Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past

Ageing before age

When did it begin?

My wife’s possession and working for Swati came to my notice in December, 2006.  How long had I been fighting Swati while she used the self of my wife as her medium to defeat me was now a vital question?

1987 and later was a period of certainty about our possession in view of already recoded event of my insipient possession in February. Swati associated with Buddhist Malun and Guplong could as well possess my wife besides myself, I reasoned.  Her working against my interest at critical occasions was even earlier, however, I felt. One of such occasions was when I was in Iraq during 1976, and was struggling with Bully Brute’s whims and machinations.

Letters of my wife, written in hysteria, contained extraordinary and superhuman psychic force to turn me mad and feel depressed for hours. Coping up with the strain of office and her letters were like swimming across a river of inferno.

 Seemingly, Swati was also behind the letters of my wife in ’76 and wanted me to break down, resign and come to India leaving her fancied Brute to live with honor and peace in Iraq. My wife was acting as base-medium of Swati in 1976, I felt after analyzing the pattern of past events. The goddess had turned my wife hysterical and forced her to write letters to break my morale. She wished that I resign and come home in India, jobless. I very narrowly escaped the drastic step of resigning from the job under her pressure. 

I did not know while working in Iraq or even later that Head of the Iraq Exploration Project had also staked his judgment while sending me to Iraq after canceling the posting of my senior colleague.  He had to counter a strange challenge from Bully Brute. Someone had told him “Bully Brute will do whatever he wants to do in Iraq; none can stand his bully.”

SNS, the then Head of the Iraq Project, told me the story of my posting to Iraq during 1975. His narration was in early nineties, several years after his retirement from the office. He wanted to send someone to Iraq for guiding him the exploration of oil with factual data; but, the person had also to be the one   who could stand the pressures of Bully Brute. The General Manager was feeling happy that I proved his judgment right.