Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 3: Fall of dark gods

War in the present

A thorn called Dansatim

 Dansatim arrived, hurled abuses on me, but  also cried for help; and, requested  if  an impotent me was unable to do anything  for the  spirit of  his wife he could kill her  for new life to free her  from possession  of Swati. She wanted freedom from goddess to love and sleep with her husband.  She was tired of existence as an active spirit for over eight thousand years waiting for her man. The girl did not know any thing since her first cry for help except to prick me with long thorns of acacia and leave them in my heart to let it keep aching. Neither could I pull her out from the clutches of a roaring Swati nor was I in a position to kill Dansatim to see her as a girl child in her future life to give her wifehood. I would certainly run out of age to be her husband in my life if I kill the spirit. There was some hope and possibility of completing her consummation while she hanged on her medium in my neighborhood.

Between vernal equinox of March 2007 and my entry in the diary ‘Dansatim accepted as innocent last night’ on the last day of January 2008, the girl would prick me occasionally with  hard ‘words’ of a tribal spirit to remind me my inability do  anything for the  freedom of the spirit from Swati and to let her cleave with me frontally. However, everything was in a flux during the period except my focus on the continuing battle against my alien goddess.

Dansatim’s crying spirit could do nothing except obeying Swati who was in command of the normal self of Dansatim at Dehradun working as the base medium of goddess.  The demon goddess had only one target in view of the prayer and desire pending for over eight thousand years. It was to  kill the accursed killer of Dansatim.  Principal self of Dansatim as also her active spirit were her main instruments to finish me besides my own wife. 

Principal self of Dansatim at Dehradun was unlike the active spirit in temperament. She had cried and invoked Swati parsina for my punishment when she jumped into flames. Her people too desired the same and invoked their goddess for killing me. Even she had same grudge and hatred continued till the present body through whore Amarapli. Swati had killed my wife to disrupt my marriage and made me to live long many years of misery;  but, she was unable to see me dead physically. Neither the principal-self of Dansatim nor psyches of her emotion charged  people ever desired that Swati parsina leaves me without murdering. The goddess was pursuing her course of action helplessly, as if. 

Strangely, however, all of a sudden the active spirit was yearning to become my beloved wife through a body of her own. She was no more satisfied with her conjugation with me through a medium. Active spirit of Dansatim has lived this way for over twelve years by now. Why a fad for a new body to become a real wife after living with me for twelve years and transacting in sex through a medium? Her unhappiness lay in being a medium of Swati and acting on the command of goddess to kill her husband. She was a spirit and behaving like a wife of mine. She was no more my wife for Swati because she was her medium; and, Swati parsina had no other target except to kill  me.