Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past

My wife: a medium of Swati


Getting into decoration shop and transaction with the girl was important for revealing the mind of Swati and her relationship with my wife on account of a drama-like finish of the event. I had stopped after moving a few steps beyond the decoration shop without taking note of it consciously. Some force stopped me involuntarily; and, it was none except Swati, I had inferred. It was too obvious after the incidence that goddess was on my head and commanding my every action.

 But how could Swati know that I might purchase artificial flowers for the drawing room? Answer to the question had an obvious lead. Swati could not do the drama of pushing me in the shop unless my wife too was as intimately associated with the goddess as me. It was certain that I was her target for destruction; if so, there was another certainty as well – my wife was her perennial medium and helping the goddess to succeed.

My wife and I had talked about decorative flowers almost two weeks before my going to the market. Flowers were not in my head when I left for shopping on the day and were no more a shopping item when I passed before the decoration shop.    Swati knew for certain about our requirement of the flowers; and, turned hyperactive when she saw the girl in the shop while I passed before it unmindful of flowers displayed there. She had found an operating medium in the shop for herself to be used against me; and, commanded my mind immediately to retrace my feet for  joining  her medium.

 Swati’s operations also necessitated an all-time engagement for a spirit parching on my wife or intimately associated with her and working for Swati. Then alone the goddess could remember my discussion with my wife about two weeks ago and stop me at the shop for purchasing flowers as my wife would normally have done.

What is the relationship between Swati and my wife? Does goddess Swati occupy my wife as much as me? It is quite possible, I thought in the course of my analysis. After all gods and goddesses are not spirits whose numbers remain finite. There is no such restriction upon them because they are essentially a cluster of human heads for all practical purposes; and, each head in the cluster is capable of possessing and using a human psyche or physical self at its will. A god is in control of whole cluster.

 Both of us are under the possession of Swati, I concluded.  It was a depressing moment. But, I must live to defeat Swati was my stubborn resolve.