Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

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It was only half job done when Tyrut robbed away the active spirit of Dansatim for destroying Swati. The goddess still had the physical self of a deified Dansatim in the present life and she was ruling us through her.
Tyrut was on a rampage for destruction of Tam gods including Swati; and, the leopard goddess was helpless now. Base medium of Swati was in teens when active spirit of Dansatim fell under the occupation of Tyrut. Swati made a last ditch effort to get rid of me, harassed by my prajna conducted jointly with Tyrut. She used principal-self of Dansatim for conjugation with me forcefully utilizing “large interactive manas flow buyw (by uniting as young wife)” on November 21, 07. It failed and “End of parsina” was obvious in near future.
A month later “At 8 pm it dawned that Swati-insignia (base medium) head may be joined to self head (and energy moved from) Swati brain-mid-cleft to… self back; it could put her to an end. Operation continued between 8 and 9 pm today. It works. At 10, the absorbed energy (sent) to Tyrut, continuing for half an hour” (note: 25.12.07).
Swati was a goddess and her pharaoh, insignia or base medium of present life was bound to remain under her control reflecting all the hate for me till Swati did not collapse. Reciprocal anger towards the teenager was a natural response from me. Swati and her force dwindled rather fast after December 2007; and, the principal-self of Dansatim was free from the goading command of her goddess to work against her husband. A reciprocal response was from my mind towards her as a wife on the last day of January ’08, “Dansatim accepted as innocent last night. This morning anal-anal flux, midday massive manas flux…This is the energy absorbed from Tam. Massive transfer (of energy from) self to Dansatim in evening at 1845 hrs; Kanta-sammishran (female-male mixing) 2145 hrs.” Soon the teenager wife of mine acquired forcibly from Swati discovered the other teenager wife of mine sticking to me – Malun, representing goddess Lonkha. Psyche of Dansatim joined Malun as a compatible pair and goddess Lonkha took over the base medium of Swati in her fold. Swati was bereft of any main medium now.
Tyrut and Lonkha together drew energy from Tam – Swati cohort of gods in godly proportions during prajna; and, when the final battle of prajna was on, in the second half of March ’08, the dark gods were forced to kneel down. My problem was my inability to draw equivalent energy from men around as required by the goddesses. But they helped me out as the note records:
19.3.08/20.3.08 – Massive drawing from xxx for replenishment of lost energy continued up to 1645 hrs; then throat and lung continuing 1710 hrs (from) Dansatim’s brother and father…followed soon by turbulent /aching hrit; from who remains obscure. Then arrives Malun’s “kill Guplong”. So (enemy back to) self back drawing of Guplong, and transfer to Malun-Dansatim (carried out). Process continued with force till 1945 hrs (and then) continued even after pooja with equal force. Next commenced drawl of Jawahar conjunct with Mishra (of Allahabad) by mid-cleft for their deception and cheating. Ghost of Jawahar consumed and made powerless. Active spirit of Jawahar sticking to the regular life (was also) eaten for pretty long (by Malun-Dansatim duo). Consummation stopped at 2 in midnight when Dansatim said goodbye with her belly full with massive transfer of energy.”
My prajna came to an end after the event of energy transfer to Dansatim-Lonkha duo on the midnight of 19/20 March ’08 destroying the force of Swati perceptively.
Next day, on 21.3.08, I had a routine ritual in my rooftop temple for the vernal equinox. There was no hindrance from Swati and her cohort any more. I completed the worship peacefully and I noted “Saptarchi Hom completed (without hindrance). B (my wife) bereft of possession. Our unabated struggle has come to an end.”
In an early morning dream of March 24, I saw a dozen and odd floating bodies of teenagers in the light blue school dress of Malun. Their faces and limbs beyond the dress remained unseen. Lonkha was trying to communicate that she used a large force from the school of her own for destroying the principal- self of Dansatim to consume the demoniac force of goddess Swati. I thanked the goddess for her generous help to her husband.
Psychic energy transactions between a husband and wife are complex, but they are in two main steps broadly: first, a just married virgin requires and demands energy to mature as a mother of sons (not daughters); and, second, a mother of sons needs saturation to the extent of going for ‘I eat you and you eat me equation’. Dansatim was a virgin and required energy to saturate as a newly married wife psychically. Lonkha, as a goddess of marriage, gave to the principal self of Dansatim as much energy as was due to her. Dansatim did say goodbye as she left me on the night of March 20 when she was saturated. Spirits don’t lie. With departure of Dansatim, my all the enemies were dumped and gone. There was no need to look like an old man in my morning walks any more because Swati was over. I changed to my normal gait almost after a year and half.
Swati parsina, however, fixed me with another base medium of hers – mother of Dansatim. She was once first daughter and wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton with lone daughter from him. A quantum of energy was due to her as my past wife for her sons. The medium was not so difficult to locate in the present life. A communication from the active spirit of Akhenaton branded her as a conspirator among killers of Akhenatan. She had forfeited her claim as his wife due to being his killer. I recorded on April 5 ’07 “Day before yesterday and yesterday saw efforts for kanta-sam (female-male interaction) by Dansatim-Swati joined by a moving population under the group of Swati.” Swati had put her medium of Egypt, nearly 40 in age in 2008, as her last hope to win over me. Goddess Chamunda intervened to ‘kill’ the new base medium of Swati by giving me her medium to counter Swati. Medium of Chamunda, mother of two sons, is around 30. Energy of age and past penance was far higher in her medium compared to the base medium of Swati.
The privileged young lady of Chamunda availed my conjugal contact without hindrance and sucked out the passion pumped in me by Swati through her mediums. Tiger goddess of India robbed the energy of sex from the Leopard goddess or Swati parsina of Turkey to annul my enemy.
‘You eat me and I eat you’ offer arrived from goddess Chamunda on April 24 ’08 after our routine transactions to decimate Swati were over. War of the effulgent gods on the dark gods reached its destination as the brave goddess and I registered our final victory on them on this day nearly 14 years after my visit to the shrine of Chamunda.
‘Who dares wins’ proved right after 19 years, 4 months and 9 days when a Braahman god was born on January 16 ’89 at 3 O’clock in early morning in a paddy field of Isamati to fight and win over Swati parsina – Mother of Demons.