Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 2: Wounds of the present

She is my killed wife

Plight of Dansatim

Dansatim had seen a day in March ’07 when Swati was a fallen goddess, unable to command the active spirit.  She could recount her feelings of jumping in the fire due to the agony of not meeting her husband 8200 years ago.  Her unfulfilled wish before death was to be my loving wife; and, in the moments of emotion the spirit wanted that I kill her once again for wifehood in a new life. Such a situation did not last long; the goddess was once again in a commanding position and Dansatim must obey her. I recorded on September 12, ’07 “Dansatim on the head of B (my wife), drawing energy from her and pushing into my hrit for confusing in mantra recitation. Decided for ‘Rakshohan’* on the night of 10th (*ritual to kill).”  The ritual would have mutilated and ‘killed’ Dansatim like Malun. It would create more problems than solving, however, it looked. Extreme step against active spirit would merely punish a helpless slave of Swati without helping the spirit in distress.

I could understand the helplessness of Dansatim’s spirit – weeping as my wife in the moment of her desperation. Not only had she had to observe an imposed separation from her husband but also to work for his death under a commanding Swati parsina.  The fairy wanted to marry me, but she was under control of a powerful witch who wished to execute my murder by the very dame. Active spirit of Dansatim   could never be free unless I ‘kill’ Swati was a truth too harsh to deny.  If I leave Dansatim to her fate without helping her, Swati was bound to attempt to chase and kill me in my future lives too.

Options before me were very limited indeed.