Part – III


Rise of luminous gods


Section 3: Fall of dark gods


Go back home Dansatim


Return home Lady!


There remained hardly anything to record in the note book related to prjana after April 24 excepting two brief events:
1 – 3.6.08: Yesterday Amrap. gmb. Dissolved back àmanasàbackàleg route. Power of Vishnu annihilates Amrap. 4.6.08: Blei joins my back (for help), Lonkha eating Amrap. [End of Buddhist Tantra]

2 – 17.6.08: ‘Go back home Dansatim’ was a command to the (active) spirit hanging on my psyche for (final) consummation of marriage. It was over at 2255 hrs (16.6.08). I asked Dansatim to go back home for a new life because I used Augandh’s energy in settling her account (and he is in Turkey). Turkey is her home; and, there a tradition is still continuing from Stone-age days of Catal Hoyuk – torturing the animals while slowly sawing off their heads by blunt knives. ‘This (India) is not the country for you, (that has) moved away from the killing culture of dark gods of Catal Hoyuk; and, here nobility and elite are largely non-killers and vegetarian. You may have your mindset more at peace in your homeland than in India.’
I commanded the active spirit of Dansatim after her satiation as wife for departure from me and going back home for availing a new life. She had availed her husband and availed from him enough to forget the acrimony of past and feel as a fulfilled lady now; it was tyrannical though to wait for above 8000 years to meet her husband. She should thank my madness for learning and my hosts TPAO to fulfill her wish.