Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past

Ageing before age

Aging before age

There were moments before me to recount that nothing materialized, which my wife and I wanted to happen in life on account of alien forces behind us. We both wished to live in loneliness and isolation after retirement. But, in 1999 I had ended up in building a 4000 square feet concrete house just for two of us. We wished to live in peace in a no-man’s-land but we spent whole life in commotions imposed upon us by human beings as also gods.

Swati has her own domain of grudge against us. She   possessed my wife for all life to settle her past score with me. I read with an aching heart, “You were happy, and I too was. You accepted me as a gift from the goddesses alright, but there was some lacuna somewhere. Possibly you could not give importance to the gift from goddesses. Even five years were not over after our marriage, when you were talking of leaving the world for liberation.”

Swati certainly was behind us, and had shattered our happiness soon after marriage.  She tossed our married life on rocks, I felt after going through the diary of my wife. Our glassy hearts, full of lure for living through enjoyments of young age, were in pieces as they hit the rock-bed.  Our love turned sour and soon a distraction gripped us, too early in life under the force of a witch called Swati.

Shadow of Swati on our married life was from the day of our union, it appeared from the diary of my wife. She wrote it in the 13th year of  our marriage when she was 34. We had turned old long before the cold winds of old age hit us, I felt after going the pages of her diary in 2006.

  Such was the impact of Swati upon us – aging us forcibly before we were due for it.