Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past

My wife: a medium of Swati

Expulsion of goddess Saptarchi

I had established four gods at four corners of my house through rituals when its construction commenced.  God Sun is established on the eastern corner, Fire on the northern, Siva at the southern and goddess Kamakhya on the western in my northeast facing home. After the temple at the rooftop was ready, rituals of Hom were observed in the temple on six occasions in a year – two on solstices, two on equinoxes and two on the festivals of goddess Durga. Butter-oil and   food items pour in the flaming fire twenty-one times each for the four deities with recitation of mantras.

I worship daily goddess Seven-fires or Saptarchi of Baku using the mantra recited by me in her temple in November 1996.

I faced difficulty in conducting Hom for goddess Fire using the very mantras recited by me daily.  My problems related basically to jamming of mind in reciting the mantra before pouring butter-oil in the flaming fire. The mantra has five couplets and its standard time for recitation is 30 seconds in everyday worship. But pressure on mind during the ritual in the rooftop temple would not let the recitation complete before a minute on the average, and occasionally it was as long as two minutes. Flaming fire starved of butter-oil by this time and flame sank or turned even off. It was a bad omen in a ritual of Hom.

Applying psychic pressure by a nearby mind or source is essential to bring such a condition, I knew.  I suspected the person to be my neighbor whose subconscious could play such havoc upon my mind due to past enmity. But, I kept struggling for years to continue with the mantras of my everyday ritual. Success eluded me, however, to complete the ritual of goddess Saptarchi flawlessly every time.  I felt helpless. I lacked power to conduct my mantra for goddess Saptarchi in the Hom as required routinely; I lacked power to counter the psychic strength blocking my mind. The fact was too obvious in 2005. There was no option but to substitute my mantra by another one talking of a ritual for god Fire at the tri-junction of river Sarasvatee-Apaya-Drishadvatee in India. The obstruction and opposing force on my head vanished. The force was for opposing the ritual of fire goddess Saptarchi of Baku, and not for the revered god Fire of India.

I had been defeated by my adversary by discarding the mantras of Saptarchi in the ritual of Hom for deity Fire to the satisfaction of Swati in 2005; same way, I was defeated by her in discarding the worship of Vishnu in my home in 1998.

I did not spend much time in concluding that goddess of violent volcanic fire had stopped   mantras of little seven-ground-fires of Baku in the sun temple of my house after judging that my wife was a medium of Swati. Goddess volcano would not tolerate goddess ground-fire – Saptarchi. Case was comparable to the ouster of fiery Vishnu of Angiras people from my home. The seven-ground-fires or Saptarchi is also an adored object of Angiras people and goddess Saptarchi has became a casualty in my home like fiery Vishnu. My wife had assisted goddess Swati as her medium to force me to drop the mantras recited by me at Baku.

While analyzing the situation  of my defeat and victory of Swati in 2005 through  jamming  of my mind in the ritual of  Saptarchi, three  observations were before me in December 2006: first, my neighbor was a psychically finished person since October 2006 but the force of possession and control of Swati was still very effective upon me; second,   my wife was  working as a base-medium of Swati to control my mind; and, third, my neighbor had no role in jamming my mind during the ritual of Saptarchi. 

It was the volcanic fire goddess Swati who was against land-fire-goddess  Saptarchi since beginning of Hom in the temple at my roof top; and, she succeeded in defeating me by finishing  my  manojav ultimately in 2005 with the help of my wife, participating in the ritual every time. The goddess of volcanic fire was intolerant to the worship of the ground-fire Saptarchi by Angirasas. She hated the fire deities of Angiras people seemingly. It was merely a matter of time for me to learn about the power of Swati to kill both of our fire deities – Vishnu as also Saptarchi.

December ’06 proved an ebb in the rise and fall of hopes and manojav during the fight against Swati. It was a period giving me nothing except lamentation and despair and reminding me of my inane impotence and helplessness due to drained down manojav in the fight against Swati.  Her power to rule over my mind was proving too strong for me to counter; and,  after discovering that Swati was  utilizing my wife as  her medium to  control my mind I was  a completely shaken man unable to reconcile  with  a trivial emotional situation.    My own wife was sinking me in saps under the command of my alien Swati. Neither my wife nor I could do anything to stop our plight. Our controller was Swati.