Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past


End of tunnel

To count years of life is an easy job but when life passes through hours, days and months we don’t see the years rolling at all. I knew my position every day with reference to my adversaries like Swati, the male body of her priestess cursing me daily in past and active spirit of Dansatim parching on a teenager and following the command of the goddess.

A breakthrough was expected some day to relieve me from the ordeal of curse.  But when?  The question kept dragging year after year. I was living through, in the moments of depression, only hoping against hopes that an event of breakthrough will arrive and will enable me to fight against the haunting curses damning me every evening. I was also not sure sometimes, however, if I would live to come across such a day in my battle against Swati. A flash was before me seven years after entering in my new home, when modus operandi of Swati stood revealed to me; and, I was in a position to draw some conclusions about her command on my mind and hrit within months of an incidence in the first week of October ’06, nearly 11 years after my visit to Catal Hoyuk.

I was returning home after shopping through a narrow lane in the market area of Dehradun on October 3, 2006. My feet froze for a moment and there was a strong feeling to trace back my feet for a few steps for looking into a shop to the right. I did it. I was in front of a little shop of decoration materials with a young girl sitting alone. It struck me that my wife had asked some times ago to get her a few artificial flowers for decoration of the drawing room. I got into the shop and purchased a good number of them.

“Shall I arrange the flowers as bouquet for you,” asked the girl.

“You may” was my reply. 

The shopkeeper spent rather long time with leisure to do her job while standing; and, her attractive large breasts, uncovered by scarf, were before my eyes for enough time to arouse a typical male reaction under such situations. When I reached home, passions were rife. I knew goddess Swati was behind the passions.

On another occasion of November 20 ’06, I was returning in my car from a post office in a low traffic area when I saw a girl on the pavement a few feet ahead. Her scarf fell down; and, to my surprise, the girl continued walking unmindful of the event. I stopped the car, informed her of the slipped scarf and continued on the road as usual; but, there was no way of not seeing the breasts of the girl in the process of informing her.  I ran into passions again after reaching home. The event was an act of Swati was obvious to me. 

The two events and countless others gathering in my head for years were now available for detailed analysis to understand working of my alien to control my mind.  The analysis revealed the method used by the goddess to control my mind and her ways of driving passion in my system for draining my manojav through the channel of sex. 

  I saw a spot of light at the end of a dark tunnel of death in the nineteenth year of my first insipient possession in February ’87. It was an assurance of likely survival of a man struggling against powerful breast-goddess Swati who had been ruling men and spirits in the Middle East for thousands years. I had escaped her wrath in past; but, our   destiny had given Swati parsina, the leopard goddess,  her escapee to settle her account with the man  having a  heart to face the dreaded ‘She’ of Turkey in challenge.