Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 2: Wounds of the present

Grief of Dansatim

You threw me into fire

Just a day after the Hom, I saw that Tanrinnar had turned into husband of   an active spirit – a charred, dead girl.  She was seeing him as her murderer while he was enjoying his victory over the gods of darkness of Tanrev and their feminine accomplice of deceit, machination and torture.  

We carry only truth after our death. This was true even of Dansatim clad as Swati when she jumped into fire in a fit. But truth of Dansatim was not the truth of facts, as we see in life or I experienced with the active spirit of Malun – the Khasi queen killed by me. Truth carried over by Dansatim was a gospel truth, which maybe nothing more than fables but believed as truth by illogical    gullible men.  Dansatim also had lived in false stories about Tanrinnar after her marriage with the man.