Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

Gods return

Return of Vishnu

Vishnu was prime target for Swati to humiliate me after I fell under her command.  I lost emotions and feelings about my family deity after Swati took over my hrit and mind in June ’98.  She had blocked my mind to feel insult and humiliation by me in discarding the main deity of Angiras in my home.  I forgot how my grandpa walked for 900 miles to pray for a grandson and died as a satisfied man blessed by our family deity Vishnu. I forgot my own reverence for the savior Lord; and, scenes of annual worships of Krishna at my home with pomp and show for over 20 years before 1997 evaporated from my mind. 

Swati of the savage dark gods belonged to the same land segment of Middle East where Angirasas worshipped Vishnu. The mighty fire goddess was in direct confrontation with him and intolerant to the revered fire god of spiritually evolved Angiras community. Taking over my mind to throw Vishnu out of my home was in consequence of the battle of Swati on Vishnu. She was successful in her mission in two steps. In her first step my mind, under feebler possession of the goddess, was forced to forget about Janmastami celebrations in 1997 because I was not at home. She embarked upon her second step after my mind surrendered to her completely and the goddess sucked out my emotion and feelings towards my deity in 1998. Her command was now to throw away the painting and idols of Krishna. I obeyed her on June 4 ’98, which was most stressful day in my recent past.

 Possessive strength of Swati kept waning with time as my battle against the goddess had continued unabated in the past century before it moved in the new millennium. Her powers touched a low in August ’07 when the Indian breast-goddess Dunagiri of Himalayas extended her help to me. Commanding strength of Swati had weakened considerably by this time; and, in contrast, I had been   gaining manojav fast by sucking it from her, Guplong and uncounted other men of Tanrev at  Catal Hoyuk available in the present life with new bodies around me. 

I took ten years for gathering energy and force to jump out of the psychic fence of Swati around me. Eight years of this period passed in near isolation without interacting with other humans. It was a compulsion for me to save   energy in worldly transactions.

 I could decide for the restoration of worship of Vishnu and celebration of Janmastami in my home to the chagrin of my adversary only after her manojav sank below the level of my own. We worshiped our family deity again in the last week of August ’07. Celebration of Janmastami was also in place on September 3, ’07 after a gap of eleven years.

 It was more than a coincidence, I felt when I also received a ring with blessings from the shrine of Moinuddeen Chisti of Ajmer in the very first week of September, three days after celebrating Janmastami. I saluted the fiery Vishnu of Angirasas at Puri along with Sufi Vishnu of Ajmer. The ring came to me with a feeling of assurance “You are nearing the end of peril.” 

I had a strange dream in the night of 8/9 November 2007. A pundit of Varanasi, possibly my grandpa in view the description of my mother, was marrying me with a slim girl – my wife in her student life at Banaras Hindu University. It was a typical Hindu marriage invoking a ritual of fire as a deity of witness of the occasion. I myself was reciting a prayer of Vishnu in Gananatwa … The mantra is recited typically on  auspicious occasion  like marriage.

 Next morning, message of the dream was obvious. Vishnu has restored our marriage with Saab finished by Swati on October 10, 1963. The second self of my wife, keen for occupying the Kaba room of my house in her distress, telephoned us in the evening of November 9.  Message of Vishnu had reached her through the connection of our hrits. 

Restoration of our marriage at the present age of ours was irrelevant at the level of body. Vishnu had done it for something else, however. A triumphant fire god of Angirasas established his victory demonstratively over the goddess Swati of Demons in the battle of gods by his act. He reminded Swati of her status and worth at the occasion of my marriage with Saab exactly the way she had done it to me after the dream of my wife. Goddess Swati had entered forcibly among the gods and goddesses housed in the showroom of my drawing room and communicated to me my status and worth as a human being. 

Vishnu communicated to Swati her status and worth in my home and among our gods housed in the showcase after Swati was no more my wife.  My family deity was humiliating Swati the way she had belittled Vishnu. He was asking her to get out of my home after conducting my marriage with Saab or Saptarchi.