Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past

Tyrut arrives

Exodus from Tanrev

Man had adapted living in community when he emerged as a single species more than a million and half years ago. His faith in a humanoid god is at least half a million year old when he was a low forehead species like the extinct Neanderthal; and,  an artist hunter  in Kachchh carved the first idol of a god in his own image by modifying his stone tool marginally. This was a brave bold man and his first god was god of hunting – Blei, Bali or Hanuman( cover page) . Man was neither a liar nor cheat at this date.

Andamanese too, marooned in Andaman islands for  50, 000 years, are having similar mindset and culture. Their ancestors in India migrated from this country during a cold glacial period. Andamanese were honest and good people till two centuries ago. Foundation of Vedic religion was this culture and they introduced Five Mahavrats for elevating and strengthening the soul. They worshipped day gods and effulgent objects – Heavens, Earth, Sun, Moon, major rivers, and gods of learning like Brahma and Sarasvatee. Their rituals for the gods ran through mantras.

A major cultural revolution overtook man by storm after invention of rope 15000 years ago. Night paved the way to their success in hunting by trapping and covering the animals using ropes and nets in acts of deceit. Animals fell in the trap effortlessly through deceit; and, deceiving acquired a valuable status and respectability in human mind. Simultaneously, darkness and night turned more valuable; and, gods of darkness replaced day god Sun or Tanri in the community of night hunters. The night hunters were  despicable  ‘Nishachars’ (night-movers) in the Vedic cult.

 Principal god of Nishachars was Tam or Ratu – the god of night and enemy of Sun. People also worshipped the latter as Rahu (transformation tàsàh). Their goddess was Tamishra – dark night.

Subjugating, killing and torturing specializations became vital and respectable traits for Tam men dealing with the unhurt animals trapped by night hunters. Such acts were essential to kill them. Brute men with perverse traits like subjugating, torturing and killing acquired godly respect eventually. Daman or Demon was the god of subjugation; Trit was the god of death; and, Trasan or Tyran was the god of harassing among the hunters of Turkey at the close of Old Stone Age around 10,000 years ago. Goddess of the dark god people was moonless night Tamisra supposed to be represented by violent, fire emitting deathly volcanoes in the Middle East because the region contained tens of volcanoes between 10 and 15000 years ago.  Swati was most prominent volcano goddess identified with Ararat, shaped like a pair of breasts.

 Traits of night hunting – deceit, subjugation and tyranny – are negative features of human consciousness, degrading human soul and driving it to lower, darker type. But, the gods established by the brute and merciless men turned most powerful on earth on account of their visible earthly gains. Dark gods arose when man practiced his first meanness and deceit in capturing animals through use of rope and nets during night hunting. They were born from the negativity of human mind; and, they will continue so long negative minds flourish among us. Harsh speaking, unhappiness imparting,  terrorizing, subjugating, lust fulfilling, deceiving and a host of such activities manifested in the human species  since 15000 years ago on account of dark gods and their worship.

Night-hunters captured Tanrev town between 8700 and 8200 years. They worshipped gods of night Tam (Rahu), Daman, Trit and Trasan representing darkness, subjugation, death and torture respectively.  Human representatives of the deities had the same names; and, their status was comparable to medieval Caliph, Sultan, Imam and Emir of Middle East. Tam people were matriarchal and their goddess was Swati or the great fire goddess of Ararat – a signifier of moonless dark night. They worshipped her as a Swati parsina or the goddess seated on a throne with leopard heads on arms (reconstruction of the animal by historians in the recovered throne is in error). The commanding leopard goddess was selected usually from one of the high families of demoniac gods of the night hunters. 

 Tam worshipers drove out most of the Sun-Tyrut-Chamunda worshipping day hunters of Tanrev after they captured the town and occupied it. Defeated inhabitants had either to worship dark gods or quit the township. Punitive act facilitated better housing for invaders from Ararat and ensured sumptuous quantity of roasted meat at mealtime.

A new Swati parsina was nominated soon after Tam worshippers captured Tanrev. She was Dansatim. As per the tradition, human representative deified as goddess Swati was virgin when enthroned; but, would continue later as a mother ruler till death.   Dansatim was the virgin daughter of Tam in teens. Tritana (female priestess of death) deified Dansatim ceremoniously as Swati parsina on the leopard throne.  Walls of home figured goddess Breast-fire protecting their town.

Dansatim killed herself by jumping into the midday community fire for roasting the hunted animals. Dansatim’s active spirit parted away with acrid memory and hatred towards her killer husband with a wish to meet him in future and settle her account by tormenting the cruel man. Hatred, anger and revenge sank in the mindset of goddess Swati parsina and her worshippers praying her to hunt the man wherever he is and punish the culprit responsible for killing a deified Swati without consummation of her marriage. The departed soul of Dansatim continued life after life as the principal psyche of Dansatim till her last birth in Dehradun. The girl carries Swati even today with her to let the goddess fulfill her punishment upon the man killing the daughter of Tam, the head of the then Tanrev. 

I brought home the active spirit of Dansatim from Catal Hoyuk in 1995, left behind on the spot of her death as a charred female waiting for my arrival. The spirit was to settle her past acrimony with me on the lines of Malun – kill and finish me physically. After reaching Dehradun the active spirit also found the principal-self of her   priestess Tritana conducting curse ritual against me after her death at Tanrev. New life of the cursing Tritana was now a male self of Siddharth-Guplong-Jawaharlal. Venomous curses fell upon me the moment Dansatim met with Tritana. Curses of Tritana were upon me to help Swati fulfill her desire to wreak me through Tantra. When 1995 came to close I saw nothing against me in the air of Dehradun consciously; but, my psyche could count my added adversaries to deal with – a new principal-self of Dansatim as a child, active spirit of Dansatim parching on a teenager to see me dead and new life of Tritana as male activated afresh with the curses from Catal Hoyuk after arrival of active spirit of Dansatim.