Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past


Surviving with thin hope

Impact of curses and possession of Swati was back again with full force since I returned to Dehradun from Mumbai after retirement in March ‘98. It was quite stifling indeed, and decline of my manojav was rather steep without any hope of respite in near future. Draining of my psychic energy continued without check every evening; and, hope was not in sight for getting rid of the problem.

Control of Swati over my mind turned  lethal in Mid-May ’98 when I moved my car while my wife was just stepping in.  She dragged with the vehicle for some distance before my applying breaks. The accident damaged her leg muscles and kept her disabled for years. My household was standstill due to her accident when I moved to a new accommodation in June 1998. 

A triumphant Swati also saw me discarding my family deity Vishnu during my movement from one house to another in June. There were also situations during my shifting of house where Swati’s command on the mind of the people around me was painfully obvious. Two officers conducting the shifting left me suddenly in the afternoon when the shifting was half way.  Demoralization did not overtake me, however. I still had enough of manojav in me to fight my adversary. I completed the work of shifting the accommodation by midnight with the  help of a wife hardly in a position to move.

  Soon, I took up a project of constructing a new house for myself in the shortest possible time. Its construction commenced on September 1, ’98,   and I was in my new home on July 4, ’99. ‘Who dares wins’ was very much alive with me when I entered my new home ten years after surviving through miserable days,   beginning January ‘89.

My new home changed neither the depressing forces of Swati nor my mental conditions. Reason was plain:    I did not know how to counter my adversary.  I had no knowledge about the modus operandi of Swati’s possession of mind. Equally unknown to me was the scorching force of curses of Catal Hoyuk frittering me every evening. I was certain only about one thing:  the curses emanated from the spirit of the then priestess of Swati parsina and the new medium of goddess. I was accessible psychically to both at Dehradun. The priestess was no more a female since long, at least since her past identifications as Siddharth, Guplong and Jawaharlal.  The person serving Swati parsina at Catal Hoyuk turned her faithful in the present life too, and became the source of the curse at Dehradun when Dansatim on my head contacted him.