Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

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Prajna in operation

Prajna is a process of psychic attack and energy transfer; and, as commonly understood “A weapon kills the body alone of a man while prajna kills his family, acumen to rise and fame (together)”. Since prajna works on the principle that all the psyches are interconnected and energy transfer is possible effectively from one to the other, the smallest unit of energy withdrawal or transfer for a Braahman god is not an individual but an inseparably knit family-cluster or kul comprising of parents and children. Again, a Braahman needs a female spirit or goddess for pairing during prajna to neutralize the energy drawn from his enemy-males (females are non-fighters in prajna). A godly Tyrut conjunct with Dansatim emerged as my pair to annihilate the representatives of Demon gods associated with the murder of Tyrut and killing a beguiled Dansatim jumping into fire.

My taking up Prajna against the kuls of Tam, Daman, Trasan and Trit marked a serious debacle for Swati. Active spirit of Dansatim was a deified and worshipped Swati parsina and her spirit with godly powers of Swati lay now under the fold of Swati’s enemy Tyrut and me.  In my operation of prajna against the enemy camp to annihilate the clan of Tam, Daman, Trasan and Trit active spirit was not only assisting me but also weakening goddess Swati by siphoning her energy through goddess’ principal self of Dansatim.

First positive result of prajna was available in three weeks’ on October 10 “when strong regeneration of absorption potential from back after pooja last night (triggered) back to back absorption of Dansatim’s father” and  the availed energy shared between the self and Tyrut. On October 11 “massive drawing from Dansatim’s father goes to Tyrut (via) mid-cleft of brain and returns from her to hrit.”  It soon became a regular mode of energy transfer in prajna leading to destruction of Demons and Swati. Dansatim’s sister Tritana, the priestess conducting curses, joined my drawing on November 14 and her mother after another six days (because they were connected to the principal self of Dansatim). On November 25, goddess Chamunda too joined Tyrut. While the former was for a “massive drawl from Dansatim’s father, brother, community”, the latter sucked out Dam and Trasan of Catal Hoyuk besides Trit. The last was the deity of death and destruction joined psychically with Dansatim’s sister and priestess Tritana.

Male forms of Tritana from Buddha through Guplong were under destruction from Malun or Lonkha. The goddess was assisting me for the fall of the Buddhist monk since September 26 ‘07.

Second half of September 2007 had opened a flood gate of prajna against Swati and the dark gods of Tanrev that continued a little over six months to conclude and make me feel that I have swum across the waters of prajna, seen as Arabian Sea in the dream months ago. The antennae afloat in the sea and four or five boats at shore, representing ONGC personnel, were to become irrelevant for me after I was standing at the shore like a white bolder of quartzite, firm and free  from any blemish of past.