Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

Swati Slips

Tyrut turns luck

I read in the Upanishad that a Braahman should conduct prajna. But scope of prajna is limited to transaction with the men of past life. Gods lie beyond scope of prajna. To my bad luck I discovered soon in the godly state that I have to deal more with gods than men. Some of the gods were persecuting me to extreme while others were helpful. In the operations related to prajna I was fighting demoniac deities and their mediums; and,   had to do less with spirits and men around me.

 First fortnight of September 2007 was darkest hour for me followed by   first glow of dawn on the  ‘Day of Tyrut 16.9.07: Sunday’. It was a long awaited dawn of hope when I recorded “Last night at 11 PM: Massive lateral back sammishran (female-male mixing) from Tyrut as she became potent to draw energy from Dansatim (joined to Swati and obeying her command).  Tyrut hrit to self hrit connection established, (which is) seen continuing till morning and day. It settles ultimate relation: she is a victor over Swati, and a killer of Swati. As Swati killed Archi (Saab) in the present life within two months of marriage, she has killed Swati within two months of her arrival. Asked Vikas to bring sweets to celebrate the victory of Tyrut.”

Tyrut proved victor on September 16, 2007. The psychic regime is some what different, however. Things don’t move among dead as they are in the living beings of the physical world. For example, Dunagiri disabled Swati to use the psyche of my wife for her wifehood on August 8, 2007. Her revenge was over; and she saw no reason for solemnizing the marriage again. My marriage with Saab was solemnized again by Vishnu in the night of November 8/9 ’07 when Lord Vishnu wished that Swati must feel humiliated.

Neither of the deities could finish the possession of Turkish goddess upon my wife’s mind, however, soon after their actions.  Till as late as December 25 ’07 I recorded “Learnt during Hom that Swati is still active because Shanti on B (my wife) has not yet departed from her and she controls my hrit and mind under possession still”. Shanti is name of my mother-in-law. When Swati killed my wife in 1963, she used Shanti as her base medium to usurp the psyche of my wife.   Shanti’s spirit was sitting on the head of my wife after she died in November 1987 obeying the command of Swati; and, although Dunagiri and Vishnu barred Swati from lifting the wifehood of my wife (for her conjugal contacts to draw energy from me), spirit of my mother-in-law was still sitting over her daughter to control her mind on the command of Swati. The parasite spirit, nevertheless, was shriveling due to non-availability of ann. In her morning dream of   February 18, 2007, my wife saw “her mother dead and I taking her for cremation in a truck. The dead body was lifted by me and the truck driver (for loading in the truck). She was cremated without rituals as my wife felt after I returned (from crematorium); and she was questioning if I have done right”.

Shanti, a long continuing medium of goddess Swati, freed my wife six months and ten days after Dunagiri cut the connection between my wife and Swati. Six months is the usual duration for maturation of psychic operations. I expected the same even for a victorious Tyrut.

Till Tyrut emerged as victorious, Swati was using two selves of Dansatim independently to generate casual roadside mediums to draw energy from me – a   physical principal-self, and an active spirit parching on a teenager.  The spirit was yearning to be independent of Swati and become my wife. Tyrut easily robbed the active spirit of Dansatim from the teenager, pulling her out from the control of Swati when the alien weakened in attrition with me. The spirit was happy to be with the active-spirit-self of my past wife to share my wifehood. Swati could command no more  to the active spirit of Dansatim to kill her husband.

A loving wife can accommodate another loving spirit of her husband.  Such a case was in the past decade over twelve years ago. It was a case of an active spirit of Urvi joining my existing wife in 1994 to become my second wife with her consent. Active-spirit-self of Tyrut availed the benefit of doubling her strength by joining of another active spirit to deal with Swati.