Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

Gods return

Saab in temple

Telling Swati to get out of my home by the family deity for humiliating her was one thing but her real exit another. The goddess did not move out just after our remarriage as expected from her. Swati had killed and occupied my wife because the latter represented Saab, a cute little ground fire compared to the violent deity of volcano of Ararat. Status of the two fires cannot change; Saab is no Vishnu, she is a loving little fire, and Swati did not care for her. Saab could not be offered oblations during Hom in the rooftop temple so long recital of mantras by me lay under the control of Swati who used the mind of my wife to block and jam mine. It was possible only when Swati was finished in reality and mind of my wife remained unaffected by her command. We expected such a day to arrive soon in future after Vishnu was there to take care of our home.

Saptarchi was back in our rooftop temple after three years to have her share of oblations on the vernal equinox of 2008. Swati was a disabled goddess on the day, unable to possess my wife or jam my mind by her command through her.

 My wife was a medium of Saab of once when we married.  Swati had killed her and usurped her psyche barely two months after the event. March 21 ‘08 was a day of freedom of a ‘dead’ medium of Saab in my wife joined to a living Sabina for her manojav. For 44 years 5months and 12 days my lady had lived   under the possession  and enslavement of Swati.