Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past

My wife: a medium of Swati

Possession scuttled

Swati repeated her drama of pushing me before a virgin girl in a decoration shop to run me into passions followed by another before Scarf-fall on the road for getting me charged with passions within a month and half. My mind was analyzing the events for possible clues and leads to understand the mechanism of her possession. Additionally, the psychic apparatus of my body  had also become more sensitive by now, and I could feel and chart out the routes of movement of consciousness in my body when my alien pumped passion in my system with the help of mediums like florist girl or Scarf-fall.

Mode of driving passion by the breast goddess Swati was within my grasp by the end of 2006. The transactions belong to the subconscious self or psyche, but physical body and sense organs too have important role.  Activity of passion building is restricted to a pair of psyches of opposite sex and their interaction involves five steps in presence of a goddess like Swati. 1 – Highly charged manas in a male psyche attracts and cajoles the manas of a nearby virgin female hyper-activated by  an occupying spirit or goddess; 2 – activated and cajoled female’s  mind impacts the  male’s mind  by the  force of her psychic  breast-plate behind the breasts forcing his eyes to see the breasts; 3 – return  impact from a male’s mind through third eye charges the breasts of female with positive, soothing agitation ; 4 – when the   impact is strong and female is a  virgin, the  charged breasts and breast-plate stimulates female  kamsthal  turning  her psyche passionate; and, 5– an astral body from such an impassioned  female  psyche jumps out of physical self and  cleaves with the male psyche frontally  in conjugal mode.

 The cleaving astral body of female drives passion into the masculine psyche and physical self. Quantum of passion pumped in the male depends upon natural charge of passion in the astral body of the virgin, the force of starvation in the virgin psyche, and the amount of force used by the goddess or female spirit in actuating the virgin towards throwing her astral body towards the male.

A conjugally ruptured female system has weak potential to send out astral bodies to cleave with a male other than to the one conjugally connected in a physical intercourse. That is why Swati was choosing only virgins to drain my manojav for harassing me.

 Cue for dealing with Swati and her mediums had arrived in a dream once around a year ago. I had come across a phrase ‘be a nice old man’ in a discussion with one of the scientist friends. I wrote the message on a paper after waking up and it was under my table glass for months to remind me of its future use when the need arrived. I had thrown the paper out a few months ago. My analysis in the end of year ’06 proved its usefulness.

 To be old and to look old are two different things. I was old alright at the close of year 2006, but being accustomed to attend a corporate office I had not snapped my ties with the manners of office – appearing young and looking smart. Practice of the office days was continuing even after my association with office was over.

If I have to defeat Swati hankering for tying her mediums with me on the roadside, I must look like a nice old man to the virgins of her choice, it occurred to me. When their conscious would register me as an old man, subconscious force for a conjugal contact applied upon them by Swati will not work, I reasoned. Looking like an old man was a necessity and need of the hour to save myself from Swati and her virgin mediums.

A funny question of Bully Brute in a meeting at Kolkata struck me in connection with donning old look for myself.

 “Why is your hair black but moustache turned grey?” asked Bully unexpectedly in  the meeting during mid-eighties.

His questions threw me at my wits end. There was no simple or scientific reply for it. Maybe it was hereditary trait; maybe it was due to continuous bleaching of beard and mustache   during shaving every day; maybe …. My bemused mind gave him an equally silly reply, any way. “Sir, the grey matter is trickling down the brain through nostrils”, I explained to my past boss.  Members of the meeting enjoyed it.

 My grey moustache and beard helped me to don the required face of an old man and I succeeded in my mission of defeating Swati by   disabling her to pick up new mediums here and there on roadsides and shops, and use them against me.

I was successful in scuttling the routine operation of my adversary to turn me passionate and harass me at will. It was a tough job for her now.