Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past

Tyrut arrives

Deterrent steps in

Modus operandi of goddess Swati to rope me with the virgin girls for draining manojav was obvious in 2006. She was represented in the town by principal as well as active spirit selves of Dansatim; and, kept using my wife as well for her medium to track, control and to command my mind. We both were helpless.  I could do nothing to fight formidable Swati except to protect myself from falling in the clutches of the goddess by donning the look of a haggard old man. My psyche was still insensitive to catch the route of energy movement under the control of Swati to ruin my manojav.  Action on Swati through mantra-power to ward off her attack looked improbable. She was a goddess and I was unaware about a specific god whose mantras could act against her command. Mantras of fire will prove futile was already obvious to me in view of my experience about Vishnu and Saptarchi. She already had killed a priest of Siva to demonstrate her power

To my luck, however, a breakthrough arrived in the month of January 2007. Route of energy movement and scope of using a mantra against her operations   emerged in my psyche during the month.  I could chart out the route of energy movement during   a command of Swati to possess my mind on 11th of the month.

 Swati conducted her operations in a paired sequence, I observed, while noting ‘Feminine possession and control of mind.’ Breast played an important role in her operations. I could stop Swati’s commands of possession from being effectively operative when modus operandi of forcing her possession cracked.    A day later, i.e. on January 14, Manju arrived as her deterrent; and, on 18. 1. ’07, Tyrut was an active barrier in the energy transaction between Swati and me.  The girl consumed the force in the commands of Swati for possessing and drawing energy from her victim.

It was beginning of the end of Swati.