In addition, there are astral and Buddh bodies facilitating transfer of energy in Tantra between body-consciousness- center   mooladhar and soul’s main component -- attadhar (SC). 

I probed the structure of soul more intensively while spending years in isolation, away from corporate environment since ’98. My isolation highlighted role of Vanaprasth Ashram or renounced life in a jungle during Vedic age. Indeed, Vedic sages in forests understood well that wordy knowledge and intelligence have little contribution on experiential perception of spirits, Atma (ego-bound soul) and Brahm. ‘Structure of Soul’ could be visualized mainly through manojav rather than intelligence and learning, I discovered during my years of isolation.  Manojav  (=mind-generated-force) or psychic potential is an independent feature of human consciousness in Veds.

Vedic people noted that manojav varies considerably among men of equal intelligence and learning. They also had established that Brahm couldn’t be discovered experientially through classroom lectures in a Gurukul. Renunciation, isolation, penance and Yog   alone formed the road to free one’s soul from body-ego and feel it as Brahm.  Model of soul is possible mainly due to perceptions during my withdrawn life.

Now a simple truth stares at us constantly, we never die as a soul. Most souls take another body merely after a gap of one to ten years after death of their bodies. Model of Brahm is developed after looking into constituents of soul and functions of physical and abstract bodies in time and space, as evident in the narrated experiences and case histories.

  At the end, I see that intelligence and manojav both have evolved independently.  Gorge raised an intelligent and unanswered query of her time. Today she has ended up as a computer girl, now away from India to USA for counting dollars in her kitty. This is the terminal landing of intelligence. Wordy learning is essentially worldly. It accelerates ego and retards soul, turning us atheist, secularist or materialist.

Soul gains strength and   grows fast only through manojav, which requires isolation, silence, penance and Yog. ‘Level of manojav’ and ‘Growth state of soul’ are easy to test. If a person is positive in thinking and   feels that  ‘there is a God’, his manojav is high and his soul is actively drawing food of consciousness from a milieu of consciousness around us due to its evolved state.

 A monotheist God, amenable to prayers proves a myth experientially. After experiential perception of Brahm, a neutral system of consciousness – designated asChetanakash (Conscious-milieu) in SC -- is seen associated with our karms.  Those strong in soul and high in manojav may verify my observations for themselves after their Souls become free of body as Brahms. Brahm lies in silent Chetanakash.   Wordy Gargies may spare Yajnyavalkya from questioning now, therefore. 





Maha Shivaratri

March 12, 2002