Part – III

 Rise of luminous gods

 Section 3: Fall of dark gods

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Principal deity

Information about the main deity controlling the battle of luminous gods against the gods dark of figures almost a month and half after Chamunda gave deserving rebuff to Swati. It is entered in my diary of May 12 ’08 under the title ‘The last oblation’. The page reads “This morning dream (was) very revealing. The darkish priest of the Siva temple says ‘I am completing your last ritual of oblations. After this you have to die.’ He put three oblations in the fire (one by one). The third was largest and ball like. There was a bright light as it fell in the fire, absolutely white, illuminating three Siva statues – small, medium and large. The last was emitting similar white flames as that of oblation. I have reached my end now.”
Seemingly, I was working as a base medium of Siva whole life but unaware about my status till the dream on the night of May 11/12. The priest indicated that my death is to follow soon after the dream. He did not give a date, any way; and, it is immaterial for me when I die physically.
There is no need to discuss the relevance of three statues of Siva and the last oblation with bright light. But Why Siva took up cudgels is relevant.
Sankar had reached Kedarnath Temple of Siva in distress and pain under command of possession by Buddhist Tantra with Swati behind Malun’s spirit. Siva, protector of the Vedic cult, was a witness when Mandan and other disciples of Sankar were seeing the young ascetic moving away in snow to sink to death at some distance from the temple. They were helplessly unaware about formulation operating Buddhist Tantra and commanding the male minds just like dogs.
Vedic rituals of Abhichar are open and accessible to all. They use standard normal psyches in humans because khands and prostitutes – base of Buddhist Tantra – are not to touch Veds. Only one fact was obvious to me: three great warriors and emperors of India were enslaved by the reincarnations of Buddha in his Tantra; and, I added a fourth falling in their line recently – Asoka, Kanishka, Harshvardhan and Gandhi.
Siva is the highest deity of Hindu Tantra and protector of ascetics. Sankar had died in the backyard of Kedarnath temple remembering the god. He chose me as his base medium to avenge the helpless death of Sankar under Buddhist Tantra because Mandan had gone to Kamrup as a protector of Sankar and lamented his failure whole life when the great ascetic of India sank into snow not far from the shrine of Kedarnath.

Who can imagine that Buddhism sprang by Tantra-force of Swati and her priestess Tritana, declaring that gods don’t exist. Siva alone knew that battle of Sankar is not over till the god kicks a darkness ruling Swati to see a light-emitting Siva.


None except Siva could have won the war of Tantra against Swati parsina and her cohort of dark leopards.