Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

Gods return

End of hounding curse

Getting rid of the curse upon me needed a breakthrough. I did not know how to dissipate the negative energy hitting me every evening that kept me miserable for an hour and half. I only hoped that my luck will give a   breakthrough some day   to disperse the smog of curses around me. Annihilation of my energy and my drowning in a pool of depression each evening due to the past ritual at Catal Hoyuk was helplessness accepted forcibly till such a date. There was no way out for a human being like me confronting spirits and dark gods of past.

‘Who dares wins’ portrays a situation of attrition. Swati and Tritana were dragging an ignorant and helpless me on the track of death because I was unable to understand the modus operandi of marauding siphoning of my consciousness through curse every evening. I only had to keep myself surviving till my luck brought a breakthrough.

A day did arrive in September ’07 when I could understand the working of the past curse upon me. It emanated from the organs of emotion – heart and hrit – in the chests of the curse-crying population in unison. The energy accelerated fast in their bhavavaran (psychic chest-plates) while moving out of it to their heads. It traveled from their head (manas chakra) to my head; and, made its way to my hrit and chest-plates subsequently. The negative energy of the past men was annihilating the positive energy of my chest-plate daily. Its initial effect made me feel my chest would burst, but threw me in depression subsequently.

Curse is an ever annihilating energy. It drains the energy of emotionally charged cursing man as the curse departs from him.  It hits and finishes the emotional energy in the bhavavaran of the accursed throwing him to depression. Any one who is suffering from depression must be an accursed person in all probability, I concluded.  Cursing is injurious to the aggrieved resorting to it. It is equally destructive for the accursed. One should avoid accusing emotionally. The action hurts both the parties like a double-edged sword. 

 I made substantial progress in prajna soon. Also, an enhancement in my manojav to deal with the problems occurred and my understanding about the functioning of curse from my enemy camp bettered. I recorded on September 13 ’07 “The curse impinging upon manasthal has two components, the female component (which moved on the route) manas  à prem àheart àlower valor. The male component (moved as) manas àrear cerebrum àupper valor à lower valor. The operation now continues taking the curse as a single mass, dissolving the gaps of days in the process of drawing and destruction of the curse.”

 Within half an hour of completing my operation of absorbing the curse from the devotees of Swati parsina and separating it into female and male components I pumped the available ann into Tyrut through the mid-cleft of my brain.  We shared the semi-neutralized energy. It was for the mutual benefit of both, adding strength to our psyches.

I recorded on 14th September “Curse problem up, Swati up, Dansatim up” suggesting  hopes of my freedom from depression every evening and a jubilant mind  seeing the end of tyranny of the black gods of Anatolia plateaus in near future.

 My suffering reached an end on September 14 seemingly, long after it commenced in November ’95. I had spent almost twelve years after its commencement struggling only to survive everyday depression year after year. Nothing except perseverance in the hope of a positive day in life kept me going. 

Mopping up operations continued even later, however, for another few months to come out of the curses completely. Total dissolution of the curse upon me from the land of Dansatim was my target. It was an essential requirement for my peace at heart.

I succeeded in my mission through prajna; and, the curse from Catal Hoyuk did not touch me after three dates in early 2008. Prajna on January 29  ‘08 related to the curse in “massive proportion after arrival from priestess” that was neutralized in the heart “by collected-energy of Tam yesterday.” On next day the curse of “Swati-priestess cursing genuinely at 6PM was assimilated; (it brought) frontal plate cooling (in chest while) descending to abdomen around 1930 hours”.  On February 3, ‘continued suction stops devil’s potential to send cure between 550-610PM; ( while I conduct a)  massive absorption of her curse-giving mind at 2000 hrs, moving it down to lower left leg…”.

My problems related to curse from Catal Hoyuk were over on February 3, 2008. Priestess of Swati parsina was a dead object for me. Tiger of Chamunda finished chief leopardess of Swati parsina   after felling Tritana – priestess of Swati.