Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 2: Wounds of the present

She is my killed wife

Saab is nearby

Turns and twists in life leave us sometimes in no different than a helpless spectator of an entangled, messed up knitting yarn. Nothing remains understandable and resolvable in a heap of woolen thread beyond its two ends; and, we would do nothing except creating worse and messier situations if we try to untangle the yarn. Reconciliation and leaving things as such remains the only solution even if the mind and the irritations within are irresistible.

After looking into the pros and cons of a departed soul of my wife and a left behind psyche and body occupied by Swati, my initial decision was to forget the one who departed and to live happily with the one with me even if she was half of the original wife. After all we had spent 43 years without any serious problems. She had remained the same non-demanding self of the girl whom I married. An exercise to locate a second life of the departed soul of my wife around me was madness in view of the vastness of earth surface and liberty of soul to be anywhere on it. Why should the soul be around me? And, even if I discover whose body is holding the departed soul, my finding will bring no positive result. New body of my wife will not have even the slightest memory of our love in the life preceding the marriage, nor would she recount the tragedy of her death in her past life.

 But the feeling to meet the new life of the past wife was not ready to leave me in spite of my knowledge that it was no more than eccentricity.  Why do I yearn for locating my past wife? I had no answer; but, a continuous   gloom was not ready to leave me, turning my mind ever restless and enquiring “where did the departed spirit of my wife go leaving me alone after Swati ejected it from body?”

 Swati could kill my wife but surely she cannot kill Saab – goddess-seven-fires. The spirit must be around me somewhere; Saab or Saptarchi will not let her go far away from me was an undying feeling. Even survival of my wife at the operation table was enigmatic after her spirit and soul moved away. My wife was not a Brahm and hence she cannot be a Braahman or Abraham; and, excluding Abrahams, none can survive with a psyche and body as an active psyche. Unless Saab supported her psyche some how after the departure of her soul, she would not have lived to give me company.  My wife acted most of the time as my helping mate even under the command of Swati; and, unless Saab or Saptarchi backed her, such a behavior was not possible.

 Soul has little problem in such uncommon situations because it is an object capable of supporting more than one psyche + physical unit or living individual.  In case of identical twins, soul is only one but it supports two psyches, two spirits and two physical bodies of two individuals. Base body of soul or attadhar is a ‘thought-hologram’ and   remains external to the physical or psychic self. When we cut a hologram into two or ten, the features of the hologram remain complete and same in all the fragments. A soul may split into two or more under specific circumstances to support more bodies; and, unite into a single unit when the requirement is over. I had a simple logic after writing ‘Science of Consciousness’ and ‘Structure of Soul’ and  recounting my experience with Augandh at Ankara – my new life after Malun killed me. His hrit remains connected with mine because his and my soul is one; and, for our soul we are a twin of different age groups begotten by different mothers. Identical twins have a single soul and two bodies borne of a single mother.

 It is possible due to the property of the soul to maintain more than one boy at a time anywhere on earth.  The same principle must apply to my wife and her new life, I concluded. There is a possibility that my wife could tell me by hunch, who her new life is if the girl is known to us.

I explained to my wife the communication of Dansatim and also my experience with Augandh in Ankara. I asked her to locate the mirror image of her self , if she could. It was possible for her. She gave me a name without much thinking.

“You are right”, I said without hesitation.  An occasion of 2001, 38 years, 2 months and 11 days after our marriage, had brought the hrits of my wife, the girl and mine into unison with an impeccable proof of accurate identification of her new life.