Part – III

Rise of luminous gods

Section 1: Probe into past


Oh, my chest and heart will burst

After coming home from the visit of the mound of the dead in Catal Hoyuk a new problem gripped me haunting for twelve long years.  I faced a massive drawl of energy from my hrit and heart in my chest between 5.30 and 6.30 in the evening. Perceptively, my psychic fluid or ann was moving to the breast, hrit, and heart of a frontally joined active spirit from the mound. I named the female as Dansatim and inferred her as intimately associated with the goddess Swati of the then Turkish people. Relationship between Dansatim and Swati is comparable to Malun and Lonkha. Dansatim was an active spirit under the control of volcano-goddess. Ararat Volcano, looking like a   pair of breasts, is figured on the walls of Catal Hoyuk. It represents goddess Swati parsina, worshipped by the then locals as commanding goddess on a leopard throne. Active spirit of Dansatim traveled to India with me and parched on a teenager known to me. The spirit was joined to me through her teenager medium as was Malun through 29C.

 Dansatim was ever with me after I returned from Turkey and the spirit associated with Swati was not only drawing energy form my chest but also pumping the negative energy of curses into me. Amount of negative energy was very large and the resulting depression gripped me each evening after I returned from office.  I was in grief and depression described in a couplet of famous Urdu poet Ghalib “the way I’m weeping will deplete the habitations around”. It appeared that my heart and chest would blow out, charged and pressured with the curse from people of Catal Hoyuk. I had to live through the ordeal for an hour every evening.

A scene in a dense forest of Assam often floated before my eyes in the moments of depression when curse from the distant land hit me every evening.  A giant spider had jumped and taken over an insect, disabled it and was sucking out its blood. The insect could do nothing except to move its limbs slowly, helplessly. I was no better than the insect overpowered by the tribal goddess Swati. I was helpless, unable to figure out my course of action to counter the curse depleting me everyday when Swati devoured my manojav mercilessly for an hour.

I had earned my miseries and troubles due to an avoidable temptation of a free visit to the ancient heap of conjunct houses in my madness of knowing more about human history. I would have escaped from the free hell of this extinct cultural site of Turkey had I not visited Catal Hoyuk, I’m sure. But who on earth could imagine that the regime of gods, spirits and their curses don’t die even after several thousand years; and, can catch someone not by his present identification but by the fingerprint  of his soul which  remains  ever-identifiable in the domain of consciousness. My fault was: I learnt nothing from what happened to me at Urvashi Hotel of Guwahati when Khasi spirit waiting for me there for 1200 years caught me for revenge. Dansatim and her men waiting for me for 8000 years merely repeated the incidence of Urvashi Hotel with far more massive impact.