Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

Swati Slips

Indian breast goddess cares

I was walking on a narrow bridle path in Inner Himalayas in autumn of 1959 and approaching a shrine on the top of a hill after covering  nine or ten kilometers. It was a small temple of a breast goddess, light in structure but with hundreds of bells hanging here and there in its corridor. A local man explained me “Any one can ask for a boon or for fulfillment of a wish from goddess Dunagiri; and, if the wish is fulfilled he has to visit the temple again; so is the tradition here. Many of the returnees offer bells to acknowledge the grace of the goddess.”

I neither required a gift from Dunagiri nor had a wish for fulfillment. But some times funny ideas strike us. Such a moment swallowed me while I was before the two cobbles placed in the configuration of paired breast of the goddess in sanctum sanctorum.

“I’ll come back to you when I get a good wife,” I promised.

I married in 1963; had two children; and, I was satisfied with my marriage. Army had carved a rough road to the hill by the time I visited the shrine   with my family in January 1972. It was an easy journey without hassles and long walks of 1959.

Dansatim told me in March 2007 that my wife was only a half-self barely two months after my marriage. She was an illusion of my wife made of her past physical body and brain. Swati who had killed her also occupied her psyche and controlled her conscious self to enjoy my wifehood besides killing me at a convenient moment. The goddess had finished the self of the girl I married, and wished to kill me too.

I had no knowledge before 2007 about what had happened to my wife after our marriage. But information of Dansatim had substance; and, I too was aware that I was fighting an extraordinary goddess who hates me as also wants to kill me. The goddess represented a volcano breast goddess of Middle East corresponding to Araratri – hub of night in Sanskrit – now called Ararat. The volcano has two cones, rising above the ground as a pair of breasts when viewed from river Aras Nehri to its east; and, when the volcanic cones were alive they were divine breasts of goddess Swati flowing out fire instead of milk. Swati was literally the breast on fire when Ararat was alive. The goddess was hub of night and she was goddess of command. At Catal Hoyuk she was Swati parsina and protector of the town of Tanrev.

 To me goddess Swati was a deity who ‘killed’ my wife given to me by Indian Breast Goddess; she also spared no effort to see me as physically dead. Indian goddess Dunagiri had her revenge due on Swati. It materialized in my present life. I recorded on August 10, 2007 “In Laxmi (restaurant) the virgin from Almora joined (my wife) B as Dunagiri and fused with me in hrit to hrit transfer ….This was the end of occupation of Swati.” My inference looks a bit exaggerated; it was not the end of Swati’s possession on the mind of my wife. The event only brought an end of husband-wife relationship between Swati parsina and me.

When Himalayan Dunagiri found a suitable medium from her native place, the Indian breast goddess gave a rebuff to Turkish Swati and cut her off   from my wifehood. Swati had snatched away the wifehood of my wife after killing her psychically in 1963. This was exploitation of a helpless mortal. Dunagiri did the same to goddess Swati after 44 years with equally subjugating command. The Turkish goddess was no more my wife after Indian breast goddess annulled her wifehood using a virgin medium of her county a day before our marriage anniversary in 2008.

My wife had turned into a base medium of Swati after the goddess occupied her psyche and mind both. The witch was making full use of my wife to deplete me of manojav through conjugal connection, and harass me through negative talks and acts.  One of her such acts executed through my wife was on the eve of release my book at Nehru Science Centre of Mumbai.

Dunagiri terminated conjugal connection of goddess Swati parsina from me through my wife on psychic plane for ever. Swati was no more my wife.