Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 2: Wounds of the present

She is my killed wife

Progeny for persecution

In her diary of March 6, 1976, my wife expressed her view that I could be free to leave the world and take to loneliness after our two sons settled.  We never knew on the date that my dead wife was merely a body and psyche bereft of soul. The wife begetting the children was Swati and my real wife was just her medium for the purpose. True mother of children was not my actual wife; she was only a surrogate mother for Swati. 

Our sons too were under the command of their real mother Swati and she begot them for making us unhappy. We were planning to leave the world and take to isolation after settling the sons with their wives. Their real mother Swati, however, scuttled the process. First son refused to marry with a girl suggested by me – a daughter of my friend. Result:  Swati and he landed me in legal cases dragging me into courts for fifteen years after his first marriage. When he married second time, Dansatim already had her designs to set his wife on fire, materializing on January 22 ‘06. Swati’s latest operation disabled me to walk away from the world to isolation. My elder son landed in my home during summer of 2006 with his two children. My plans to peace through isolation came to an end with the grandchildren without their mother.

 The second son of ours wanted to visit his mother with family in November 2006 after departing from her with a medium of Swati in August 1993.  The couple was on cross wavelength with my wife due to behavior under command of Swati. My wife’s decision was: no entry for them in her home.

 Swati achieved her target of inducing unhappiness in me in terms of worldly minds by forcing dismemberment of the family, death of the daughter-in-law and dragging us in the world for childcare when we have turned old.