Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

War in the present

Gospel untruth

  Principal and active spirits of Dansatim    carried forward an erroneous belief after her death. They have only hatred towards me today and in times to come till Swati punishes me for my sins.  She killed my wife and usurped her psyche through principal spirit of Dansatim soon after my marriage. Her active spirit living with insult and agony for over eight thousand years sank me in dire distress for twelve years after I returned from Catal Hoyuk. I cannot explain to Dansatim about untruth in her information now because spirits do not possess ears to hear and a mind to understand. She can neither accept new information nor can she go away from me leaving me in peace, after knowing the facts. A spirit carries forward and acts only on the information from a living self. Later information has hardly any relevance for an apparition.

Truth of the days when Dansatim jumped in the fire was very different.

Four years before the visit of Dansatim to the new township of Sun-worshipping people named Tyruttar, sun-men too lived in the township of Tanrev. Swati worshipping Tam people attacked them, and their subjugating lord Daman created conditions to drive away most Sun worshippers after Tam men captured the town. Sunman Tanrintapi led the exodus of the people of Tanrev. He resettled them in the west of Tanrev at the western bank of a river at a distance of day’s walk from Tanrev.  A new style of fortification was used for the defense strategy of the town planned by him; and, it was kept secret from the people of Swati at Tanrev.

Problems surfaced soon after the death of Tanrintapi. His son Tanrinnar succeeded him to take care of the people in the town. Dark god worshippers of Tanrev planned an invasion on the Sun worshipers for capturing their new settlement in the moment of their destabilization and weakness. They sent a proposal to marry Tanrinnar with Dansatim of Swati people on surface.  But their hidden agenda was: fifty warriors coming to Tyruttar with Dansatim for her marriage with Tanrinnar will capture the new township. Additional warriors hiding at some distance from the new village would join them if the attacking warriors ran into troubles. Sun worshipers needed punishment for refusing to worship Swati parsina.

Tanrinnar declined to marry a girl from Tanrev because he was in wedlock with a girl named Tyrut merely six months ago. He was in no mood to have a female for himself from his enemy camp. Sly Tam people remained undeterred in their mission of capturing new habitation. When informed about the inability of the groom to marry Dansatim, they lifted his wife from the woods of Tyruttar, killed her and left the body before a lair of leopard for devouring the corpse.

 Pressure of marriage with Dansatim mounted once again on Tanrinnar of Tyruttar. He made necessary defense planning and preparations; and sent the message to Tam, the caliph who was also the father of Dansatim, to visit Tyruttar on the celebrations of Sun worshipers on third non-moving Sunday or the longest day of the year. Sunman communicated to Tam that he could visit his little village with his daughter and no more than fifty persons as her escorts for marriage.

Discussions sprang up soon after the marriage at midday on the expected lines. It escalated   into a quarrel as the visitors insisted that the marriage remains incomplete till they take away Tanrinnar to Tanrev with them to complete the ritual of marriage in their tradition.

They made their blatant plan of abducting the leader of the Sun worshipers obvious.  Tyruttar people worshipped Sun as day god and Moon as the goddess of night. Men of the marriage party worshipped only the night goddess Swati parsina. Worship of Sun and Moon was banned in Tanrev. Dansatim was now married to patriarchal Tanrinnar, and she must worship goddess moon as night deity in the tradition of the village. This was not acceptable to the visiting party.

Tanrinnar suggested a solution to subdue or cut down the altercation.  His plan was to move away the girl from Tyruttar with five persons to Tanrev as immediate measure so that the party is backing home before midnight. Additionally, the elders of the two sides could arrive at an agreement later about the date of sending Tanrinnar to Tanrev. They were also to decide whether Dansatim shall come to Tyruttar after final ritual or Tanrinnar will have to stay at Tanrev

Visitors agreed and the bride left with five men.

The visiting party discovered subsequently that warriors of Tyruttar knew the plan of Tanrev men to attack their township.   Hosts humbled the visiting goons when best warrior of the invaders fell in a   concealed pit hit by a poisoned arrow of the guests in a demonstration of show of their strength. Due to concealed pits in the simple looking courtyard of Tyruttar, a new comer could not move freely with the houses around. It was not a night battle where nearness in fight between the warriors was essential and spears were ruling weapons. Tam men realized their fate if they used spears against the people of Tyruttar. Night warriors had only one option for survival:  moving out of Tyruttar without using their weapons. 

 Departing defeated men also had learnt about the fate of Dansatim. Tanrinnar declared that her marriage would be honored if Dansatim is in Tyruttar before the longest day of the second year.  After this date she will no more be wife of Tanrinnar.

Dansatim did not turn up.

Penance people of Tyruttar respected celibacy and ascetic traits. Tanrinnar had no intention of marrying after death of Tyrut but had to wait for turning up of Dansatim as a commitment. He set forth for a long pilgrimage as an ascetic from Tyruttar.  People of Tyruttar learnt a few years later that he is in Saab-land and has married a girl named Saab, the daughter of the priest of Saptarchi. Tanrinnar did not come to Tyruttar again. Nor did he know about the gory end of Dansatim for several years.

 Caliph Tam had made stories to befool his simple daughter instead of telling her truth about his defeat.  If impossible was the task of sending her to Tyruttar, she could have married to another man of the same community and live happily in Tanrev. The girl did neither go to Tanrinnar nor marry another man due to her father. She was left to jump in fire for turning into a ghost and then hound me after 8000 years.

When active spirit of Dansatim accused me of my past doings and killing of my wife by Swati due to the immoral acts of mine she did not know the true picture of past doings of the men of Tam, Daman, Trit and Trasan of Tanrev. She learnt only as spirit and goddess that their sons had killed newly wed and pregnant wife of Tanrinnar merely to achieve the capture of Tanrinnar and force his men to worship dark gods.

 I had nothing to do with night people since they left Tyruttar as defeated. But they have trapped me in my present life in the world of spirits and gods to settle their defeat at Tyruttar. Tam men did not succeed in past. Dansatim and cohort of men cursing me every day at lunch for years are at war once again against me, however, due to their gospel of untruth. I’m seeing their fall and defeat too one by one. Ila gifted a son to Tam through his wife begetting from another man, Kaba slapped and threw away Trasan from his home, and Chamunda of Osiyan used her tiger to drink the blood of another machinating man of Swati’s cohort. Trit  is a heart-attack master  in his present life. He found to his surprise a  CBI net covering him for social humiliation. But Tritana and Swati were still continuing in the battle against me.

 I had had no option but to live and act in self-defence till trap of the demons turns into shreds completely and Swati parsina   fell defeated. Gospel of untruth must conclude in my life, I wished.