Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

Swati Slips

Status of Battle

A realization dawned upon me during my transactions with Swati: she was not lonesome in hunting me. Other gods of Catal Hoyuk were with her, represented by their living mediums. Foremost among them was Tam or Rahu, enemy of god Sun. There was a subjugating Dam as well as tyrannical Trasan. To add to them was the bird god of death and disruption called Trit. All of them were identifiable in their extant reincarnations.  Trit’s wife Tritana was serving as the priestess of Dansatim. Tritana was Buddha, Guplong, and Jawaharlal in later lives.

The girl I married as Tanrinnar had  a pair of spirits after jumping into fire. There was a normal principal-self of Dansatim born as Amrapali in Vaishali during past and Dehradun presently during nineties. The principal self of Dansatim represented the base medium of Swati from beginning till her present life. Goddess Swati is also at the base of Buddhism of India propagated by Tritana as Buddha, therefore.

 The second spirit of Dansatim was her active spirit at Catal Hoyuk waiting for me. She came home with me as a wife to tell me that I threw her into community fire. With her also arrived stigma of curse – she being its channel.  The active spirit of Dansatim turned into a helping hand of Swati after coming to India with me because she was under the command of Swati parsina

I was a prize catch for the cohort of Swati, and their net was all around me, I felt between 2004 and 2006. I was facing entire army   of Swati around me during the period. Swati had already killed my wife and usurped her psyche to make me miserable for the rest of life. If Swati was sucking out my manojav through her renewing mediums and pricking me through my wife, gods like Tam, Dam and Trasan spared no effort to rattle and unsettle my mind. Demons tried to rope me by luring appointment to a higher post in year 2004 only to play a drama for belittling me and let me feel undignified like a pup. It was a different matter that pups were educated that they were dealing with a tiger.

I too was not a lone fighter against the cohort of Swati as the example of Dunagiri cited later suggests. There were also Chamunda and Tyrut to eat away the force of Swati and her cohort. Tritana was a specific target of Goddess Lonkha – the Khasi goddess of matrimony. Force of Bajrong Blei or Hanuman and Vishnu was available to me as well for my defense. Sun related gods Aton, Siva, Kaba and Aditi were ever with me for my support against the Pentagon of darkness – Swati, Tam, Dam, Trasan and Trit. It was a battle between dark gods and luminous gods, I discovered. Luminous gods were with me.

Vishnu had sent my soul to the home of an Angiras Shak hailing from Middle East and worshipping Fiery Vishnu. Dunagiri did give me a very loving, noble and spiritually evolved girl  to marry as I wished before the shrine.  But Swati was seemingly far powerful than both of them.

Swati moved me from one misery to the other soon after my marriage; and, her activity turned marauding since 1995.  I had merely continued facing her ire and kept suffering till close of 2006 in my struggle against the volcano goddess.  Only on the last day of 2006 I   made all possible efforts to plug the chances of new mediums to connect me with Swati   for draining out my energy. Although first breakdown of Swati was in March ’07 when the active spirit of Dansatim was free for a few hours to express her desire of consummation as wife, drawing of ann from unknown mediums of Swati was established later and the route of energy movement kept operative more effectively since mid-2007, e.g.  Swati frontal head à self frontal head à self heart àself legs for 2 hours on May 1, ‘07.

However, when my control on the situation was obvious, it also emerged that I was in for a long term operation; and, problems of my long term operation on Swati worried me most. After all I was absorbing female ann from the goddess, which was eating away the equivalent male ann from my body for its neutralization before being shared between Swati and me. Swati was passive and I active and situations were satisfying because of her lost momentum to attack me through new mediums. But I could not throw the goddess away from me. Swati had joined me through her base medium of Dansatim of present life in Dehradun and also a ghostly active spirit of Dansatim parching on a teenager in my neighborhood. The two teenager mediums of the goddess were in active conjugant age for another ten or twelve years – enough to deplete me of my manojav and kill me in coming few years.  Swati was in a position to use her two mediums in full steam till their twenties and her force of past devotees of Turkey was not going to recede in coming ten years till I die.

Energy of Swati is from dead of the dark cult in the Middle East commencing ten thousand years ago, fortified particularly by the dead of her cult at its zenith around Catal Hoyuk. The goddess and her cohort of Tam, Daman, Trasan and Trit were drawing their energy from this pool. I rated the resource of energy of Swati parsina as inexhaustible in view of the force in my suffering from the curses of Catal Hoyuk. 

Energy of a Braahman god like me has three sources: first, force from the gods and spirits of the past lives like Kaba and the dead of Mecca associated with the astronomer of Kaba,; second, return reciprocation after imparting happiness to fellow men through acts of generosity and sukrit (gratifying acts); and, third, direct withdrawal from the psyches of fellow men forcibly. The scope of the last is restricted to the people belonging to one of the four categories – cheats, deceivers, enemies and rivals. Age of the body is very important for a Braahman god since the energy of age is not available to a person beyond an age-group-pool. Braahman god in late sixties cannot avail manojav or ann freely from the people in fifties.

Charge of energy in my psyche during mid 2007 from the earthly men and sources was negligible as exemplified by the case of Devashramana’s satiation through the energy of seat-man. I was in late sixties and psychic energy from the age-pool was pretty low. Not much psychic energy was available to me to steer my efforts on desired course in the battle against the mediums of worshipped goddess Swati and the dark gods.

My only hope was a change in my luck and help from the luminous gods helping me.