Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past


Unconsumed negative energy

My problems of bursting chest after returning from Catal Hoyuk were related to a ritual at the midday community fire of Tanrev. It is the past name of town at locality Catal Hoyuk between 8200 and 8700 years ago when the people dwelling in a community were subsisting on roasted meat. Hunted animals were thrown in the community fire everyday for roasting and families of the town gathered around the fire to collect their daily ration of meat before lunch.  The priestess of the town for goddess Swati recited the curse first and the gathered crowd repeated “May the curse of Swati parsina fritter and consume Tanrinnar who pushed Dansatim in community fire”. They repeated it for a few times, charged in anger and emotion before the distribution of daily meal.

Ritual of curse against me began long ago at Catal Hoyuk and continued for years, gathering negative energy for a person who was no more there on the site during the life of Dansatim – the girl jumping into the fire. When activity in the breast-like Ararat Volcano came to an end, worship of Breast Goddess Swati as a commanding goddess of volcanic fire disappeared from Anatolia. All this happened between eight and half, and seven thousand years ago. But, the negative thought-energy of curses did not dissipate and die to spare the accursed.

The day I visited the mounds of Catal Hoyuk in the present life, the past curse of anger charged people caught me, and their negative energy of emotion poured into the present psyche of mine to let me suffer for something I never did. I didn’t push Dansatim in the community fire, but I had no option except to live as distressed self because of my inability to stop the entry of their negative curse energy into my present psyche. Active spirit of Dansatim, waiting for me there, recognized her culprit when I visited Catal Hoyuk. Contact of my present self was established with the spirits and psyches of past. I fell under their grip. Space-time is unreal in psychic domain, and there was no escape for me from the curses.

I visited the mound of the dead in my present life during 1995; and, it looks inconceivable and unexplainable that curses could hit some one after 8000 years. But my pain and miseries were as real as my own existence and reality of feeling to believe in my past was my helplessness. I was a semi-ghost or an active psyche, no more a normal man after my death at Isamati in 1989. Destiny had set my suffering in a state of dead as were others at Catal Hoyuk under a strange equation. Active spirit of Dansatim had appeared a little over eight thousand years ago when the girl died; but, curses of her cohort awaited to rope me for punishment when I visited Catal Hoyuk in my present life after a long gap of time. Again, I was miles away from the dame when she died after jumping into a midday community fire roasting the kills for lunch. She threw herself into fire driven by her own emotions. Even though I did not kill her, the girl and the followers of her dark cult including her mother, father and priestess regarded me as her killer. They had asked the priestess of goddess Swati to organize and carry out a ritual of curse at lunch everyday for my suffering.

To my only relief, hatred and curses of Catal Hoyuk did not reach me as a single, massive dose of negative energy. It was arriving in a rationed quantity every day for an hour between 5 and 7 in evening when time was noon at Catal Hoyuk. Almost 24 hours elapsed between daily curses of the then people. It was so even in the present; unconsumed curses were erupting like a volcano exactly on the same time everyday. My strong heart could absorb their bout every evening. It would reel under the impact for some time and then sink in depression for a few hours. I could live, anyway, because the curse did not arrive in a single lethal dose to hit my mind and heart.

 I realized after the experience of Catal Hoyuk, why an exorcist does not discontinue his exorcizing without a breakthrough or  before driving away of the possessing spirit.  His discontinuity would let the targeted spirit gather energy to survive longer. I was surviving against my past curses because it formed a discontinuous operation. My heart would sink for an hour or two every evening but the sleep of the night recouped its lost energy for undergoing the ordeal next evening

My condition could have worsened very fast after returning to Dehradun from Turkey due to rapidly depleting manojav and sagging moral. I have never been out of luck ever till date, however.  Two senior colleagues were available to me for my help in the attack of Dracula-like Swati. They were my saviors in the peril upon me. My fellow officers were my rivals since long; and one of them had indicated their responsibility in scuttling my promotion in September ’95. Guilt of wrong-doing was upon both and admitted by them; and, as per the rule applicable in the world of souls, I could draw ann from the two to meet my energy requirement on account of their unjust action against me.

Situation looks absurd in science, but psyche and spirits do not fall under the paradigm of science. Rules of consciousness govern them. My psyche was receiving past curses after eight thousand years and the physical body of the same soul was suffering in the present. Such is the design of karmas in the regime of consciousness. Worst, I was suffering not for something committed by me to hurt or kill Dansatim. Travesty of karmas is so trivial, I was just wondering. We suffer not only for our own doing but also for something never done when others accuse us as doers. Dansatim forced me to understand the bizarre rule in the domain of consciousness.